Occoron, the Democratic Republic of

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    Official Name: The Democratic Republic of Occoron
    Short Name: Occoron
    Demonym: Occoronian
    National Motto: ?pro re publica, pro libertate, pro justitia?
    Capital: Montevideo

    Government Type: Semi-presidential Republic
    Executive Branch: Cabinet with President
    Legislature Branch: Parliament
    Judiciary Branch: La Corte Suprema

    Head of State: President
    Head of Government: Prime Minister (Vice President)

    Length of Term: Five years

    Number of Provinces: 20
    Provincial Governor: Governor

    President: Fernando Mahanga

    Prime Minister/Vice President Diego Barria

    Minister of Finance: Maria Angelini
    Minister of Internal Affairs: Laila Zapatero
    Minister of Economics and Innovation: Pedro Almunia
    Minister of Foreign Affairs: Alejandro Toledo
    Minister of Agriculture and Industry Ismael Ferreyros
    Minister of Labour and Social Development: Maximia Exero
    _Minister of Justice: _ Rosario Fern?ndez
    Minister of Healthcare and Welfare: Rafael de Kirchner
    _Minister of Education, Sports and Youth: _ Mercedes Ar?oz.
    Minister of Culture, Environment and Energy : Mar?a Ben?tez
    Minister of Immigration and Humanitarian Affairs: ?scar Ubilluz
    Minister of Transportation: Fernando Le?n

    Partido Popular

    The Partido Popular, the leading party in the parliament, is a ?compromise-party?. Trying to find solutions is their way to work. The PP is pro-Europe and social-minded, as it has supported actions to increase unemployment and disabled benefits. The Partido Popular has also a lot of attention for women, maybe because the two leaders of the party are women. Democracy, respect, tolerance and family are the basic principles of the Partido Popular.

    Leading figures of this party are:

    Party leader Rannochini
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    President Mahanga
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    President of the Parliament de los Santos
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    Minister of Foreign Affairs Toledo
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  • Partido Socialista

    The Occoron Partido Socialista, is a typical social party: it defends equal education, higher unemployment benefits, better working conditions, ? But the PS in Occoron, is also the ?green? party: the PS want to reduce pollution and carbon emissions, and want to fund environment friendly measures. The PS is also a ?compromise? party, and it is the second party in the Occoronian parliament, after the Partido Popular. After one legislature in the opposition, the PS is again a government party.

    Leading figures of this party:

    Party Leader Correa
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    Prime Minister Barria
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    Minister of Healthcare and Welfare Fernandez
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    European Councillor Zapatero
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    Mayor of Antanarivo Rojas
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  • Partido Conservador

    The Liberal Party, the other coalition party of the current government, is, as every Liberal Party, against tax increases for rich people. The members of this party would like to limit government interference in the economy and to decrease government funding for education and healthcare. The leaders of the Liberal Party are very hard negotiators and do not like to do concessions.

    Leading figures of this party are:

    Party Sebastian Pinera
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    Former European Councillor Sonia Satela
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    Mayor of Asunci?n Chinchilla
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    As we said, the environment is very important for the Occoronian government, so one of the most important industry sectors is the ?green? sector, manufacturing and researching for new ?clean? energy sources.

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    One of the other important sectors in the Occoronian industry is the ICT. Occoronian ICT companies are the best in the world. They are doing research every day to make everyday life easier.

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    Occoronian wine is one of the best in the world. Experts price it for its remarkable taste and its fine aromas. For every occasion, you can use one of the Occoronian wines.

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    _Chocolate is one of the products that made Occoron famous around the world. Real Occoronian chocolate has a fantastic taste, and if you don?t eat it too much, it is even good for your health! _

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