EUBC - EV 2nd Meeting

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    The 2nd Meeting between the EUBC & EuroVoice to discuss the new rule changes for EuroVoice 7.

  • Let's start of that we could make a music recap to help to make voting easier and hire an recap maker

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    OOC: How would we do that?

    I would like an explanation about the selection shows for EuroVoice which have not been officialised by the EUBC. This contravension is at present an unfair advantage and is technical copyright abuse as the EUBC have EuroVoice under their jurisdiction. I am not seekin to press a law suit yet but wondered if we are to allow or in fact ban those nations who have directly contravened our jurisdiciton as the body for such events.

    I can imagine that the majority will see this as no problem but we must consider that these selection shows being broadcast to the union are merely to project the wining advantage of nations so we might consider legislating all nations to broadcast them but this takes up valuable resource time. I worry that all nations will be voting endlessly and loose interest int he main competition. I personally am of the opinion that we ban them.

    Maleeka Liszckoszi
    EUBC Chairman

  • (ooc: if we take a piece of music from the songs then put it together)

    I see what you mean and stop National Finals and internally select singers?

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    If someone is willing to put highlights together then go for it, why not.

    I believe it to be more useful having an internal selection .


  • I see,

    Also to make the Eurovoice more recognizable we could create an ns wiki page for it

  • Admin

    I do also believe that It would be better to have internal selection procedures rather than everyone holding their own selection contests.

  • Ok,

    -After this edition which is soon starting all Nations must internally select singers and no National Finals to be allowed.
    -The Appointment of a Recap Maker.

    What would be the Official Sponsors for this edition and the Official Airline?

    What dates would you like to start the July Show?

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    July show? Thought we were on the brink of september - I am going to open it this evening with the usual deadlines and I dont want any TBCs!!

    Coreliair Will again be the official airline with the main sponsor being Kligenberg Motors

  • Whoops got carried away LOL I meant September

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