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    Welcome to the European Union! If you wish to pursue an embassy with our region, then apply here, and we'll establish one for you, and hope to apply for our own embassy in return (if we don't already have one) in your region. Note that we reserve the right to deny requests we deem unsuitable.

    Please apply with the following form:


    **Region Name:**
    **Brief Region Description:**  
    **Nation of Region's 'Leader':**  
    **Region Size:**  
    **Link to Regional Forums (if you have one):**   
    **Other important details:**  
    **Would you like a Ferrero Rocher?**  

    Already-established embassies:

    • 10000 Islands
    • Canada
    • Eternity
    • Europeia
    • The Allied States
    • The North Pacific

  • Region Name: United Kingdom Brief Region Description: It's such a great region. Nation of Region's 'Leader': Jacob Rees-Mogg PM and HM King James III Region Size: 197 nations Link to Regional Forums (if you have one): http://w11.zetaboards.com/NSUK Other important details: Would you like a Ferrero Rocher?

  • Your application is approved, welcome to the European Union!

    OOC- Apologies for the delay

  • Region Name: Kennan Brief Region Description: A welcoming, active region with a regional government and an interest in role-playing. Nation of Region's 'Leader': Samukan (Founder) Vinco (Current WA Delegate) Region Size: 103 to date Link to Regional Forums (if you have one): http://kennanregion.proboards.com/ Other important details: Would you like a Ferrero Rocher?

  • **Region Name: The Rejected Realms**

    **Brief Region Description: Nationstates only ejection-free zone**

    **Nation of Region's 'Leader': Libetarian Republics**

    **Region Size:3802**

    **Link to Regional Forums (if you have one): http://s8.zetaboards.com/The_RR_and_RRA/index/**

    **Other important details: Free BBQ and complementary lattes offer to all ejectees of the World**

    **Would you like a Ferrero Rocher? Yes**

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    @LR - your application is approved! You can find your embassy here!

  • @Angleter said:

    **Region Name:** **Brief Region Description:** **Nation of Region's 'Leader':** **Region Size:** **Link to Regional Forums (if you have one):** **Other important details:** **Would you like a Ferrero Rocher?**

    Region Name: The Allied States

    Brief Region Description: The Allied States is a democratic society, where a Chancellor serves as the Executive, the 9 man Senate serves as the legislature, and a 3 justice court serves as the judiciary. A very open and free society, it looks to establish embassies with similar interests. Backgrounds in roleplay, a forum economy, and more can all be found in our unique region, the Allied States. (formerly two seperate regions, the Allied States/The Allied Republics)

    Nation of Region's 'Leader': Unified Tribes of Kastros

    Region Size: 178

    Link to Regional Forums (if you have one): http://w11.zetaboards.com/Allied_Republics/index/

    Would you like a Ferrero Rocher? I'd prefer Lindt 😉

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    @Regionia Hi - good news! Your embassy already exists! Find it here.

  • @Angleter

    We were looking to reestablish that and perhaps open NS embassies.

  • **Region Name:** The Allied States
    **Brief Region Description:**  A great region focused on politics and roleplay.
    **Nation of Region's 'Leader':**  Some Random Name
    **Region Size:**  370 Nations
    **Link to Regional Forums (if you have one):**   
    **Other important details:**  http://w11.zetaboards.com/Allied_Republics/index/
    **Would you like a Ferrero Rocher?** Yes
    Hello, I am the new Secreatry of State of The Allied States. I do notice that we already have an embassy. 

  • Hello everyone from European Union.

    I have been your ambassador from Canada until very recently, it make me all the more sad I must pass on the below message:

    Your region has become inactive in Canada. We thank you for your

    friendship and while we hope this will continue, we are unable to

    maintain your embassy/consulate in Canada as a regular point of

    communication. If we have not heard anything more from you by August

    2016, we will be closing your office in Canada. Thanks for the good

    Citizens of Canada.

  • Apologies to the representative from the Allied States: I will attempt to set up new ties in your new location ASAP. Great to have you with us again!Your embassy can be found here (click!)

    To reassure both Canadian and European members, I would like to say I am currently liaising with the very much valued ally Canada to re-establish contact through our embassy programme.

    Foreign Affairs Commissioner Eric Hitchens

  • This post is deleted!

  • Good evening EU. This is not an official application for embassy. But if possible, ambassadorial status would seem most pertinent in this case. For many months now I have been lurking around and reading your marvelous forums. The loving effort that has been poored into this place is admirable.

    • Region Name: Europa
    • Brief Region Description: Small RP region established in 2004
    • Nation of Region's 'Leader': Orioni
    • Region Size: 25-ish
    • Link to Regional Forums (if you have one): https://bit.ly/ns-europa
    • Other important details: (See above)
    • Would you like a Ferrero Rocher? Monsieur with this Rocher you are really spoiling us.

  • Greetings! Many thanks for your application. Before I give the final go-ahead to your embassy, could you direct me to your forums' location for foreign embassies? I will have a look at that and then finally decide on creating an embassy for you - although I assume there won't be any problems!

    Foreign Commissioner Eric Hitchens

  • The above questions by @Inimicus were answered during a private chatroom conversation.

  • Hello, I am Musheena, the current Chief Ambassador of Portugal and responsible for foreign affairs. Here is our application.

    **Region Name:** Portugal

    **Brief Region Description:** Our region officially represents Portugal and Portuguese interests in NationStates.

    **Nation of Region's 'Leader':** Our current delegate is Taprobana

    **Region Size:** 101 nations, as of September 19th

    ** Link to Regional Forums:** http://nationstatesportugal.boards.net

    **Other important details:** None we deem necessary

    **Would you like a Ferrero Rocher?** Only if you have one too! 😉

    Thank you for your attention

    **Brief Region Description:**  
    **Nation of Region's 'Leader':**  
    **Region Size:**  
    **Link to Regional Forums (if you have one):**   
    **Other important details:**  
    **Would you like a Ferrero Rocher?**

  • The European Foreign Office has researched the Portugese Region and decided that embassy relations with Portugal would be very welcome.

    Your brand new embassy can be found here. We look forward to warm relations with Portugal and will be applying for our own embassy in your region shortly!

    Foreign Commissioner Eric Hitchens

  • Hello, my name is Andrew-Quentin, or 'Acid Rap', and I am the acting Minister of Foreign Affairs for the Conch Kingdom.

    Our region is Conch Kingdom. We are one of three regions in the 'Augustin Alliance', which are all fundamentally different yet founded by the same person. I'd say that we are the more balanced region of the three, as we part in Roleplay, R/D, and WA Politics, instead of focusing on any particular aspect.

    Our founder is August - though that nation isn't in the CK. His nation in the CK is called 'Conch Kingdom' - and our long-running Delegate/Prime Minister is Helaw.

    As of the twelfth of December, we have one hundred and ninety eight (198) nations in the Kingdom.

    You can find our regional forum, here

    as well as our regional discord, which is where we have the most activity, conchkingdom.org/discord

    Nothing particularly special you need to know, except that I would love a Ferrero Rocher 🙂
    (and that) I love the style of the EU; it seems very compatible to the CK.

    If you have any questions, queries, or concerns, feel free to ask.

    Acid Rap

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    Your embassy request has been accepted! We'll set it up shortly, sorry for the delay.

    Charley Baakre
    Commissioner of Foreign Affairs