Marrakechia: UMK

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    Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to the Hotel Mansour Eddabi in Marrakech!

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    Tonight 3 Singers and 3 Songs comes up stage and 2 Sngers go home with Nothing! But the last Singer will be granted an ticket to represent Marrakechia in Os Corelia for the 7th EuroVoice.

    First before we see the songs we must introduce the EuroVoice Contest to the ones who has not watched before. Every few months Nations sends an Artist to represen their country with others to an Nation who is hosting it. As all songs has been performed from all nations voting starts and the winner will win the Contest and the Winners Nation will be granted to host the next 1 and on and on.

    Lets introduce last years Representative: Pitbull featuring Marc Anthony!

    Now its time to open the televoting lines as the first singer to come up stage.

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    It's Amy MacDonald! with the song This the Life

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    Ellie Goulding is up with Your Song

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    Our Final Artist: Eliza Dolittle! Pack Up Is the Song.

    Thats all for tonight for this edition. Keep on voting as the telephone lines are still open.

    (OOC: If you like to vote you may PM or post your votes here with 5, 8 and 12 for your favourite song)

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    12 for eliza doolittle!! love her

  • 12 for Doolittle, 8 for Mac Donald, 5 for Goulding!

  • Excellent candidates, all of them! But since only one can claim the price...

    12 points for Eliza Dolittle, 8 points for Ellie Goulding, and 5 points for Amy MacDonald.

    ((OOC: Couldn't help but notice the UMK title... Oletko kenties suomalainen?))

  • (OOC: It is from the Finnish National Selection 2012 for Eurovision)

  • Eliza Dolittle will probably be the runaway winner in this years UMK as the public polls reveals she is the favorite to win.

  • 12 for McDonald, 10 for Doolittle and 8 for Goulding

  • Mod

    12 points for Ellie Goulding, 8 points for Eliza Dolittle, and 5 points for Amy MacDonald.

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