Apology to Commisioner

  • The ONC would like to apologise for an apparent lack of respect shown to the EUBC which in hindsight it now regrets. The ONC will stand by it's decision to call a vote but pleas with the Commissioner to pardon the ONC for it's poor conduct of proceedings. The ONC would also however like to call for the withdrawal of inflammatory comments of Rhine Ruhr in which it called the ONC 'incompetent'. We believe this to be unacceptable and out of order.

    Nevertheless, many apologies to the EUBC Commisioner.

  • I accept the apology on a personal level. The vote will be going ahead as scheduled after the EuroVoice contest in the interest of democracy as always was intended. Prior to the vote the executive commission willmeet ot discuss these recent events and how to respond to them.

    Commissioner Maleeka Liszckoszi