National Socialist Waldenstein Elected Chancellor

  • On August the 19th, a special Vote of No Confidence against Chancellor Robert Mainzer was passed at the Reichstag of Gro?deutsches Reich. The Reichstag then proceeded with the election of a new Chancellor. As a result, G?nter Waldenstein of the Nationalsozialistische Einheitspartei (National Socialist Unity Party, NSEP) was elected as the new Chencellor. The ousted Mainzer later fled the country with his family, finding asylum in Os Corelia.

    For more information about the events, please see the national newspapers:
    Gro?deutscher Frei Presse
    Corelia Today

    The inauguration of Chancellor Waldenstein and the rise of the National Socialist party has caused an uneasy stir in the Aurean Senate. Consul Servilia Daniolaus, Speaker of the Senate, spoke about the recent events in today's Senate session.

    "While the election of Chancellor Waldenstein followed the democratic process, the national socialist ideology of his party has aroused concerns about the fate of the very same democracy that led to his inauguration. Simply put: people are afraid. Many Aurean citizens or immigrants of Aurean origin live in Gro?deutsches Reich today. Some of them belong to certain categories of ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation that are most often despised by national socialist parties or political factions. So my question to the new Chancellor is this: will the Nationalsozialistische Einheitspartei continue to cherish GDR's reputation of a country that keeps freedom, justice, and universal human rights close to her heart?"

  • Press conference of Minister of Foreign Affairs Alejandro Toledo, after the decision of the government to take no measures against the new leaders of the Groβdeutsches Reich:

    _?Ladies and gentlemen,

    After the recent events in the Groβdeutsches Reich, the government decided together with the President to take no measures against the new leaders. Chancellor Waldenstein seems to be elected in a democratic way, but the government is still concerned. I would like to stress once more that principles such as democracy, human rights and justice are very important for the government and for me. I would like to hear from the new-elected chancellor that he will defend these principles.

    I can announce you that my cabinet will follow the situation in the GDR very closely and that measures can and will be taken immediately if necessary.

    I would also like to speak to the former Chancellor of the GDR, Robert Mainzer: If the new-elected government assures the European Union that it will defend the European principles, I see no reason to flee. If the situation in the GDR becomes more clear, I think he can return to his home country.

    I would also like to ask the European Commissioner for Internal Affairs, Mrs. Maleeka Liszckoszi, to sit together with the Ministers of Foreign Affairs to find a common point of view and to negotiate with the new-elected leaders of the GDR.

    Thank you for your time.'_

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    Prime Minister Kitchener:

    Good afternoon, I've called this press conference to update you on the actions of our Government, European governments and the Parliament regarding the election of nationalists to the German administration. While it is our interest and Europe's interest to see minimal nationalistic sentiment circulating in the European Union it must be tolerated as it has been elected through democratic means, the corner stone of all our constitutions here in Europe. Nevertheless the Foreign Office has immediately informed me of the danger to Laois and Offaly and have ordered the immediate imposition of visa and passport checks on all German citizens entering Laois until such time as the Chancellor can reassure Europe of it's peaceful ambitions. This is only temporary and will not plague our relationship for long. I have instructed my party, as I have a majority to call off a proposed expulsion of the German Ambassador as this in my view has no logical sense given that no infringing activities have been brought against Laois and Offaly. We must ensure that the rule of democracy stays as resolute as ever as Europe reacts to the recent events in Germany. My Foreign Office will be monitoring the situation very closely indeed and will inform Parliament if any dangers arise. That is all, have a very good day, slan go abhail!

  • L.O will be sending 5 observers from the Offalian Electoral Commission to oversee the upcoming German elections.

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    Dear Councillors,

    One thing is evident from these events. The challenge appears to have been completely democratic and despite my government domestic government freezing I must act in the interest of Europe and announce that I back the legitimacy of the government of the GDR upon assurances of its democractic sensbilities.

