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  • Six Northern Caesarean aid workers missing

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    Different NGO's have informed this morning in Aza?a that six aid workers who were involved in an educational and medical project in the Tan-Tan area in Western Sahara have been reported missing.

    The National Comitee for a Free Sahara has lost contact since several days with Victor Williams, Sarah Mar?n and Marianne Gagnon, from Amigos del S?hara, Jos? Manuel Franco and In?s Cant?, from Educaci?n y Desarrollo and Paola Carrasco, from M?dicos Sin Fronteras, who were working in a primary school and hospital for Sahrawi refugees in Tan-Tan.

    Fernando Varela, spokesperson of the Comitee declared that the NGO's "have spoken with contacts in the Polisario Front and they knew nothing about the whereabouts" of the six aid workers. Varela pointed at a rumour that says that they have been "arrested or taken as hostages by Marrakechian or Inquistan forces". The organization asks the Government to "talk to the Rabat or Saint Dominico authorities in order to confirm that our friends are in their power and to release them the sooner the better".

    In London, where she is attending an Economic European Summit, President of the Government Emma Luque said that she was "very concerned about the fate of these six young volonteers. I know that our people is very sympathetic with the Sahara cause and they were doing a very good job helping the poor and needy. But we cannot forget that they were in middle of a war between two European states and a separatist or terrorist group. It is not the safest place to go. The families can be sure that we are going to talk to both Marrakechian and Inquistan authorities to set out what happened to them and to guarantee their safe return to Northern Caesarea".

  • Message of the President of the Republic

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    Dear Northern Caesareans:

    Our National Day, in which we commemorate our independence, is not, this year, a moment of joy and pride for the great achievements of our nation. In this occasion, it is also a day for grief and reflection. According to the data sent by Pax Aurean relief organizations, the aid worker In?s Cant?, from the NGO Educaci?n y Desarrollo, is the person found in the wrecked van near Tan-Tan. In name of the Nation, I give my deepest condolences to her families. We hope that we are going to be able two find her five co-workers and bring them back home as soon as possible. The Minister of Homeland Security will contact Marrakechian authorities in order to send a team of the Republican National Guard to investigate this case, in collaboration with the Royal Gendarmerie

    This fact is shocking and unusual in a peaceful nation like ours. War and violence, despite the recent terrorist attack in Aza?a, are two words that are totally out of our reality. But we cannot think that it is the same elsewhere. The State has to guarantee safety to all its citizens, at home and abroad. That is the function of our law enforcement corps, our armed forces and our consular and diplomatic corps. But, in areas as Western Sahara, where there is an open war, it is absolutely impossible to make sure that nothing will happen to our fellow countrymen and countrywomen who are living, working or studying there. The only way is to order the evacuation of all Northern Caesarean citizens in the area. I will present this proposal, which will need the presence of Air Force and Land troops abroad, to the Senate in the following days. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will negotiate with Marrakechian and Inquistan authorities.

  • Demonstration against Marrakechian occupation of Western Sahara collapses downtown Aza?a

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    Left wing political parties, trade unions and Sahrawi support organizations showed their muscle this morning in Aza?a. Not less than 200,000 people gathered in the centre of the capital to protest against what they consider a "genocide", perpetrated by both Marrakechian and Inquistan armies. They asked for the self determination of Western Sahara and the withdrawal of foreign forces from this territory. They also asked for the liberation of the five aid workers that are still missing.

    After a minute of silence, in homage to In?s Cant?, the volunteer found dead near Tan-Tan, Fernando Varela, president of the National Committee for a Free Sahara, criticized the Luque administration and the President of the Republic, Irene Arias, for what he sees as "collaboration with the genocide forces. The Marrakechian Gendarmerie is very interested in blurring the tracks of what happened to our five friends. Maybe they will guide our agents to the corpses, which will appear in the right moment and the right scene to implicate Polisario forces".

    The leaders of the left wing parties (Socialdemocratic, Communist, Greens and Socialist Alternative) attended the demonstration and they were seen in a long conversation. Julien Rubio, leader of Socialist Alternative, declared, after the demonstration, "that the union of the left we have all seen here will have its consequences in Senate and, perhaps, in future elections".

