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    • Changes may be suggested at any time.

    • A 3/5 majority is necessary to approve an internal or external proposal.

    • A 5/5 unanimity is required to approve a major action, such as presenting a final Constitution to the European Council.

    • Multiple pieces of the Constitution can be worked on at the same time, once the organization is set.

    • External proposals are considered in the order they are posted. Proposals in different sections of the Constitution that don't overlap may be considered at the same time.

    • Approved text can still be challenged, but only by a committee member who didn't vote in favor of the approved version. Their changes become a new, internal proposal subject to a new 3/5 vote.

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    Updated with a remedy for cases where a committee member sees something they don't agree with, but were too late to catch it in the approval process.

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