EUBC Amendment Proposal

  • Following the decision by the EUBC to forbid the use of Europe wide national selection processes for Eurovoice by which nations such as Laois-Offaly, Occoron and Marrekechia utilised- Laois and Offaly hereby call a vote on whether this action has the support of all EUBC members and whether members are willing to back Europe-wide selections in the future. Laois and Offaly suggest the following...

    National Eurovoice Selection Processes

    _1. National Selection Processes can be in the form of the following, internal broadcaster selections, national vote and jury selections, or public and European public vote.

    2. If a nation opts to perform a European public vote, the event must be held the week after the last contest allowing time for other nations to air their artist after the Europe wide contests.

    3. Europe wide contests must be limited to a short time window (to be decided should members vote in favour)_

    Laois and Offaly doesn't believe this to be a complex issue and would welcome anyone to co-sponsor or amend this very brief and light guideline. Laois and Offaly believes that every nation should choose their own selection process and think that every nation has a equal and fair chance at airing their artist. Laois and Offaly believe that Europe-wide contests bring interest towards Eurovoice and ultimately increase activity and reject initial Eurovoice concerns.

  • Also the Democratic Republic of Occoron does not believe that these Europe-wide contests will give some nations an advantage, as every nation is indeed free to choose its own selection procedure. If we can limit these contests to a short time window, Occoron thinks there is no problem. The Democratic Republic of Occoron fully supports this proposal of Laois-Offaly.

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    May I point out we requested that this would take place after the contest and thought that the ONC would agree it may cast a shadow over the contest we request that no further discussion is held until after the contest. We would request that you respect the wishes of the EUBC executive committee.

    Maleeka Liszckoszi

  • I will not be supporting this referendum on the decision made by the EUBC. I would also like to vocalize my disgust in the insubordination displayed by the ONC. At first you agree to respect the decision made by the EUBC, but then the next day you recant your respect and as a further insult you call a vote to repeal the decision. Upon hearing of your request for a vote on the matter, commissioner Liszckoszi respects the ONC's right to call a vote on the matter. Respect that you never gave her might I add, but I digress. The only request the commissioner gave was that you wait until the end of the contest to call a vote, yet in a move of arrogance the ONC starts the conversation even before the contest even starts.

    I would also like to voice my dislike of these Euro wide selection contests. Why should I vote for your contestant? If I was unprofessional I would vote for someone who I knew I could beat, but then again maybe the ONC is too incompetent to choose an artist. These contest clog the forums, and distract from the contest itself. Nations should allow their own citizens to elect for who will represent them.

    I think I have made my point. I am against euro wide selection processes and I am displeased with the ONC for repeatedly disrespecting the Union and contest that they claim that they want to improve.

    Maxence Abel Bonnet
    CEO of RRBS

  • Austrur is against any such proposal. The purpose of a national final is to see what an individual nation's people support, not what the entirety of Europe supports. National finals should not be Europe-wide contests. They should be exactly what they are called - National.

    Guy Monseteri,
    Spokesperson for Tel?vision Austrur.

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    Angleteric EUBC affiliates concur with our Corelian, Austrur, and Rhine Ruhr colleagues.

  • Marrakechian EUBC Agrees with Angleter, Corliean, Austruian & Rjine Ruhr.

    As Stated by the Chair of EUBC you may do national selections but without Eurovoice nations voting in it. Only your nation Televoters & Jury allowed to vote.

  • As Mrs. Lisczkoszi asked, I think we better discuss this matter after EuroVoice7. I apologize that I didn?t reckon with the request of Mrs. Liszckoszi.

    Alberto Gonzalez
    CEO of Televisi?n de Occoron

  • This was posted with a note 'for after Eurovoice 07', it was awaiting debate after the contest. The ONC deplores language used by Rhine Ruhr, the ONC respects the decision of the EUBC but is fully entitled to call a vote on such a decision and I thank the Commissioner very much for her understanding with the ONC and Televicion de Occoron. This debate is suspended until after the contest and I call on Rhine Ruhr to withdraw a crass attack on L.O, Europe is not a dictatorship and nor will it ever be.

