Drekkan Revolution (1960s)

  • (OOC: This is a roleplay of my nations beginning. I will need
    help with things such as choosing a national location/territory before I can begin)

  • Admin

  • I understand, however , my nation was formed through war and I
    would find it much more enjoyable if we made it into an RP rather
    than Me "making up" the event.

  • If we can get a background on what you intend your RP to be like, it may gain momentum.

    Do you want to wage war with someone?
    Are you looking for reactions from European Leaders?
    Do you want to form a linked history with other nations?
    Since this takes place in the past, it would be difficult to RP. If I am involved I would probably have to show my involvement via declassified documents, old news articles, ext.
    A past set RP is worrisome, because it may then affect the EU of the present. If it were not to affect current EU relations, the RP would have to be structured as to not do so.
    The biggest problem with this RP is that it may affect the already set history of the EU and its nations.

    Depending on your response to my questions and concerns, I may choose to get involved with this RP.

  • This is certainly interesting, and as Rhine Ruhr said it may have an impact on nation's histories. I would be interested in joining in the future, I've never actually defined my nation's history before...

  • Well....

    I do not plan to wage war with anyone in particular.
    I expect optional reactions from european leaders
    To keep things in check, there will only be minor interference with other histories

    I would need to have a list of available territories . Ill choose one.

    The event would be very similar to the creation of the nation of Israel.

    any other questions? smile.gif

  • Do you need someone to play the side of a nation like Palestine and nations whom had troops in this territory (aka UK)?

  • It would be nice to have local opposition.

    To avoid affecting Pre-established history, No
    Declarations of war can be made, unless the nations have been
    at war during the same time era. Combat will be all "Classified",
    thus not announced to the public

  • Well, until we can get this thing started, my nation technically doesn't exist

  • Seeing the distance between our nations would make me an unfavorable candidate for the opposition. I however can play the role of an anti Zionist that will detest your revolution, even providing aid to your local opposition. I will take no physical action against you, but I will vocalize my dislike of your revolution.

  • I'm also interested to participate in your RP. But as my nation has no army, it's a little bit difficult to support the opposition or the revolution. Maybe the Democratic Republic of Occoron can try to negotiate and to find a compromise between the fighting parties?

  • Ok. Everythings good so far...
    All I need is a land to start the revolution in ( a country unowned by anyone here yet)

  • Look at the territory selection conversation. You are on spot 8 and none of the surrounding territories are unoccupied. This means that you would have to have a neighboring nation participate, or for the time being split your territory in two. There are also many unoccupied territories in other parts of the EU, but then again that would go against the storyline you have tried to set up.

  • Thats fine. My Nation doesnt have to be near the mediterranean

    Preferably I would like to be "touching" an ocean but this is negotiable.

    Please list all the unoccupied/unwanted territories.

  • Oh my bad! I had you confused with a different player, you have yet to apply for a territory. First of all you need to go to http://z12.invisionfree.com/European_Union...wtopic=299&st=0 and apply for a territory. On that page is a link to the map that shows the territories. On the same page there is a list of all of the nations and their plots. Once that you have found an unoccupied territory that you desire, you need to apply for it in the same thread.

  • Chose one. 55 it is

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