  • Northern Caesarea to send troops to Western Sahara

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    The Northern Caesarea Government has won a mandate to negotiate the sending of troops to Western Sahara with Marrakechia and North Inquista, in order to organize and give security to the evacuation of humanitarian workers. The proposal, presented to the Senate by President of the Republic Irene Arias, has been approved by 298 yeas and 280 nays.

    The motion voted by the Senate contemplates the deployment of a motorized infantry company and a platoon of Special Forces, supported by ten helicopters, five air attack planes and seven transport planes, in order to localize and evacuate Northern Caesarean aid workers in Western Sahara and to help to the eventual finding and liberation of the missing ones.

    This decision was heavily criticized by left-wing and nationalist parties, who accused Arias and President of the Government Luque of "helping the genocide withdrawing witnesses of the Marrakechian and Inquistan war crimes". Emma Luque answered that "Marrakechia and North Inquista are both democratic nations and allies of Northern Caesarea and they are more reliable and trustworthy than a rag-tag rebel guerrilla".

  • Northern Caesarea, worried by the events in Red and Caspian Sea

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    The Government of Northern Caesarea is worried about the crisis between Grossdeutscher Reich and Tamil Islands.

    As a member of the European Union, We defend a peaceful solution of conflicts between nations and We do not understand the unilateral declaration of war issued by the Tamil Islands authorities.

    This conflict affects our nation directly, as one of the parts in conflict, Grossdeutscher Reich, is a country with coasts on the Red Sea and a strategic commercial partner.

    Our Navy and Air Force will be mobilized to patrol our waters and to stop any vessel or aircraft, flying the Tamil Islands flag and with hostile intentions.

    We do not renounce to adopt stronger measures to defend our sovereignty and national and European Union interests, if required.

    Emma Luque
    President of the Government

  • European Elections Northern Caesarea - First Round

    Biel Barcel? (PES): 47,9%

    Cajetan Cherton (EPP): 33,8%

    Maleeka Liszckoszi (EFP): 16,3%

    Nadia Drissi (EFP): 2,0%

    Biel Barcel? (PES): 42,0%

    Mia Jones (EPP): 40,7%

    Michael Reed (EFP): 13,1%

    Nadia Drissi (EFP): 2,9%

    Cajetan Cherton (EPP): 1,3%

    The two first candidates of each election will pass to a runoff vote to be held on December 12th.

  • The EPP and President Luque win European Elections

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    The runoff vote of the European Elections, held yesterday in Northern Caesarea, supposed a great victory for both the EPP and President of the Government Emma Luque, who has been heavily criticized for her handling of the Tamil-GDR crisis.

    Premier Commissioner Election

    Cajetan Cherton (EPP): 53,7%

    Biel Barcel? (PES): 46,3%

    Commission Elections

    Mia Jones (EPP): 60,9%

    Biel Barcel? (PES): 39,1%

  • ?They are free!

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    The five Northern Caesarean NGO workers who have been missing during more than a month in Western Sahara are free, alive, well and are on their way home, according to sources in the Defence Ministry.

    Victor Williams, Sarah Mar?n and Marianne Gagnon, from Amigos del S?hara, Jos? Manuel Franco, from Educaci?n y Desarrollo and Paola Carrasco, from M?dicos Sin Fronteras were localized yesterday night near Laayoune, after they succeeded in escaping from their kidnappers.

    "A Marrakechian bomb fell near the compound we were imprisoned, breaking a wall", says Jos? Manuel Franco, "we looked each other and thought that it was a chance too good to be wasted. We ran for some kilometres but there was too much confusion in the Polisario camp and they didn't send a patrol after us".

    The group was localized by Marrakechian soldiers, who immediately called a Northern Caesarean rescue group nearby. They were sent to Melilla Hospital to be examined. Doctors didn't found any sign of violence of torture on them, apart from a little undernourishment.

