Eurovoice VIII

  • A yellow hurricane crushes Aza?a

    There was no suspense in the outcome of the 8th festival Eurovoice, as the winners started to dominate clearly their rivals after the first votes of the contest.

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    Katherine Jenkins great victory was brought to life by the votes of eurofans from all over the European Union. In total, 112 points and more than 40 points of distance between her and the second in the final ranking.

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    As it is traditional, we call the winner of the festival, Katherine Jenkins, to receive the trophy from the president of the Republic, Irene Arias and to perform again her wonderful song!

  • The Democratic Republic of Occoron would like to congratulate Katherine Jenkins and North Inquista with their victory.

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    We are glad to be joined by NI as the only two nations with 2 wins under their belt!

  • Marrakechia sends congratulations message to N Inquista for the great win and to Northern Caesarea for hosting a superb show.

    The EUBC-EV Meeting for Eurovoice will be starting tomorrow.

  • Admin

    Thanks everyone! The next Eurovoice will be scheduled after the next round of Europe's Got Talent in Brecon. Saint Dominico will be glad to have the competition back in our hands! smile.gif

  • ONC congratulates the winner and offers many congratulations to the L.O entry on a worthy 4th position!

  • Our congratulations to Katherine Jenkins and North Inquista! Pax Aurea is eagerly looking forward to the next EuroVoice contest in Saint Dominico.

    Also, this time the Aurean EV performer succeeded better than ever before!

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