    I wish to invite Chancellor G?nter Waldenstein to Europolis to address the council and to explain the situation to us so that fears may be allayed. I at present do not question the actions of the new Chancellor and feel there is nothing to negotiate as it is an affair of sovereignty.

    If situations develop whereby the citizens of Grossdeutches Reich are at risk of loosing civil libertgies and if minorities are discrinimnated against we will not hesitate to assert action.

    Commissioner Maleeka Liszckoszi
    Commissioner for Internal Affairs

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    Angleter, despite having its reservations as to the situation, sees the Waldenstein government of the Reich as completely legitimate, and is pleased to see that elections are forthcoming- we hope that said elections will be free and fair.

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    **A Joint Statement from the Office of the Secretary of Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, the Office of the Prime Minister and the Queen of the United Kingdom **

    _"We, the government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland formally recognize the government of the German Empire in light of recent elections that have seen transition from Robert Mainzer to National Socialist leader Waldenstein.

    We urge the European community to view these results as legitimate. The vote of no confidence and subsequent election of Mr. Waldenstein are viewed by our government as legitimate, constitutional, and democratic. We are also encouraged to see that elections have been scheduled and will maintain that these elections will be conducted in a free and fair manner.

    Historical patterns can help make judgements, but also current actions must be taken into account. The National Socialist party of Germany has, in fact, taken completely fair and democratic steps to ensure that the German people are accurately represented in their government. We do, however, sympathize with Mr. Mainzer and wish him peaceful asylum in Os Corelia. May his family and the German people live in prosperity and freedom."


    HRH Queen Elizabeth II
    Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and All Dominions

    The Rt. Hon. David Miliband, MP
    Secretary of Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs

    The. Rt. Hon. William Hague, MP
    Home Secretary, representing the Rt. Hon. Ed Miliband
    Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland_

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    The government and the President of the Democratic Republic of Occoron supports the elections, organised by the new leaders. The government will send 10 observers to make sure the elections will happen in a democratic way.

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    As a tradition in our foreign policy, we respect the decision of the German parliament to elect Mr. Waldenstein as chancellor as a democratic decision. We consider the measures approved by some european governments as excessive, as the new Reich administration has not token measures against democracy and human rights already.

    Eleanor Kelly
    Chief Executive Officer

  • President Julia Glorius gave a short statement today regarding the issue of the new Chancellor for Gro?deutsches Reich.

    "Democracy must always follow its own course. In a democratic system, one cannot say the people have made a "wrong" choice, for that would be contempt towards the very nature of democracy. Pax Aurea has not questioned the legitimacy of the new Chancellor of the Great German Empire and will not do so, as long as the principles of democracy are maintained. Our relations with the German people remain as they have been -- good, and, it is my wish, growing even more firm in the days to come.

    Chancellor Waldenstein has promised the European community that his intention is to maintain peaceful relations with the neighbouring nations. I wholeheartedly welcome this news, and also express my gratitude for his gesture of openness: the Chancellor has informed the European Union that GDR welcomes neutral observers to follow the election next September. And, to ease the worries of some of my fellow Aureans, I have decided to follow the example set by a few other European nations and send a team of five observers to monitor the German election.

    I hope that despite the differences between our political ideologies, the administrations of herr Waldenstein and mine can remain in good and friendly terms. It is also my wish that Mr Mainzer can soon return back to his homeland."

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    President ad interim Garcia and the government of the Democratic Republic of Occoron are wondering when the elections in the Gro?deutsches Reich will take place.

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    The government and President ad interim Garcia would like to congratulate the winners of the democratic elections in Groβdeutches Reich.

  • Pax Aurea would like to join Occoron in congratulating the winners of the recent GDR election -- an election which, according to the observers, was fair and free of any fraud. The stunning success of the Greens has been received with much cheering in the Aurean political circles as well, with the Aurean Green Alliance currently sitting in the government.

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