The Pacifica Summit (Pax Aurea - UK)

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    The Pacifica Summit 2011
    Pax Aurea - The United Kingdom

    Prime Minister Gaius Proctus hereby invites his British colleague, Mr Ed Miliband, to a special summit in Pacifica.

    The goal of this meeting is to increase cooperation between the Federal Commonwealth and the United Kingdom, and strengthen the ties between the two nations.

    Prime Minister Miliband has also promised to address the nation regarding the tragic London bombing by the CACB terrorist organization.

    Great expectations have already been placed on the meeting, since it is the first official meeting between the current Prime Ministers.

    Due to the recent events, ensuring the security of the British delegation has become a trop priority to the Aurean officials. The famous Imperator hotel shall provide housing to the British delegation, and the meeting will take place in the Prime Minister's personal residence, the Domus Magna.

    Pax Aurea is ready to answer to any and all additional requests made by the British delegation.

    In his short press release, Prime Minister Proctus said he was most enthusiastic to meet with Mr Miliband, and that he has high hopes for the outcome of the summit.

  • Prime Minister Miliband, a couple of days ahead of the third and final election debate, arrived in Pacifica with heightened security detail provided by the Aurean government. He had never been to this country, contrary to how the President Glorius had been in London for quite a few years. He was reminded by his aide of his agenda, at which he nodded.

    Arriving at the beautiful Imperator hotel, he managed to sit down and prepare his thoughts at the desk by the window, looking out at the intensely blue sky and amazing foliage of the country. It was as if he were transported to Eden.

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    The Imperator, one of Pacifica's five-star hotels.

    After Prime Minister Miliband had had a moment to get refreshed in his hotel suite, he was escorted to meet Prime Minister Proctus. Traffic was restricted on several streets of Pacifica due to the VIP visitor's travel route, but through the tinted windows of their limousins the British delegation could see a throng of hundreds flocking on the sidewalks, curious to see a glimpse of the famous statesman.

    The residency of the Prime Minister, the Domus Magna, was located in the heart of the administrative district of the city. Despite being in the middle of a bustling metropolis of 18 million people, the villa was surrounded by lush gardens and parks. The noise of the constant traffic was but a distant hum in Miliband's ears as he stepped out of the car.

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    The Domus Magna, the residency of the Prime Minister.

    Gaius Proctus hurried to greet the visitor, escorted by his wife Paula, his assistants and a duo of tall men, of the silent, dark-sunglasses-and-mirthless-faces types.

    "Mr Miliband, you are most welcome to Pax Aurea", Proctus said, shaking his colleague's hand. "I hope your stay here will be a pleasant one. No doubt we have a lot to talk about; I am confident this meeting will bring out nations closer together and help us better accomplish our common goals in the European community. Please, this way."

    As the Prime Ministers walked towards the villa, Proctus explained: "We can schedule this meeting according to your wishes, Mr Miliband. Should you like to meet the press before we begin, well, heh-heh, as I am sure you noticed at the gates, they are more than eager to hear what we have to say. The day seems to be a sunny one, so we could discuss the matters of the state in the villa's garden. I would also like to invite you to dine with me later tonight. If you wish to address the Senate, that can be arranged; I have understood you would like to say a few words about the recent tragedy our nations have suffered."

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    Prime Minister Gaius Proctus.

  • "If you don't mind, I would like to address the public before our meeting," said the Prime Minister. "I'd rather not have that cloud hanging over the meeting. I would love to dine with you tonight and address the Senate after our meeting, Mr. Proctus"

    The Prime Minister moved towards the gate.

  • "Very well. Let us meet the media..."

    As the two prime ministers stepped outside the gates of the villa with their escorts, they met with a crowd of reporters, sixty of them or so. Camera lights flashed as Proctus greeted the journalists.

    "Good day, ladies and gentlemen, I am glad you're all here. Without any further ado, let us welcome Mr Ed Miliband, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom."

    After a polite applause, the media representatives, cameras and microphones ready, waited for Mr Miliband's words.

  • "Ladies and gentlemen of Pax Aurea,

    Your nation has been a solid rock of support for Britain in a time of great hardship. Standing with us in the fight against terrorism in Europe, you have shown that you all are willing to do what's right and just. A great loss had been placed on your nation. I speak to you at this moment to bring my condolences to all families affected by the loss of the Aurean citizens in the July 23 bombings. Britain and Aurea stand stronger and with greater understanding out of these events, and Britons feel closer to the European brothers in Aurea.

    I am here today to talk with the Prime Minister to help increase our national relations. It is something that is crucial in a modern Europe, where we can all benefit from the interactions with each other and benefit more from a cooperation and closeness. Our relationship could continue a new geopolitical trend away from one nation holding power in Europe to influence decision making in Europolis and at home, but rather a group of nations working together to figure out what is best for all people involved at a greater acknowledgement of a greater good. Aurea has shown with its leadership in government that it is committed to this approach, and Britain is just as firmly behind this sort of politics and cooperation at the international level.

