The European Union vs. UK (a.k.a. French Albyon)

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    As we all know, last year the nation known as French Albyon used fake accounts to get it's candidate, Am?lie Mauresmo, elected Prime Commissioner of the European Union. After that was revealed, the nation fled the region, only to return several months later as the United Kingdom. Now that the user is back, I'd like to propose the ECoJ to open judicial procedures against the United Kingdom for his acts under the name of French Albyon.

    This thread is to, basically, discuss how to present the prosecution charges against The United Kingdom in an IC way.

  • I would like to formally protest this being dragged up again. This is a) double jeopardy as judgement had already been passed and cool.gif I clearly thought we had all moved past this.

  • ((OOC: Can someone please explain what happened exactly? Because I have no idea and I can't find anything about it on the forum. And it's a little bit difficult to discuss about something if you don't know what happened.))

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    ((OOC: Basically yeah, a very long time ago (2010), UK went by the name of French Albyon. There was also Calabria-Piemonte, which shared with FA a preponderance of female tennis players in the government, and bizarrely had been offered protectorate status by FA, and refused. Anyway, so when Commission elections came, FA put forward Amelie Mauresmo, a long shot candidate by any stretch of the imagination, and thanks to the votes of very new nations, which shared with FA a tendency to be a real name changed by the inclusion of an unnecessary letter 'y', she won. And all was well.))

    ((But then, FA decided to announce that all his puppets- ie. all the nations bar him, Calabria-Piemonte, and someone else- were being merged into one, the UK. Inquista leapt out of his seat and said "HA!" and accused FA of fixing the elections. FA claimed that they were all his friends who had only after the elections (in those few days) given their nations over to him en masse, but nobody believed him and that wasn't entirely kosher anyway.))

    ((An argument ensued, where FA suddenly disappeared from view having offered to resign, and Calabria-Piemonte- who had similarly shot into the lead in the ECoJ elections- rushed to his defence. He then claimed to go to the same uni as FA, and blustered about how IP addresses are shared, which Soviet Union and Inquista knew to be false. More puppets came out of the woodwork, enough that he wouldn't have won the election outright without puppets. Soon enough, Calabria-Piemonte fled to Nova Europa, and everyone assumed that they were also FA. The election was repeated and GDR won, I won the ECoJ vote, and Mauresmo (IC) was tried and found guilty, but FA had let his nation CTE by then.))

    ((Here's the thread: [][0]))


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    ((I would like to reach a fair and just compromise in this, and I ask the Justices to not be harsh or unjust in this trial.))

  • ((OOC: thank you for the information!))

  • After reading the information and the thread about this serious matter, some questions remain.

    1. Why does the ECoJ wants to start the process now exactly? The United Kingdom came back some months ago, so I don't understand why it has waited so long?

    2. Why could the United Kingdom run for the ECoJ, while there were such an accusations against it?

    3. How can the ECoJ pass a fair sentence on this serious matter, while the United Kingdom is one of the Judges?

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    Indeed there was a judgement on this matter, however, FA had left and no measures were taken on him. Now responding to Occoron, UK could run exactly because there were no actions taken against him for his paper in the 'FA Affair'.

  • You know, I think this is strictly an OOC beef right now, because I don't see why anyone would have RP'd with me for a while now and THEN come up here and do this discussion. So get the OOC beef out of the way, please because I don't have time to keep wasting like this.

  • I understand why the UK could run, but I don?t understand why the EcoJ waited so long to start the procedure?

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