EuroVoice 6 Review

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    EUBC Review of EuroVoice 6

    Dear Councillors,

    I have called us to session to discuss and evaluate the first event of the broadcasting union EuroVoice 6 held in Port Harbour in Os Corelia.

    As you know for some bizzaree reasons several naitons awarded the non existent award of 7 points thus affecting the scores. We also has some additional hitches in result processing.

    I would like to welcome to the meeting our new and second Vice Chair Councillor Anatoly Keith who has been extremely helpful with his adjudication of the EuroVoice contest. He joins Councillor Howard Sänger on the vice-chair and willbe serving duties of ajudication.

    I want your feedback on successes of the new rules- deadlines, voting system

    and on the voting faliures and how we can prevent them form happening.

    I always want to open up the floor for new ideas to make eurovoice exciting.

    I believe the deadlines were strict and controlled well and everyone who entered voted on time. This rule work particularily well.

    Commissioner Maleeka Liszckoszi
    Chair of EUBC

  • I believe the EuroVocie is Port Harbour was a great success. We managed to get all the votes in time and, but there was that one mishap with the 7's. I believe a few nations got confused with the "order of preference" with the 0's. Perhaps we should just scrap that idea?

  • I second the motion to get rid of the order of preference. That was actually terrifyingly confusing to get. I didn't know whether I was giving 0's or helping the people that I gave the order.

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    I dont think we should can it as the order keep reserve votes in case of people not handing results in on time

  • Im going to have to agree with not scrapping it.

  • Well then we need to make sure it's more clear what to does. What is that order debauchery for anyway? Especially if you don't receive a vote? Don't you also not receive a order of preference from that nation?

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    I believe the order of preference and voting system should be retained, but that it be explained more clearly. We should specify clearly that you don't give 7 points, and that you have to rank the nil points, and that that only matters if someone doesn't vote.

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    I think a good way to maintain this is perhaps to point this out if a mistake is made during voting to that nation and tell them to recount and redistribute points with a day extension fo the final deadline

  • That will be a great idea, It will give them time to respond.

  • I like that idea.

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    Any other suggestions before we open the registration and get Eurovoice 7 underway?

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