First Meeting of ECC

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    Acwellan Devoy entered a small conference room, reserved earlier for the committee. It had a rectangular table in the center, with a projector and white board. A side table contained food and drinks. The lighting was adequate, and the large, double windows presented a great view across the city of Europolis.

    Devoy now called down to the printing room to request copies of the Constitution and the draft that he'd been working on.

    He waited for the other committee members to arrive.

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    Anatoly Keith entered the room, nodded to Devoy, before heading over to the refreshment table to take a Ferrero Rocher, which he ate as he disposed the wrapping in the bin on the way to his seat.

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    Eldert Trilstrea entered the room realising this would be her last contribution to the UNion as she was to resign after the senate election next month. She warmly greeted Speaker Keith and Councillor Devoy and sat at the table with her mixed bag of documents.

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    Alexander Kligenberg slickly entres the room whilst showing off his new pair of shades, which be bought earlier today for 200 Inquistan Francs. Noticing the Ferrero Rochers on the refreshments table, he immediately grabs a hand-full and stuffs them into his back pocket of his immensely expensive, one-of-a-kind Kligenberg Outfitters Suits. He then greets the other councilors and kindly asks them to hold their hands in prayer, before asking the Lord for guidance.

  • Dr. Michael Reed walked into the ECC chambers, eagerly awaiting the challenge of constitutional reform and rewriting, seeing as Britain is currently decodifying its constitution into one singular document. He looked around at his colleagues.

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    Acwellan Devoy now stood up and addressed the committee.

    "Great, everyone is here and we may proceed. This place is about to get busy. We have 4 interns on call if you require something."

    Devoy passed out copies of the existing Constitution

    "Now, I hope you've seen this document before. Note that the amendments are not attached to the original. Before actually tackling the content, we need to re-organize this thing. Some of the information could be presented in a more intuitive way, while some clauses are in places where they simply don't belong.

    On the screen now is a list of organizational proposals."

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