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    A special election has been called to fill the seat of the [missing] Economics Commissioner. Nominations for that seat are officially open as of 10/8/2011. They shall close at 23:59 GMT on 15/8/2011.

    You must submit your candidate in the following format:

    (Candidate photograph or image)
    Candidate Name:
    Home Nation:
    Incumbent? (Y/N)
    Political Party Affiliation:

  • Dominik Frank withdraws his nomination.

  • user posted image
    Candidate Name: Maria Angelini
    Home Nation: The Democratic Republic of Occoron
    Incumbent: No
    Political Party Affiliation: EPP

  • user posted image
    Candidate Name: Alexis Dubois
    Home Nation: Brecon
    Incumbent? (Y/N) No
    Political Party Affiliation: PEL

  • ((OOC: Borvosky also CTE-ed, shouldn?t we call a special election to find someone else for the ECoJ?))

  • user posted image

    Candidate Name: Vergilia Ceranio (52)
    Home Nation: Pax Aurea
    Incumbent? (Y/N): No
    Political Party Affiliation: EFP

    Curriculum Vitae:

    • PhD in Economics (1985)
    • Senator of the Federal Democratic Coalition party (1989?2005)
    • Minister of Commerce (1993?1997)
    • Minister of Finance (1997?2001)
    • Chair of the Senate Foreign Trade Committee (2002?2003)
    • President of the Aurean Central Bank (2005?2010)
      "We need more economical cooperation in the Union -- but not on a federal scale."

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