EPP Party Conference Registration

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    The European People's Party shall hold an emergency party conference at the International Convention Centre in New Birmingham, Angleter, primarily to elect a new party leader going forward, and to consolidate our position and determine our future direction after the defection of Alexander Kligenberg from the party to join forces with most of the former ELDL.

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    The conference shall, subject to change if necessary, begin on Monday. Attendees may register their desire to speak at the conference here. After speeches are over, candidacies shall be declared (if they weren't already during speeches), and the vote for new party leader shall take place. That party leader shall be tasked firstly with determining a party manifesto.

    List of Speakers

    Anatoly Keith, European Councillor for Angleter;
    Acwellan Decoy, European Councillor for Duxburian Union;
    Sonia Satela, European Councillor for Occoron;
    Navdeep Khatkar, Prime Minister of Angleter.

    List of Candidates

    None as yet.

  • ((Is this your attemt to take over yet another party?))

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    List of Speakers

    Anatoly Keith, European Councillor for Angleter.

    Acwellan Devoy, European Councillor of the Duxburian Union

  • Sonia Satela would also like to speak at the conference to give her view on the future of the EPP.

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    You're welcome to. The conference shall begin soon. May I remind you all that you don't have to be a Councillor to speak- politicians both in power and out of power may speak. Navdeep Khatkar shall also speak at the conference.

  • I think it is inappropriate to call your ex-party 'pigs', so we should think about a common answer. So, can't we start the party conference a little bit earlier, so we can think about an answer? If we want re-invent the EPP, we must act now, I'm afraid time is running out...

    Sonia Statela
    Representative to the European Council of the Democratic Republic of Occoron

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    Damn straight. So here we go...

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