The end of the Occoronian Conservatives

  • After the dissolution of the Occoronian Conservative Party, the Occoronian National News Agency and the Occoronian newspaper 'El Mundo' would like to know if a country really needs a Conservative Party.


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    The results of the opinion poll

    Montevideo - 3/9/2011

    Some months before the next presidential and parliamentary elections, the Occoron National News Agency and the newspaper ?El Mundo? asked more that 25.000 Occoronians which party they would vote for. The opinion poll was equalized during the last two weeks, in the middle of the political crises. It seems that the Socialist Party is the big victor of that crises: they got 37.5% of the votes, that?s 7.5% more than they got in the election of 2006. The Democratic Party stays at the same level, with 42.5%, a small increase of 0.5%. The ?losers? of this poll are the Liberals and the Conservatives: The Liberals lose 5.1% of their votes (from 22% to 16.9%) and the Conservative Party loses 3.3% of their votes (from 5% to 1.7%). We have no reactions of politicians yet.


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    The second opinion polling

    Montevideo ? 17/9/2011

    After the Occoron ? Laois-Offaly summit, the political landscape moved a little bit, but not to much. The ONNA asked, together with the newspaper ?El Mundo? 25.000 citizens which party they would vote for. The most dark colours are the results of the last elections, the more lighter colours are the results of the previous opinion polling and the lightest colours are the last results. We can see that the Socialists continue to win, but their gain decreases a little bit. The Democrats are still the largest party in Occoron, and they continue to gain, as a result of the summit with Laois-Offaly. The Liberals are the third party, they decrease their loss from 5% to 3% also because of the summit. The Conservative Party-story seems to be finally ended: They only got 0.7% of the votes. We have no reactions of politicians yet.


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    Party leader Pi?era speaking to the press

    Montevideo ? 18/9/2011

    When party leader Pi?era announced he would give a press conference, almost everyone knew what he was going to say. After 34 years, the Conservative Party ceased to exist. It wasn?t a real surprise, after the steep decline of the votes for the Conservatives. Party leader Pi?era said that party congress has decided to stop with the party. He said he was disappointed that the Occoronian people turned away from the Conservatives. He also said that he had a great period, and that he has always defended the rights of his voters. He don?t know what he is going to do now, but he will stop with politics. With the dissolution of the Conservative Party, it?s the first time in Occoronian history that a great party ceased to exist. We have no reactions of other politicians yet.


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    _Overview of the voting percentage of the Conservatives _

    Montevideo ? 18/9/2011

    1987: For the first time, the Conservative Party participated to the parliamentary and presidential elections. They enter the Occoronian parliament with 7.3%. They were then already present in most Occoronian town councils. Five years later, in 1992, the voting percentage of the Conservatives almost doubled. In 1997, they succeeded to convince 20% of the votes. Then, they made a mistake. The old Greeks called it ?hubris?. They only wanted to form a government, in exchange for very high demands. They wanted to close the Occoronian borders, no more money for humanitarian aid, etc. As a result, the other parties, the Socialists, the Democrats and the Liberals, formed a government without the Conservatives. The next elections, in 2002, they lost 13% of their votes. In 2007, the last elections, they only had 5%, although the party made a lot of efforts to turn the tide. Following the polls of the ONNA and the newspaper ?El Mundo?, their voters continued to decrease. With the dissolution of the Conservative Party, the ?G4?, the four greatest parties in Occoron became the ?G3?.

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