EuroChoice, Offalian National Final

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    _Ladies and Gentlemen, people at home watching on their TV's a warm and hearty welcome to the National Final for Eurovoice September 2011. The excitement that was the last contest has reignited Europe's passion for music. Here in Laois and Offaly we celebrated a superb 5th position finish but this time we have many contestants raring to earn your votes for the next contest. Os Corelia will again be hosting the next Eurovoice contest and we can say that ONC are more excited than ever.

    ONC has been very busy compiling a shortlist for next month's contest but it's your votes that will decide the winner, good luck to all! May the show begin! An bhfuil t? r?idh? A ligean ar dul! Allons-y! Lass uns gehen!_

    Laois-Offaly Shortlist

    Foster the People, Pumped Up Kicks

    OneRepublic, Good Life

    Example, Won't go Quietly

    Rhianna, Only Girl in the World

    The Killers, Mr Brightside

    Marina and the Diamonds, Hollywood

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    _Europe, I think you'll all agree that all our contestants this evening gave it their all tonight, televotes across Laois-Offaly and all who recieve ONC Satellite across Europe have been opened. It is now up to you to vote for your favourite, you can use the traditional 8,10,12 format for your favourites.

    Eoraip, S?lim go mbainfidh t? aonta?onn go l?ir go l?ir a thug ?r n-iomaitheoir? an tr?thn?na s? a n-uile televotes anocht, ar fud Laois-U?bh Fhail? agus go l?ir a fhaigheann Satail?te ONC ar fud na hEorpa a oscla?odh. T? s? anois suas chun t? v?ta a chaitheamh le haghaidh do is fearr leat, is f?idir leat ?s?id a bhaint as traidisi?nta 8,10,12 fhorm?id do is ansa leat._

    While ONC awaits the results of the public vote we would like to present the 'Laoisdance' production to perform for you tonight here in the magnificent city of Port Laoise. Here for you tonight, I present Laoisdance!

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  • Europe! It's time to vote!

  • The Killers, Mr Brightside: 8
    OneRepublic, Good Life: 10
    Rihanna, Only Girl in the World: 12

  • Rihanna - 12
    One Republic - 10
    The Killers - 8

  • Foster the People - 12
    Marina and the Diamonds - 10
    The Killers - 8


  • The Killers - 12
    Marina and the Diamonds - 10
    Rihanna - 8

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    Europe you have voted in your hundreds of thousands so far in this the first live Europe wide Offalian Eurovoice preselection. So far four nations have voted and already a winner has emerged scoring highly from all nations. ONC will keep the lines open until TUESDAY 23rd AUGUST 12:00 GMT before closing the lines and declaring the second Offalian entry to the Eurovoice contest. The results so far from four nations are as follows:

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    Nations yet to vote, time is running out. The votes are tight and one country can change the whole game but it's up to you to do it so- get your votes in!! N?isi?n f?s le v?t?il, go bhfuil am ag rith amach. Is iad na v?ta? daingean agus is f?idir aon t?r amh?in athr? ar an chluiche ar fad ach t? s? suas chun t? a dh?anamh amhlaidh-fh?il do v?ta ina!!

    Our next performance of the light is brought to us live from towns and villages in Laois and Offaly! It's time to dance! I present Madcon! Is ? ?r bhfeidhm?ocht eile den solas a thabhairt chun c?na? orainn ? bhailte agus sr?idbhailte i Laois agus U?bh Fhail?! T? s? am chun rince! Chur i l?thair agam Madcon!

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    Madcon, Glow!

  • Rihanna 12
    Marina 10
    The LKillers 8

  • Vielen dank Marrekechia! 5 nations have now voted with Laois's vote to be announced on Tuesday as the voting window closes! From 5 nations, we have a tie with Rhianna and The Killers tied on 44 points with Rhianna securing 3 twelves, a big thumbs up! Marina and the Diamonds is in third with 30 points and can still win by Tuesday but it's up to any remaining countries to make that happen. Voting will close on Tuesday 23rd midday GMT, get the votes in! Did you enjoy Madcon Europe??

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    Rihanna - 12
    The Killers - 10
    Marina and the Diamonds - 8


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    12 Marina and The Diamonds

    8 Foster the People

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    Thank you Inquista and Os Corelia, our next Eurochoice host! Voting has almost concluded with 7 nations casting their votes and announcing them to ONC. The lines will stay open until 12.00GMT tommorow when Laois will announce her televote results. I am sure you will all agree it has been a fantastic contest here in Frankenhalt with Europe uniting in song and unity. So you've voted and here's how it stands...

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    ERROR: The Killers are on 54 points...

    Example have had a miserable night tonight failing to score from any nations so far, Foster the People and OneRepublic have had mediocre nights socring 20 points each well below the leading pack. Tonight has been Rhianna's night with the most twelves and currently leading the pack by 2 points on 56 points and thus far, Laois-Offaly's entry to the contest. The Killers follow closely behind on 54 point having failed to score any points from Os Corelia. Marina and the Diamonds have assailed a point deficit to be on 50 points and withing touching difference of becoming the next entry! Those nations yet to vote (not many!) get your votes in and feel your heart beat! We'll see you soon after a commerical break! Slan agus bennacht!

  • Welcome to EuroChoice...

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    Ladies and Gentlemen, I warmly welcome you to the final installment of the selection process for Offaly's next EuroChoice entry. I must also ask you to welcome the newly elected President of Laois and Offaly who is present with us tonight, President McGovern. We have been inundated with votes and we thank all of Europe for sharing the moment with us and choosing our next entry. 7 nations have voted, an impressive total and more than a billion people have rang in to our EBU sister stations. Laois and Offaly are ready to release their votes now so we cross live to Ulrika who is a few floors up from us here at Television Centre in our telephone room, Ulrika can we have Laois and Offaly's votes please!

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    Ulrika:_Graham, Laois and Offaly have broken all records here at ONC and voted in their millions, 67% of all Offalians have voted tonight making this one of the biggest public juries yet. The points are as follow, bonnes chance pour tout les candidates!

    8 points for OneRepublic, huit points pour la UneRepublique
    10 points for Rihanna, dix points pour Rihann
    12 points for Marina and the Diamonds, douze points pour Marina!_

    Graham:Well what a scoreline, thank you Ulrika for the votes! What a turn around Europe! It is my pleasure to announce that Rihanna will be performing Only Girl in the World in EuroVoice 07 in Os Corelia with 66 points! Marina, commiserations, a big applause please, 62 points!! Bhuel cad an sc?r, bu?ochas a ghabh?il leat Ulrika le haghaidh na v?ta?! Cad ina dhiaidh sin ar fud na hEorpa! T? ?thas orm a fh?gairt go mbeidh Rihanna a bheith ag feidhmi? Cail?n amh?in sa Domhan i EuroVoice 07 i Os Corelia le 66 point?! Marina, commiserations, le do thoil bualadh bos m?r, 62 point?! So here we go Europe, the final score board!

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    Europe you've voted! And here's your winner, Rihanna will be performing Only Girl for you now and then again in Os Corelia! Thankyou for watching and god bless!Eoraip at? t? a v?t?ladh! Agus anseo do bhuaiteoir, beidh Rihanna bheith ag feidhmi? cail?n amh?in le haghaidh duit anois agus ar?s i Os Corelia! Go raibh maith agat le haghaidh breathn? agus Dia bless!

    Rhianna Only Girl in the World

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    Te Deum, European Broadcasting Community/ONC Delegation

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