    Now, if I may excuse myself, we have much to discuss in our meeting."

    The Prime Minister walked away from the gates and walked with Prime Minister Proctus into the Domus Magna.

  • A bit later that evening, the Prime Ministers had dinner together. Mr Miliband was given a chance to try out the traditional Aurean cuisine: strongly spiced tofu, cheese-filled mushrooms, and vegetables, marinated kelp on rice bed with tiny bits of almonds, dried dates and papaya -- and lots of coffee, though tea was also served to the British guests.

    Proctus kept the atmosphere light, and the men talked about other things than politics; surprisingly enough, there was also that side in the lives of the seasoned statesmen.

    As it was getting dark and the men were sipping through their last cups of coffee and tea, Proctus said: "Mr Miliband, if it pleases you, I would like to bring up the possibility for increased cooperation between our police forces during this meeting. Despite the reputation of Pax Aurea being a peaceful, safe country, it is a sad but true fact that crime -- and, yes, evil -- knows no borders nor boundaries. What our intelligence services and police officers accomplished during those dark days last month was admirable, and without this kind of cooperation, we couldn't have prevented the attack against this city's subway. Unfortunately, these are dangerous times we're living, and I would rather have our nations standing together, to thwart any future attempts against our people, than alone."

  • The Prime Minister, having finished his mushroom, looked up at Prime Minister Proctus. He seemed to be very keen on increasing the international cooperation in security over the past month, obviously stemming from the attacks in London.

    "Mr. Proctus, if any Prime Minister in my position would dare deny his police force and intelligence community the chance to talk in much more increased capacity, then we would never get anywhere. I'm pleased with our current cooperation, but I agree that we need to get closer if we're to prevent evil in Britain and in Pax Aurea.

    I also feel that this meeting is a chance to increase our economic cooperation. Britain is currently experiencing an economic recovery and growth period from a recent slump, and this is a good time, in my judgement, to look to increase economic cooperation. Perhaps when we are able to speak in greater detail, we can work on this sort of agreement.

  • "I'm glad you feel that way!" exclaimed Proctus. "Nothing would make me happier than having more firm economical ties with the United Kingdom. As you're aware of, we recently signed a new treaty with our Occoronian friends. This treaty created a tariff-free trade zone between our nations. And while the treaty is still rather young, its impact has already been felt on the market. Our stock prices have been on a steady rise ever since, further boosting the economic boom we've had the opportunity to enjoy over the last couple of years. Our negotiations with Os Corelia last fall resulted in similar results... so I have no doubt that increased cooperation on the economic front would be a great asset to us all. May I ask what kind of a proposal you had in mind, Mr Miliband?"

  • "What we want to create, Mr. Proctus, is a zone of tariff-free trade because, as you have pointed out with Corelia and Occoron, it is most beneficial to both economies to have a tariff free trade zone to promote growth and interconnectedness. We would also like to encourage banks in Pax Aurea to buy British government mutual funds and bonds, and not to force it upon you, we would like the opportunity to explain to the Aurean banks as to why they should place their money in an economy that consistently places in the top 5% in the world in terms of growth and an economy that is looking to be increasingly diversified. Our auto industry, information technologies industry, and military productions will surely attract investors from around the world and it looks to be a good time to invest in both Britain and Aurea. We would, therefore, like to offer real estate in London's Canary Wharf at a discounted price, a prime economic area in the City of London. We are also willing to open up investment and commodities trading on the London Stock Exchange, home of the FTSE Index."

  • Before the meeting, the possibility of a tariff-free trade zone between Pax Aurea and the United Kingdom had been brought up in the cabinet, Proctus told Miliband.

    "Ever since we joined the European Union, there's also been an ever-going debate about whether or not we should also sign the EU Trade Agreement. I personally and my party have supported this move, but President Glorius and a few ministers of the Liberal Center Party have remained hesitant to take this step, due to potential problems to some of our key branches of industry, such as shipyard industry. Therefore we have -- at least until now -- continued to negotiate these bilateral free trade zone treaties, for it is possible to achieve a mutual understanding concerning some exceptions. A free trade zone between our countries remains a concrete possibility... and since we both seem to feel the same way about this, Mr Miliband, I can start promoting this matter in the government and ensure that we could reach consensus as soon as the details have been agreed upon. I know that President Glorius would also welcome this level of deepened economical relations."

    Proctus regarded the Aurean investments in British companies as a promising venture. "Since automobile industry and IC technology remain strong sectors for both of us, cooperation on this front could certainly result in groundbreaking new innovations and products for the European market. I am very much in favour for these plans."

    The Prime Minister was also interested in hearing more about the possibility to invest in British government funds and bonds, and welcomed the opportunity to achieve a "beachhead", as he called it, in the famous Canary Wharf.

