PEL Leadership 2011

  • "I would like to bring all the communists of together as one. The PEL's support has withered in 2011, and we must regain it. We must be more vocal, we need more representation and we need a new manifesto. But before we can even begin, we require a good leader. I would now like to call a PEL election. I, Velupillai Prabhakaran, nominate myself as the Premier Chairman of the Party of the European Left. Could any other candidates step forward for the nomination, or further support a nominee?"

    Velupillai Prabhakaran,
    Leader of the Glorious Tamil Islands

  • "I am opposed neither to considering amendments to our current manifesto nor the possibility of drafting of a new manifesto.

    Although I am unclear on what the functions of a 'Premier Chairperson of the European Left' would be, I wish you well in furthering our common struggle to work towards a equal and just world. As in economics, cooperation is preferable to competition and so, Velupillai Prabhakaran, you may rely on my support as a champion of the PEL's interests. "

    Ginette Parizeau,
    Representative of the Brecon Socialist Party to the PEL

  • The Premier Chairman's task is simple: rally support, be outspoken and tackle the corruption in Europolis.

    As we're the only two PEL councilors, it is official. I will be our acting Premier Chairperson until I call another election. However, there is no time for celebration. This is our chance. The Commission elections are coming up next month and I would highly support a Breconian candidate to represent us. We must stand up against the Euro currency in the UK Economics Summit, it's only goal is to unify Europe as a single market, capitalist state. We must fight for the European Overseas Territories, who don't have enough representation in Europolis. Currently, I'm the only councillor out of Europe that leads a Europarty. Our party has only been a small force, constantly relying on the success of the glorious USSR. But the time has come for us to act as our own active force. We will be heard, and no one will stop us!

    **Velupillai Prabhakaran,
    Leader of the Glorious Tamil Islands

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