President Concretio of L.O dies.

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    President Concretio of Laois-Offaly dies aged 89

    Prime Minister Jens Kitchener...
    'It is with deep regret that I have to inform the international European community of the death of the Most High President Concretio of the Second Republic of Laois-Offaly. The hero of the War of Unification, reformer and creator of a strong democratic republic in Laois-Offaly passed away peacefully after suffering from a long illness. Concretio stood for Laois-Offaly in all things- it's values of courage and solidarity and it's aims of democracy and unity. President Concretio was a great voice for Europe and made it his aim to foster friendly relations between our friends in Europe and L.O. President Concretio having secured 2 Presidential Terms was the voice of the people. He was truly a hero of our times and inspiration for our future. His memory and legacy will always be incarnated in the minds and thoughts of every Offalian citizen. This is more a beginning than an end, but feels like an end. I leave you with one of his memorable speeches...

    'From every corner of our land, from every beacon of our mountains and from every stream in our rivers we echo the same words. Those words of solidarity, of strength and of unity. We may be different races but our hearts beat as one. The peoples of Laois-Offaly will always be united in the common sharing of our future, one which we will build together. This is our time, this is our future, never our past.

    Prime Minister Jens Kitchener declared a week of mourning and declared that a Presidential Election will be held next month to anoint a successor.
    Prime Minister also opened a Book of Condolence in every embassy of Laois-Offaly in European member states.

    I invite the international community to leave a message of condolence here to commemorate not only a hero of Laois-Offaly but an advocate of a united Europe.

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    The Angleteric government sends its condolences.

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    The Corelian Government also expresses its condolences and regrets never having the opporunity to meet a man who seemed to be a loved leader.

  • The Queen sends great condolences on behalf of the British government and wishes to attend the state funeral.

  • The empress Duqisao expresses her condolences on behalf of the entire nation of Kafizop.

  • President Julia Glorius expresses her deepest condolences on behalf of the Senate and People of the Commonwealth.

  • Rest assured, the people of Laois-Offaly are heartened and thankful for these kind messages as are the Government. On behalf of the nation, I extend an invitation to the state funeral which will take place next week in memory of Offaly's greatest citizen. We are truly very thankful and these gestures will never be forgotten by our people, we know we are amongst friends.

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    The Viscount and Head of State of Os Corelia Kalistus Xavier and his wife The High Honoured Kaiserin Maleeka Karpathia Xavier will be in attendence of the funeral.

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    Marquess George, the heir to the throne, and Prime Minister Navdeep Khatkar shall attend along with their wives.

  • The King Mohammed IV and Queen Lalla Salena will attend the funeral and sends it condolences.

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    Mikaela Kligenberg, daughter of Premier Commissioner Alexander Kligenberg, will attend the funeral and sends her best wishes.

  • The government and the citizens of the Democratic Republic of Occoron would like to send their condolences. We think it is clear he was a great man that took care of his people in an incredible way. The world has lost one of its most capable leaders.

  • President DiMarsico sends his condolences to the people of Laois-Offaly and assures that both the President and Councillor Frank will attend the funeral.

  • President Julia Glorius, her husband Flavius, and Minister of Foreign Affairs Maria Fulvius will attend the funeral of President Concretio.

  • On behalf of the people, I convey my uttermost thanks and good wishes to you all and be in the knowledge that Laois-Offaly treasures these messages in such time of immense grief.

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    The President of the Federal Republic of the Grossdeutsches Reich would like to offer it's condolences to the people of Laois-Offaly, on behalf of the Grossdeutscher people, whom your people will always have as a friend.

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