    "In addition to this, I would like to see us exchanging ambassadors and establishing permanent embassies as soon as possible, to further strengthen our political ties."

  • "Yes, of course," said Mr. Miliband. "There is no greater way to stay in touch, and since Aurea has an embassy in Belgrave Square in London, it's our turn to establish an embassy here, I suppose.

    Well, if there's nothing more to actually discuss, I guess we should begin to write the legislation and speak to the legislature here, then."

  • "Indeed. I must confer with some of my fellow ministers, but rest assured, we shall have the treaties drafted out first thing tomorrow morning. Let us meet again at dawn, then, after you have had your night's rest -- and, of course, breakfast, continuing negotiations before coffee is served would be a dreadful thought. I shall present you our articles then, and we can discuss your counter-proposals and additions."

    With the first day's meeting coming to its end, Proctus bid his colleague a good night and, after the guest had left the Domus, hurried off to drag some of his ministers out of their beds.

  • In the next morning, the Prime Ministers met again at the Domus Magna. The day was about to become hot indeed, despite the vicinity of the sea, and damp, sweaty air hung heavily over the oven-like streets of the metropolis as Miliband's limousine snaked through the traffic.

    "The most devilish August of my memory", Proctus muttered as the men shook hands again. "Tourists flock here to enjoy the beaches and the sun, but really, this is a bit too much..."

    During the little cooler hours of the night, however, the Prime Minister and several of his ministers had discussed and agreed upon the first draft of the treaties.

    "Allow me to first present you with the planned treaty for economical cooperation", Proctus said. "After our talks yesterday, this is what Pax Aurea would like to propose to the United Kingdom."

    • A tariff-free trade zone is established between the Federal Commonwealth of Pax Aurea and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. No additional tariff fees shall be placed upon products and/or services, excluding exceptions specifically defined in this treaty.
    • Pax Aurea will continue to protect its shipyard industry by maintaining tariff fees on the products of the said industry.
    • The Senate Committee for British Investments (SECOBI) will be established to organize Aurean investments in British industries, corporations, and government funds. The amount of these investments will be known after the initial research and the overall size of the next foreign trade budget.
    • Pax Aurea will be offered real estate in London's Canary Wharf.
      "The SECOBI will be chaired by Mr Thomas Langdon, special aide of the Minister of Commerce, and an offspring of Aurean British immigrants himself", Proctus remarked. "A splendid fellow, I might add, knows his job very well."

    "And", the Prime Minister said, "I would like to forward Minister of Commerce Lothar Schalling's proposal:"

    • A special discount of 5% of the standard market price of any and all vessels constructed on Aurean shipyards of which the government holds at least 15% of the shares. This offer extends to both the British government and to private British corporations.
      "Before we go into details concerning the future cooperation of our intelligence services and police... how do you feel about these paragraphs, Mr Miliband?"

  • "The terms are very agreeable, Mr. Proctus. I would like to add that the British government will also add a position into the Economics Secretary's staff to deal with relations regarding this treaty and its execution," said Mr. Miliband.

  • "I'm glad you agree with the proposal, Mr Miliband", Proctus said. "Now then, as for the increased cooperation between our nations' authorities, well, I have been going over this with President Glorius and our Minister of the Interior Laetenius, and what we propose is a shared criminal databank. In practice, this would mean that all registered criminals in one nation could be easily ID'd in the other. Criminal records, mugshots, fingerprints, DNA information, et cetera. But I understand that this arrangement might raise some concern in the Parliament on the grounds of privacy issues. Therefore, we understand if you have objections with this proposal."

    Proctus had also visioned a joint task force for the British and Aurean intelligence services. "Initially, we would both send a liaison to our respective intelligence agencies for sharing intel, and later on, with the approval of our parliaments, establish a special agent/investigator team to coordinate and manage joint operations between our countries. Although", Proctus sighed, "I do sincerely wish there will never be need for such grim tasks!"

  • "I certainly don't want our joint task forces to have to use their enhanced communication for a tragic event, but it is necessary in this time," said Mr. Miliband. "Well, Mr. Proctus, it seems that everything is in agreement. Please allow me to sign this bill and bring it back to my government. It appears that Mr. Clegg has been elected as Prime Minister, and he, too, will sign this treaty."

  • The Prime Ministers signed the bills together. It was an important day for Pax Aurea and the United Kingdom, with great changes awaiting in the horizon, ready to bring forth promising new possibilities for the two nations and their peoples.

    "I will present these treaties to the Senate, as we need its approval for them", Proctus said, "but I'm positive they will get passed. We consider Britain as an important friend and ally of ours, and there's only a small minority among the Senators that wishes to maintain more isolationist foreign and economic policies."

    As Mr Miliband was preparing to board his plane and return back home, Proctus promised him he would always be a welcome guest in Pax Aurea.

    "I look forward to meeting you again, and to continue our cooperation with Mr Clegg in the days to come. Safe journeys!"