EuroVoice 07 - Haladon Province - RESULTS

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    So the moment we have been waiting for the winners have been decided. A very exciting year indeed!

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    NB. To follow the table you must read the nations at the top as the nations voting

    As you can see we have a poitns tie of both Marrakechia and Northern Caesarea on 77 points.

    The winner of this tie then falls to the naiton with the most 12 points awarded.


    Amaral - El Universo sobre M?


  • Catalunya i Balears congratulates Northern Caesarea for it's victory and announces it's withdrawal from further participation in the EuroVoice Song Contest.

  • Also the Democratic Republic of Occoron would like to congratulate Northern Caesarea with its victory. We are all looking forward to the next edition!

  • In Pax Aurea, Amaral is already literally everywhere, and the winning song can be heard on radio and music TV, played in malls, metro stations... everywhere! We wish to send our most sincerest congratulations to the artists and Northern Caesarea! See you in EuroVoice VIII!

  • Congratulations Northern Caesarea and a great show it has been!

  • The ONC would like to warmly congratulate Northern Caeserea on winning and commiserations to Marrekechia on coming so close! The ONC are delighted with the fantastic progress made by Rihanna in Os Corelia this month! We look forward to participating next time!

  • Congratulations Northern Caesarea, and we look forward to participating in the next edition of EuroVoice!

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    Thank you very much for your support and congratulations. It has been exciting to participate in Eurovoice and share our passion for music with great artists from all Europe. For us, it is incredible to have finished on top against so wonderful performers and songs, specially Eliza Doolittle, from Marrakechia and her faboulous "Pack Up". We will be glad to welcome you all in the next edition of Eurovoice at home, in Northern Caesarea!

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    Os Corelia congratulates a worthy winner and also commends Ms Doolittle. And we willbe fightin next eurovoice to bring it back to corelia! W ehvae 9 states and only 2 have hosted so we need 7 more wins smile.gif hehe!

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