EEC Open Economic Summit

  • _Ladies and Gentlemen of the EEC and European Union,

    I invite you all to an Europe wide economic summit to discuss what we can do about the economic well-being of our nations. It is crucial that in a union such as ours that we do what we can to help those who maybe only a burgeoning economy in times such as these. For the health and security of our nations and for the good of the regional economics, I cannot stress enough that we must take action now.

    This summit will take place in Kensington Palace here in the Greater London area so that we may have an adequate centre of discussion and capacity for the European leaders of 122 nations. I look forward to the participation of all members.


    The Rt. Hon. Nick Clegg, MP
    Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland_

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    On behalf of the government The New Parliamentary Republic of Os Corelia, I shall accept the invitation and shall be in attendence at this summit.


    Chancellor Keldar Limmenat
    Chancellor of The National Economy of The New Parliamentary Republic of Os Corelia

  • If there are no objections from the United Kingdom I, Brecon's Minister of Industry, will attend the summit instead of Prime Minister Gesner. I look forward to meeting you in London.

    Otto Brunfels

  • We appreciate and adhere to the philosophy of "come as you are". Who shows up is less important than every country being represented.

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    Avoldran Dehn am Nevian, Aelir of the Duxburian Union, will be in attendance.

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    Jackson Wolfe will attend this summit, representing North Inquista.

  • Pax Aurea will gladly attend to this meeting. It could not have taken place at a better time for our nation, for as we speak, debate about whether or not the Commonwealth should sign the EEC treaty and join the free trade zone is underway in the Senate.

    The Aurean delegation will consist of the following persons:

    • Julia Glorius, President
    • Lothar Schalling, Minister of Commerce
    • Moshe Baruch, Minister of Foreign Trade

  • _Laois and Offaly have long been in favour of gathering European leaders to discuss key issues that affect Europeans. Laois and Offaly will be looking to reform the EEC and make it compatible for an EU Constitution. Laois and Offaly will also call for a discussion on the possibility of free movement of people and will hope to secure consensus on this. In attendance to this summit...

    **Prime Minister of Laois-Offaly:**Ms Segolene Rosales SD
    **Foreign Minister of Laois-Offaly:**Mr Silvio Pirano SD
    **Chancellor and Finance SoS:**Sir Georges Foriana UD

    Also in attendance will be the Leader of the Opposition in an non-official capacity, Franco Forza (EFP)_

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    Prime Minister Navdeep Khatkar shall represent Angleter at this summit.

  • I am so happy to see the European leaders coming to London to discuss such important matters.

  • President Mahanga will represent the Democratic Republic of Occoron.

  • We welcome the Occoronian President Mahanga to our capitol! Please continue to show up, and I will be messaging you all about whether or not you want to give a speech on the first and closing days.

  • Current Minister of Economics Poldi Gutermuth and recently appointed future Minister of Economics Thomas Kligenberg will be in attendance.

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    Chancellor Christiane Vooleeck and Minister of Economy Jean-Claude Trichet will be attending the summit on behalf of the Grossdeutsches Reich.

  • President of the Government, Emma Luque, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Francisco Javier Aparicio, and Minister of Economy and Commerce, Sonia Ferrari, will attend the summit.

  • This economic summit will begin November 4th, and anyone willing to participate in opening and closing speeches to the press are free to sign up.

  • President Julia Glorius would like to address her fellow participants of the EEC Summit at the beginning of the meeting.

  • Sir Georges Fiorana, Chancellor and Finance Minister of Laois and Offaly would like to address the opening of the summit.

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    Avoldran Dehn would like to make a speech at the beginning of the summit.

  • President Mahanga would like to give a speech at the beginning of the summit.

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