  • I refuse to retract my comments! I stand by every word I said about my feelings of the national selections and by those I said of the ONC. I never said that I was against your right to call a vote, so this dictatorship talk is nonsense. I do however wish to commend the ONC for the apology given to the Commissioner. My only regret is that if my comments made Occoron believe that they are in the wrong for supporting such a proposal. They are not, for they took no direct action in the disrespecting of the EUBC executives.

    My 'idiotic and inflammatory' words seem to have been supported by all those who have followed them. My comments were orderly and were necessary in order to get the ONC to see the wrongdoings of their actions. I believe that I have accomplished that goal. My only hope is that this toxicity does not carry over into Eurovoice 07. Votes should not be determined by politics, and I don't plan on having my feelings interfere with my voting methods. I ask all participants to do the same. Eurovoice is a competition and it has every right to avoid becoming political.

    Debate suspended.

    Maxence Abel Bonnet
    CEO of RRBS

  • _Dear Representatives of the EUBC and other national broadcasters,

    As Eurovoice7 is finally finished, the time has come to discuss the amendment proposal once more. As it seems that the ONC and TDO are alone with their opinion, I worked out following proposal with my Offilian colleague Rafael Michaeli. I would like you to read it, to think about it and to discuss it in a proper way. Thank you.

    EU members may vote in national finals, but these votes may not influence the winner of the national final: eg. The nation that organises the national contest is obligated to send a PM to the EU Commissioner for Internal Affairs, or to the next organiser of EuroVoice with its selected artist and song, before the start of the contest. As soon as the message is sent,? that nation may not change its artist anymore. The organiser of EuroVoice can propose a date, and no contests may be held after that date.

    -The selected artist represents only one nation, and not other European members.
    -It is impossible for other nations to disadvantage the organiser of the national contest by voting for the worst candidate.
    -The national contests won?t slow EuroVoice.
    -The forum stays active.

    Alberto Gonzalez
    CEO of Televisi?n de Occoron_

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    Dear Esteemed Colleagues of the EUBC,

    I find this proposal a compromise but believe it talks itself out of its own existence. It leads me to point out the obvious this "compromise" is somewhat pointless. I ask EUBC members to see that this bears no benefit and is indeed a waste of money and we should assit in financing such affairs.

    I do however see this compromise as a great exercise in democracy and congrtulate the ONC for raising debate and feelin they can exercise their opinion in such a forum despite my disagreement with it.

    In my position as chair I see this as something I am against and see as pointless in all capacities.

    If the honorable members from Occoron and Laois-Offaly share an opinion with you do vote for it. But I certainly am against such curiously weak ideas.

    These comments I make with the greatest respect of My Laois, Offalian, and Occoronian colleagues and I bear no malice toward them and value their input to the workins of the EUBC.

    with sincere regards,
    Maleeka Liszckoszi

  • I am going to have to agree with the Commissioner on this subject. If the nations selected artist is predetermined, what is the point of the contest? If EuroVoice had a predetermined winner, would other nations bother entering the competition? I do not see this compromise as fair for the artists whom have entered the national finals.

    I would also like to state that I am not against the democratic process. I do agree with L.O in that Europe is not nor will it ever be a dictatorship. I do honor your right to call a vote, but I do not support this proposal. I believe that national finals are a waste of time and clog the forums.

    No more malice,

    Maxence Abel Bonnet
    CEO of RRBS

  • The ONC regret but respect the decision of Rhine Ruhr and the Commissioner. I believe we need a greater consensus on this issue before dismissing it and I am slightly disapointed that many EUBC members have failed to get involved in this debate.

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    I absolutely agree with Mr. Bonnet and Commissioner Liszckoszi, and feel a line should be drawn under this.

  • Also TDO respects the point of view of Rhine Ruhr and the Commissioner, and we're also disappointed to see such a disinterest in this matter. We agree with Angleter that this discussion should be finished, also if that means that national contests with Europe-wide voting are forbidden in the future.

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    with no further comments can we presume this amendment failed considering the support against it was strong?


  • I think we should do that.

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