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    Compan?a A?rea Postal, S.A. (Aeropostal), Northern Caesarea national air carrier wishes to expand its operations throughout Europe and offers, in collaboration with the Public Works Ministry and the Regional Administrations, access and slots to foreign airliners to the nation International Airports, if their respective nations offers access and slots to their main destinations.

    The airports open to other carriers are:

    Aza?a-Francisco Crespo




    Tuero-Pilar del Rastrillo



    R?os-Miguel Pastor

    Sescomes-Oriol Rivas





    Founded by Northern Caesarea Postal Service in 1925, Aeropostal 49% of its capital is held by the State. Other Shareholders are Banco de Aza?a (10%), Pyrenair (10%), Indurainko Banku (7,3%), Tabaquera Nacional (6,7%) and Pons Inversions (1,8%).

  • Pax Aurea would like to invite Aeropostal to extend its flight routes to the following Aurean destinations:

    • Pacifica (the capital; 18.6 million residents)
    • Aureanopolis (8.5 million residents)
    • Port Aureus (6.1 million residents)

  • The Marrakechian Transport Board allows Aeropostal to fly at:
    -Casablanca Anfa
    -Casablanca Mohammed II
    -Agadir Massira
    -Tangier Ibn Batouta

    Will not be permitted to fly to Laayoune.

  • Isabel Per?n, the Minister of Transport of the Democratic Republic of Occoron allows Aeropostal to fly on the international airports of:
    -Montevideo (capital)

  • [I]The Department for Foreign Affairs in coordination with the Department for Transport allows Aeropostal to operate to all airports in the jurisdiction of Laois-Offaly and the Laois-Offaly Airport Authority.

  • The Ministry of Public Works and the Regional Governments of Northern Caesarea accept access to airlines from Pax Aurea, Laois-Offaly, Occoron and Marrakechia to the nation's international airports.

    Adri? Guti?rrez
    Minister of Public Works

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    The grossdeutscher Federal Ministry of Transports whishes to grant Aeropostal permission to establish routes to the following airports/cities:

    -Berlin Brandenburg International Airport - Berlin
    -Philippe P?tain International Airport - Paris
    -Munich International Airport - Munich
    -Marseille International Airport - Marseille
    -Vienna International Airport - Vienna
    -Schiphol International Airport - Amsterdam