Kineton Green

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    Kineton Green

    Motto: Dum vita est spes est
    Anthem: Sommiu

    Full name - Fifth Republic of Kineton Green
    Conventional name - Kineton Green
    Abbreviation - KG/KNG

    National Information

    Capital City: Starogard
    Largest City: Starogard
    Languages: Starogardian, Polish, German
    Official Religion: N/A
    Founded: 1007
    Population: 4.093 billion (as of August 2011)
    Currency: Euro (?)
    Internet TLD: .kg


    Government type: Parliamentary Republic
    Administrative divisions: 14 voivodeships - including one voivoideship-city - each with its own sejmik, an elected local parliament and with a government-appointed governor. These are further split into 239 powiats and 3892 gminas.
    Suffrage: Universal for all citizens over 16
    Head of State: President Hans Filonowski
    Head of Government: Prime Minister Iwona Przybylska


    There are 420 seats in the Sejm.

    Democratic Social Liberals (centre-left) 164 seats
    Democratic Socialists (left) 76 seats
    Liberal Conservative Party of Kineton Green (centre-right) 73 seats
    Green Party (centre-left) 60 seats
    Conservative Party (centre-right) 34 seats
    Minority Voice (centre) 13 seats

    The current government coalition is of the Democratic Social Liberals and the Democratic Socalists, and has been ruling since July 2011 (elections are bi-monthly for RP).


    Ethnicity: Starogardian: 74%, Polish 19%, German 5%, Other 2%
    Religion: 36% Catholic, 21% Protestant, 39% No Religion, 4% Other
    Culture: think Bavarian, but on the Baltic Sea

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