EuroVoice 07 - Haladon Province, Os Corelia

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    Host City: Haladon Province
    Host Country: The New Parliamentary Repulic of Os Corelia
    Venue: Haladon Festival Park
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    The Hosts, and the Voting Announcer:HadrionRaabiden, Liila Miterim, Ankela Perimnt
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    Host Broadcaster: OsCos Tv

    Confirmed Countries:

    Os Corelia - The Flaming Lips - Do You Realize?
    46566 - Owl City - Fireflies
    The United Kingdom - Lara Fabian - Adagio
    Pax Aurea - Sonny Rhodes - The Ballad of Serenity
    Laois-Offaly - Rihanna - Only Girl in The World
    Marrakechia - Eliza Doolittle - Pack Up
    Angleter - DJ Steve Porter & Vincent Pastore - Broccoli Wad
    Rhine Ruhr - Vampire Weekend - Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa
    Northern Caesarea - Amaral - El Universo sobre M?
    Kineton Green - Royal Republic - Tommy Gun
    Austrur - Faith Hill - Breathe
    Occoron - Kate Ryan - Voyage Voyage
    Catalunya i Balears - Franz Ferdinand - Do You Want To?
    Brecon - Weird Al Yankovich - Amish Paradise
    North Inquista - Alicia Keys - If I Ain't Got You

    Unconfirmed Countries:

    Northern Caesarea

    Duxburian Union

    Rhine Ruhr
    Kineton Green

    The Competition will be broadcasted by member companies of the EUBC

    Signing up - Confirming Participation template:


    [b]Link:[/b] (a link to the song at Youtube or any other similar website)
    [b]Broadcaster:[/b] (national TV broadcaster of your country)


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  • Country: 46566
    Artist: Owl City
    Song: Fireflies
    Midgar National
    Summer falls
    Channel 46 Government news (government owned channel)
    Onett 1

  • Country: The United Kingdom of Great Britain of Ireland
    Artist: Lara Fabian
    Song: Adagio
    Link: (must play on 240p for sound)

    BBCOne (Finals)

  • Country: Pax Aurea
    Artist: Sonny Rhodes
    Song: The Ballad of Serenity
    Broadcaster: Aurean Broadcasting Company (ABC)

  • **Country:**Laois-Offaly
    **Song:**Only Girl in the World
    Link: Rihanna, Only Girl in the World
    Broadcaster: Offalian News Corporation

    Song chosen by Europe-wide vote!

  • Under the victory of UMK, Eliza Dolittle has beem granted the ticket to Heladon Province with the song Pack Up

    2MTV Will broadcast the contest.

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    QUOTE (Laois-Offaly @ Aug 31 2011, 01:19 PM)

    Song chosen by Europe-wide vote!

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    Disclaimer - From The EUBC Committee

    The Following claim made by the Offalian New Corperation only expresses an opinion of the national contest. The EUBC does not in any official capacity recognise the capacity of the selection contest as being a 'europe-wide' event.

    After careful consideration and debate the Executvie Committee have vote in favour of song seleciton being only an internal selection process as we beleive it is an attempt to give artists and an unfair advantage and if all nations held europe wide searches for songs the backlog of events would slow the efficiencies that the EuroVoice song contest have reached.

    Whilst those who have held contests so far will not be penalised due to lack of legislation in the directed area it is the decision of the Executive Committee that from this point onwards "europe wide" selection shows are against the rules of the EuroVoice competition and any naiton uing them will be suspended from the contest in cycle.

    Commissioner Maleeka Liszckoszi
    Chair of EUBC Executive Committee

  • Admin

    Country: Angleter
    Artist: DJ Steve Porter & Vincent Pastore
    Song: Broccoli Wad
    Link: Click here!
    Broadcaster: Sirion TV

    Song chosen by three balding men and two fat women on Sirion TV's advertising and finance committee! What? What do you mean, not in the spirit of the competition? Just think yourselves lucky Broccoli Wad offered more money than Haribo.

  • ONC respects the decision of the EUBC and will adhere hereforth. However ONC regret that both the Offalian selection process and Marrekechian brought interest into the contest and made it more interactive, something that will now disappear.

  • **Country:**Rhine Ruhr
    **Artist:**Vampire Weekend
    **Song:**Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa
    Broadcaster: RRBS

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    For the record the delegation of Marrakechia have voted for the motion of internal selection procedures but we respect the opinion of the ONC and their objections have been formally noted.

    To further explain our decision we see the situation as follows. Eurovoice is a monthly contest with a fast turnover of votes. If every nation had a selection competition this would increase the time for registration turn over and would confuse the process. The process would develop whereby every nation votes in both national finals and the union wide main event final and thus the song for each nation is chosen by europe not by the original country undermining the point of the eurovoice contest. Equally if a nation is voting for a plethora of Eurovoice events this may lead to frustration, confusion and ultimately the demise of interest in Eurovoice.

    These were the discussed opinions in the Executive office. I hope this better explains our decision.

    -Maleeka Liszckoszi

  • Country: Northern Caesarea
    Artist: Amaral
    Song: El Universo sobre M?
    Broadcaster: TVCN

  • Kineton Green has decided to join the EuroVoive contest and looks forward to competing and voting in it!

    Country: Kineton Green
    Artist: Royal Republic
    Song: Tommy-Gun
    Broadcaster: StTV

  • Country: Austrur
    Artist: Faith Hill
    Song: Breathe
    Broadcaster: Tel?vision Austrur

  • 3 Countries making a debut. Great Start

  • Country: The Democratic Republic of Occoron
    Artist: Kate Ryan
    Song and link: Voyage Voyage
    Broadcaster: Televisi?n de Occoron (TDO)

  • Televisi?n de Occoron (TDO) regrets the decision of the EUCB to forbid Europe wide selection shows. TDO does not understand the argument that some artist got more attention, while every nation was free to choose its own selection procedure. We have no other choice than to respect the decision of the EUCB, so TDO will no longer organise European wide selection shows.

    Alberto Gonzalez
    CEO of Televisi?n de Occoron

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    Dear Mr Gonzales,

    To clarify the terms of internal seleciton you are welcome to hold a seleciton show within your country but only your country's residents can vote for it i.e europe wide voting for anaitonal selection is the only thing forbidden. We see this decision has been unpopular but it is a necessary move, the EUBC were never consulted about the plans for these selection competitions by the individual nations who choose to have these events thus technically breaking the copyright the EUBC holds over the competition but we have decided not to press legalities in good faith.

    OOC: The process of getting other forum users to vote for your national choice is forbidden as it is messy clogging up the politics & incidents forum and whether you agree or not it does slow down the process!!

    Maleeka Liszckoszi

  • The EUBC Is looking to appoint an music recap maker for EuroVoice.

  • After further deliberation with the ONC European Committee, the ONC national executive would like to call a vote of all EUBC nations to repeal this decision and begin to construct a more rigid code of conduct of selection processes. I would like the Commissioner to consider...

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