EU Expo - Montevideo, Occoron

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    What would you like to show to the European Union about your country?

    The Democratic Republic of Occoron organises the first European Union Expo, to give every interested nation the opportunity to show itself of its most beautiful side. The Occoronian government provided a terrain nearby the capital Montevideo. Access to the terrain will be provided by several kinds of public transport.

    Nations that would like to participate, can choose a pavilion (where they can invite people, give some information,...) and post an image of it, and they can also give some examples (images, some explanation,...) of 'famous' things, events, persons, monuments, activities,... of their country.

  • Pax Aurea would like to participate with a pavillion of its own. We shall release more information shortly.

    ((OOC: Funny, I was planning to launch a similar event soon. tongue.gif ))

  • Opening speech of President P?rez

    _Ladies and Gentlemen,

    The earthquake in Asunci?n changed the life of many of the Occoronian citizens. I would like to express once more my condolences to the families that lost loved ones. We may never forget this disaster.

    I know it sounds very hard, but 'the show must go on', and we are now together to learn some things of eachother. We all know Occoron is one of the members of the European Union, some of us know some of the other members by name, but do we know actually what the citizens of an other country do, think?? Maybe they have gastronomic specialities, famous monuments, remarkable persons,?

    That?s why we are here today. My government has provided a terrain to give every interested nation the opportunity to built a pavilion and to show itself of its best side.

    I can also announce that if we make some profit, we will spend it to research for earthquake resistant buildings.

    I now officially declare open this first European Expo , let the show begin!_

  • You can choose any building you want!

    ((OOC: next time, you can organise it biggrin.gif ))

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    ooc: im sure someone tried this before and it failed because it was hard to draw and design pavillions

  • ((OOC: It is not the intention to draw the pavilions yourself. You can choose an image of a building (or a real pavilion, e.g. of the World Expo in Shanghai), and you can claim it as 'your' pavilion. The main intention is to show you to the other European members, e.g. by posting pictures and some explanation about famous monuments, persons, events,... in your country. The pavilion you have chosen, is the place where you show all those things to the public))

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    _The Democatic Republic of Occoron chose this concept, of the famous Occoronian architect, Ojedo Obando. For the Occoronian government, it was very important that the pavilion had a lot of attention to the environment, so Obando used a new technology, ?green roof?. _

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    As we said, the environment is very important for the Occoronian government, so one of the most important industry sectors is the ?green? sector, manufacturing and researching for new ?clean? energy sources.

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    One of the other important sectors in the Occoronian industry is the ICT. Occoronian ICT companies are the best in the world. They are doing research every day to mak everyday life easier.

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    Occoronian wine is one of the best in the world. Experts price it for its remarkable taste and its fine aromas. For every occasion, you can use one of the Occoronian wines.

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    _Chocolate is one of the products that made Occoron famous around the world. Real Occoronian chocolate has a fantastic taste, and if you don?t eat it too much, it is even good for your health! _

    ((OOC: Soon there will be more information about Occoron. I already post this, as an example))

  • Marrakechia will take part and use an Pavillion on it's own

  • The Democratic Republic of Occoron and its citizens are pleased with the presence of Marrakechia, and we are all curious to learn more about that beautiful nation!

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    ooc: In fact, as Os Corelia noted, I celebrated an Expo this January, but there was few interest in participating and finally it went nearly un noticed.

  • ((OOC: Yes, but in Berlin, (I think) you had to draw and to design a pavilion yourself. In Occoron you may do that, but it is not compulsory. (e.g. the Occoronian pavilion is the pavilion of Chile at the World Expo of Shanghai in 2010) The main goal of this expo is to show Europe your important industry sectors, your famous monuments, persons, events,? I have no idea how much interest there will be, but we will see!))

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    OOC: At the Berlin expo it wasn't compulsory to make your own pavillion. You had the option to design it using Google SketchUp. However, hope you have good luck with this one.

  • The UK will join in this Euro Expo. Sounds like a cracking good time!

  • Marrakechian Pavilion:
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    user posted image

    The Official Video of the Pavilion

    Traditional Marrakechian Music
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  • The Official Pavilion of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland
    Short Name: The United Kingdom

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    user posted image

    Royal Scots Guard Pipers and Drummers

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  • ((OOC:I also hope this will be a success!))

  • It is already been an success atm biggrin.gif

  • 3 nations that revealed their pavilion, one that confirmed it will join the Expo: There is still a lot of space for other nations! biggrin.gif

  • The Laois-Offaly National Pavillion

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    The Laois-Offaly National Pavillion has been inspired by the Unification of Laois and Offaly together and symbolises the rise to power and prosperity.

  • Welcome!

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