UEFA Championships RP Thread

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    UEFA Championships Role Playing Thread

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    This is the appropriate thread to post your role play about team injuries/player specific news/coach specific news/and other issues like that.

  • Rhine Ruhr National Team to Receive Training from Bas Rutten

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    Bas Rutten is a highly respected mixed martial artist. He is retired now but boast a powerful record of 28 wins, 4 losses, and 1 draw. Rutten was a one time UFC Champion and a 3 time King of Pancrase World Champion. He ended his career on a 21 fight unbeaten streak.

    "I am excited that the team allowed me to join their camp" exclaims Rutten. "People do not realize the effect MMA training has on athletes of all types. Our conditioning is world class, and our kick-boxing training vastly improves reflexes. Brazilian Jujitsu training gives athletes discipline and provides an increased flexibility. This team will train in all aspects of my game and will benefit from it. They will be sharper, faster, and more alert than the other teams."

    The National Team will receive MMA training twice a week throughout the championship and throughout the next season. The team may be just starting the training, but they are confident it will be effective. Even if the team comes up short in the competition, they will be more than prepared for the next one.

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