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  • **The Republic of Andesor **

    Prosperity for all

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    Formal Name: The Republic of Andesor
    Conventional Name: Andesor
    Abbreviation: RA

    National Information

    Capitol: Lexington
    Ethnic Groups: White: 73.4% Asian: 21.2% Hispanic: 3.1 % Other: 2.3%
    Population: 23,907,387
    Religion: No official
    Languages: English, Spanish, Mandarin, Japanese
    Currency: Chet
    Government:Corporate Dictatorship


    The Andesor Republic is a corporate dictatorship. Built on corporate capitalism, the republic is run by several mega corporations which have split the republic between themselves, controlling every aspect of society. Each mega corporation contains hundreds of smaller corporations ranging from agrarian companies to law firms. All land and real estate are owned by corporations that leases the property to the citizens while government and policing is also run by the corporations. Andesor's rules and customs values cut-throat, continual competition between the corporations which ensures a healthy, consumer based social environment.

    If the Republic needs to deal with nation-wide matters, such as foreign policy, national defense, the upkeep of national infrastructure and the settling of quarrels between corporations, the Board of Directors has the highest authority. The Board of Directors consists of the CEOs of the several major mega corporations within the Republic.

    Fierce patriotism is feed into the Republic's citizens everyday lives, teaching everyone that one should always put the security of the republic and an individuals loyalty to their corporation first before anything else.


    Andesor does not have a government owned military, rather each mega corporation funds its own security and military forces that ensure the protection its own citizens . If the Republic is threatened by a foreign power or organization, the Board of Directors combine their respective military forces into an entity known as the Andesor Self-Defense Force or A.S.D.F. The Andesor Self-Defense Force is lead by a Board of Directors selected Supreme commander that is chosen based on his or her merit, skill and loyalty to the Republic. The Supreme commander has full power in selecting the A.S.D.F's officers, each taught in the A.S.D.F's officer's school that is funded by the mega corporations, equipment, each either produced by the Republic itself or imported from other foreign corporations, the organization of the A.S.D.F, and its battle tactics and strategies. The Board of Directors gives the Supreme commander his or her goals that they would like to see achieved during the conflict.


    Since most trade is dealt with by individual companies, it is difficult for other nations to deal with them at the political level. If an individual company is proven to have conducted in a way that is either unethical and/or in a way that will threaten the national security of the republic, it would simply disappear into its parent corporation, were it is then quickly replaced by a new one, however if the corporation is being threatened, the whole mega corporation, or even the republic itself, will back it up with full force.

    The "Big Six"

    The most prominent mega corporations, also known as the ?Big Six? is made up of the Achura Corporation, the Civire Corporation, the Deteis Corporation, the Lao Dai Corporation, the Ishuma Corporation and the Caldari Corporation

    The Achura Corporation
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    **CEO:**Dylan Kligenberg

    The largest of all the mega corporations, having a formidable voice in Andesor politics, they are closely being rivaled by the Civire corporation. The Achura has its hands in almost every part of society, being researchers, manufacturers, distributors and retailers

    The Civire Corporation
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    **CEO:**Ian Markov

    The largest real estate dealer within the Republic, owning around 40% of all Andesor land. It is the second largest corporation, well known for its ruthless and often unethical business practices.

    The Deteis Corporation
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    **CEO:**Jacus Mannar

    Mostly focused on the entertainment industry, it is often suspected to have strong ties to the Andesor underworld, mainly because most of their products cater to that social element, with most products on the borderline of legality.

    The Lao Dai Corporation
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    **CEO:**Daiu Ishanoya

    The Lao Dai Corporation is know to produce some of the most advance technology within and outside the Republic. Often selling its products to military and security forces, along with those who are in the upper echelons of society.

    The Ishuma Corporation
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    **CEO:**Taylor Ishuma

    Ishuma's largest shareholder is the Ishuma family itself. Often viewed as the most patriotic and loyal mega corporation towards its citizens, it strives to maintain its reputation as the most ethical and safest corporation in Andesor, having the smallest rich and poor gap between any of the other mega corporations, this has however limited its ability to expand into other markets, causing it to become one of the least wealthy mega corporations in Andesor

    The Caldari Corporation
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    **CEO:**Markus Reming

    The smallest of the mega corporations. It focuses mostly on industries that provide sustenance for its citizens, such as agriculture, mining and consumer products. Trying to squeeze a living between the other, much larger, mega corporations, it has always been the victim of cut throat business maneuvers conducted by corporations with a large pull in Andesor society, this has also caused it to have the least amount of say and influence in the Board of Directors

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