Bahhalakian Factbook

  • National Title: The United Peoples of Bahhalak
    Demonym: Bahhalakian
    National Anthem: Farewell Of Slavianka
    Capital: Sahhalia
    Offical languages: Bahhalakian
    Ethnic groups: 100% Bahhalakian (by official decree)

    Government: Soviet Republic
    Head of State: Lyzahll Veurs
    Head of Government: The Council of Seven
    Legislature: The Assembly (Unicameral)
    Population: 7 million (9-25-11)
    Currency: Bh'arei


    Head of State-
    Lyzahll Veurs (F), High Magistrate of the People and Government

    Head of Government-
    The Council of Seven:
    -Pytr Koball (M), High Chancellor
    -Eiste Fidd (F), Minister of Internal Affairs
    -Dhymitr Livu (M), Minister of Foreign Affairs
    -Eryk Adde (M), Minister of Finance
    -Zarin Ubruan (M), Minister of Agriculture
    -Liibqah Bahhtu (F), Minister of Transportation
    -Irvan Larp (M), Minister of the Party

    Council of Officers
    Stvan Iglatiin (M), Supreme Commander
    High Command

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