Markup: Article I, Section 1: Definition Clause

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    Existing Text:
    Article I [The European Union]

    1. The European Union is a supranational organisation including all representatives of all nations that choose to join it, with the aims to safeguard peace, prosperity, and cooperation among its member states, improve the relations among its member states on a diplomatic, economic, military and political degree, disarm international crises, and encourage the improvement of the living conditions, political and civil freedoms, technological advancement and other achievements of humanity throughout its entire territory._

    Proposed change to:

    Article I: Definition of the European Union
    1. The European Union is a supranational organization including all representatives of allstates that choose to enter it.

    Because the rest is stuff that belongs in a preamble. If those general, idealistic statements are in the definition clause, and not in a preamble, they become enforceable verbatim. Things like "and other achievements" could be a nightmare.

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    I support these changes, especially the removal of those descriptions, not all EU member states promote all those statements (like The Tamil Islands).

  • I approve of these changes, as they are not only grammatically correct, but allow us to have an effective preamble.

    -Dr. M. Reed

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    Indeed. I also support these changes.

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    I concur

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    The proposal is approved, 5-0.

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