Marrakechia: Misija Evrozijia

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    Ladies & Gentlemen Welcome to the first Misija Evrovizija Auditions taking place Tanger!

    Madame, Monsiour Bienvenue à la premières auditions Misija Evrovizija lieu Tanger!

    Many Marrakechians are coming from everywhere in Marrakechia to sing. only 5 Lucky talented will advance to the Semi Finals!

    Marrakechians Beaucoup viennent de partout dans le Marrakechia à chanter. seulement 5 chanceux de talent se qualifieront pour les demi-finales!

    But in their way is 3 Judges and they are: Sofia Essaidi, Maja Keuc & Tulisa Constavalos.

    Mais à leur manière est de 3 juges et ils sont: Sofia Essaidi, Maja Keuc & Tulisa Constavalos.

    Lets get the auditions underway!

    Soyons les auditions en cours!

    First up is Sami Brookes

    The Judges will make their decision after everyone performed.

    Second is Twems

    3rd Kitty Brucknells

    4th Andrea & Costi.RO

    5th Bohayra

    6th Toyor El Jannah

    7th Pastora Soler

    8th - Chris Crocker

    9th - OneVoiz

    10th Dirk Meeldijk

    11th No Angels

    12th - Amel Bent

    13th - Gregoire

    14th - Judith

    15th - Sieneke

    16th - Terry

    17th Thooom

    18th - Nabila Maan

    19th - Frank Carcozza

    20th - Jade Ewan

  • The Judges has made a decision.

    The first through to the Semi Final is... Sieneke!!!! Congratulations!

    Next is PASTORA SOLER!!!!!

    3rd.... Gregoire!!!

    next and 4th through is Dirk MEELDIJK!!!!!

    Only 1 more spot left to the semi final of the 1st Audition here in Tanger...

    The Judges has revealed whos has not made it to the final spot: Frank Carcozza, Thoooom, Twems, Terry, Chris Crocker, OneVoiz, Kitty Brucknells, Andrea & Costi.RO, Bohayra & Toyor El Jannah

    That leaves Jade Ewan, Nabila Maan, Judith, Amel Bent, Dirk Meeldijk & No Angels...

    The final spot go's to Amel Bent!!!

    Congratulations And we will see you tomorrow in Rabat!

    Bonne noit.

  • Welcome to the 2nd Auditions of Misija Evrovizija in Rabat!

    The Judges has made it decisioon of the singers and here whos through:
    Goldie Cheung
    Idir & Karen Matheson
    Zaak Tanjawi
    And finnaly: Sofia Mountassir & Saad Lamjarred we see you in Fes!

  • The results of the 3rd Audition:

    Camelia Jordan
    Daria Kinzer
    Jose Aldinho
    Jodie Elms
    Sound Boutique

    See you in Casablanca!

  • Welcome to the train stop to Casablanca!

    5 more artists has been revealed:
    Karim Assousia
    Nabil Laghbouh
    Jil Jilala

    And the 2 Invited Artists:
    Rafaella Carra
    Bob Sinclair

    Marrakech is the next stop Tomorrow and the last stop and there will be an former EV singer to be in he Semis!

  • The Results of the Final Auditions:
    Leila & Koalas
    Maya Bouskilla
    Shiri Maimom
    Sarit Hadad

    And the last semi-finalist announced:
    Mylene Farmer!

  • Welcome to the Semi-Final draw of Evrovizija.

    Sadly Abigail has withdrawn as Lys Assia has took her place.

    Now Semi-Final 1:
    1. Lys Assia
    2. Nouamane Lahlou
    3. Jodie Elms
    4. Gregoire
    5. Sound Boutique
    6. Leila & Koalas
    7. Kelly Rowland
    8. Raffaela Carra
    9. Daria Kinzer
    10. Shiri Maimom
    11. Bob Sinclair
    12. David Guetta
    13. Amel Bent
    14. Sofia Mountassir & Saad Lamjarred
    15. Kalsha

    The Live Show:

  • And the 5 Qualifiers to the Final:
    Lys Assia
    Shiri Maimom
    Sofia Mountassir & Saad Lamjarred
    Amel Bent

    The 2nd Semi Final Lineup:
    1 - Goldie Cheung
    2 - Sarit Hadad
    3 - Bob Sinclair
    4 - Zaak Tanjawi
    5 - Vikster
    6 - Mylene Farmer
    7 - Idir & Karen Matheson
    8 - Camelie Jordana
    10 - Maya Bouskilla
    11 - Jose Aldinho
    12 - Sound Boutique
    13 - Karim Assousia
    14 - Jil Jilala
    15 - Douzi

  • And the qualifiers to the final:
    Zaak tanjawi
    Jil Jilala
    Sarit Hadad
    Camelie Jordana

  • And the winner and willl represent Marrakechia:


    We see you 8th October to pick the winning song to NC.

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