• After Annika Bekker MEP of ESP (Estonia) announced ratification of this 'alliance' agreement on behalf of ESP who unanimously voted infavour on 7th May 2006, and after amandments being accepted by both sides as of 8th May 2006, Ursula Plassnik MEP of ESD (KCSA) ratified the document on behalf of ESD on 13th May 2006 - that way enforcing this agreement.

    ESP/ESD ALLIANCE AGREEMENT as of 13th May 2006
    **The following agreement is an official document on the creation of an alliance between the European Socialist Party and the European Social Democrats. It and the contents included within are to be deemed as a binding legal agreement between said parties.

    We, the members of the European Socialist Party and the European Social Democrats:**  
    **Desirous** to create an alliance between our two parties;  
    **Recognizing **the benefit of support on common policies;  
    **Seeking **to promote socialism in democratic forms throughout the European Union;  
    **Determined **to create, manage, and safeguard a social and economic system (or the political philosophy advocating such a system) where people have protection from exploitation of any sort through rights, constitution, regilations, laws, and agreements, where the government will strive to do the best for the people, where the government will stress "social-economics";  
    **Convinced **that close cooperation in matters of createing and backing legislature will be to the mutual benefit of our parties;  
    **Having **resolved to unite our efforts towards collective backing of common and shared policies and to the preservation of peace and stability.  
    **Reinforcing** our shared ideals of firstly freedom _- not only individual liberties, but also freedom from discrimination and freedom from dependence on either the owners of the means of production or the holders of abusive political power_. Secondly, equality and social justice_- not only before the law but also economic and socio-cultural equality as well, and equal opportunities for all including those with physical, mental, or social disabilities_ and finally, solidarity_- unity and a sense of compassion for the victims of injustice and inequality_.  
    **Hereby **agree to conclude this Alliance Agreement (hereinafter referred to as ?the Alliance?).  
    **Article One **  
    Both parties of the European Parliament agree to maintain peaceful and friendly relations between them and mutually recognise their respective integrity and independance of each party.   
    **Article Two**   
    The members of both parties will support unrestricted discussion between both parties, in hopes of benefiting both parties in creating a strong working relationship of trust and friendship.  
    **Article Three **  
    Both parties have agreed to support each other on issues of common interest. This will mean that both parties will back each other on voting for legislation or creating legislation that is commonly recognised as being in the shared interest of the nations both parties represent.  
    **Article Four**   
    This agreement can only be terminated by a vote in a member party, where a majority votes in favour of the agreement's termination.  
    **Article Five**  
    Signature: this agreement shall be signed by duly authorized representatives of the participating parties.  
    **Article Six**  
    Ratification: This agreement shall be subject to ratification when in has been officially agreed upon by both participating parties.  
    Upon the confirmation of the ratification of this document, the alliance will come into effect immediately thereafter for an unspecified period of time, unless one of the parties wishes to cancel this agreement, see Article Four.  

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