Markup: Article I, Section 1: Language Clause

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    Existing Text:

    5. For administrative purposes, the preferred languages of the European Union?s administration will be English and Russian.

    Proposed change to:

    English is the preferred language for the European Union?s official documents, records, and other administrative functions.

    Russian has been dropped because the Soviet Union is no longer active in the European Union.

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    I believe that the EU should have no official languages, however, I believe that all official documents, records, and other administrative functions must be submitted in English.

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    Yes. English should be the administrative language of the region.

  • I agree with my Angleteric colleague.

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    I am sure my colleague would concur as English is the widely spoken second language in the region it only makes sense to hold all documentation in English as Russian was to the Soviet Union's benefit alone

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    The proposal is passed, 5-0.

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