LIVE: Referendum 2011/Reifreann 2011

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    The Referendum 2011/Reifreann 2011 Ar Eoraip

    _Madames et Messieurs, Ladies and Gentlemen a cead mile failte to this first national referendum on the European Union. Laois-Offaly joined the EU relatively recently and many parties promised a joining referendum, this was not the case until Ms Rosales came to power with the Labour Party. We have reporters in every count centre and at every party rally and campaign headquarters ready to get the results and the feedback from the leaders and activists.

    ONC/NOP/YOUGOV have teamed up together to bring results to you tonight. So far 80% of results have been counted and this is the result. Not a opinion poll, a real poll with people telling us how they've voted, after they've voted and this is what we say..._

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    _Well what a result, 80% of voters have said that the yes campaign will have a huge victory today, we predict 77% of voters will vote yes to staying in the European Union. 23% have voted to leave the European Union with a ratio of almost 3:1 in favour of remaining in the EU. Let's cross live now to the Yes campaign headquarters for the reactions...

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    **Segolene Rosales:**Laoisians, Offalians! Les Francais et les allemandes! What a victory today! We have spoken clear and loudly and resoundingly in favour of our membership of this great European Union. Popular Front ridiculed us saying we were weak willed and scared of a no vote- I tell them we are not afraid of the powers of conservatism and we will defeat them. We have shown today that we are European, the strongest Europeans rooted in the motto 'unity in diversity'. We respect our national identity and democracy and are willing to recognise what we can do together rather than apart. This vote is a not a end to our nation state but a strengthening of it! Now is the time to pull together and welcome European leaders next week for the summit... there we will show them the future of Europe inspired by democracy, culture and cooperation! Merci a tous!_

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    **Nigel Farage:**This result shows that we conservatives were wrong. Wrong to assume that the nation state could survive without the EU. I still firmly believe that the EU fails to serve the needs of its citizens well and I will continue to push for wide scale reform of the EU and hope for more referenda on European issues. I would hope to have a referendum on the proposed entry to the EEC however I feel I will not get one... the people have spoken, and I respect them. Thank you for all your hard work activists... soon I am sure we will return to Government.

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