    About their former implication and sympathy for the Polisario, Jos? Manuel Franco declared that "our compromise was, is and will be with the Sahrawi people. We are deeply sad because its fight for freedom and dignity is being used and manipulated by some leaders and political movements. We wish that they will be able to found the path of freedom far from them and from foreign domination. I hope that we will be able to return to our cooperation project soon". The aid workers were maintaining a primary school and an hospital for Sahrawi refugees in Tan-Tan.

    Their arrival to Aza?a-Francisco Crespo Airport is scheduled for tomorrow morning.

    President of the Government Emma Luque has declared, in a press conference, that "the liberation of the hostages is a great new. I wish to thank both Marrakechia, specially HM Mohamed VI, and North Inquista authorities, for their cooperation in the search process".

  • George I of Spain visits President Irene Arias

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    George I, recently overthrown as King of Spain after a communist coup, has been received by Irene Arias, president of the Republic of Northern Caesarea, at her official residence, in the outskirts of Aza?a. In their two-hour meeting, they analyzed the situation in Spain after the revolution and the rise of tensions in the Red Sea, due to the GDR-Tamil conflict.

    "The Communist Revolution in Spain has been a huge blow for the cause of Democracy in Europe. We fully support HM George I in his effort to restore democracy in our sister country", declared Arias in a press conference after the meeting.

    After the Ministers Council, president of the Government Irene Arias has announced that "Northern Caesarea will propose measures against the communist regime. The European Union cannot keep a leftist bias its external policy, censoring the military coup in Monogolia but doing nothing about the communist atrocities in Spain and the Soviet Union or the worrying movements of the Tamil Islands".

  • Christmas Message from the President of the Republic of Northern Caesarea

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    Dear Northern Caesareans:

    It is an honour to get into your homes one year more to wish a merry christmas and happy new year to all of you, specially to the families of the six NGO workers who were liberated in Western Sahara and to families of the members of our armed forces. The Popular Army, War Navy and National Air Force had a hard job this year and all makes me think that they will have to work harder this year, given the international situation and the tensions that some nations want to create in the Red Sea and Southern Europe.

    From here, I would like to make a call to the leaders of European nations. We must fight together to find new grounds of mutual cooperation and understanding. It is essential for the future of the Union to make Europe a space of peace, justice, prosperity and democracy.

    Northern Caesarea has counted with the help of two allies, Marrakechia and Inquista, to localize and liberate six of our fellow countrymen detained by a terrorist group. We are thankful to these two great nations and I will invite HM king Mohammed IV and mr. Alexander Kligenberg to an official visit to our nation to express our gratitude and award them with the Grand Cross of the Legion of Honour

    Christmas is a time for forgiving, for solving misunderstandings and to open minds to tolerance and positive feelings. In the year we are near to finish, we have lived a troubled relationship with our neighbours. I think that Northern Caesarea and the Duxburian Union have lived ignoring each other for too long. I invite Aelir Avoldran Dehn am Nevian to spend some days in an official visit in Aza?a. I am sure that, together, we are going to find new ways to cooperate and to strengthen a relationship where our both nations will have much to win.

    I wish To all Northern Caesareans and all the peoples of Europe, merry Christmas and a New Year full of peace, prosperity, love and discoveries!

  • President of the Government New Year Message

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    Dear Northern Caesareans:

    We live in one of the richest and more prosperous nations of the European Union. We are among the top nations in GDP, GDP per capita, exports, health care, education... We are an economic giant, but we are viewed, in many European nations, as a diplomatic and military dwarf. It is time for us to make a step forward and occupy the position we deserve given our demographic and economic weight in Europe.

    For too many years, We have lived in a golden isolationism. We thought that with only our market and our resources we would be able to build a prosperous nation. We did it, but it is not enough nowadays. We are in a globalized world with huge multinationals fighting to have competitive edge. Our economy no longer produces all the things we need. That is the reason for our trade deficit.

    To return to green numbers in our trade balance, we must start a reform process. We must rethink the role of the state in our society. For example, we have just approved a reform of Education, to make schools, colleges and universities compete with each other, to meet better quality standards and the needs of the companies.

    We must ask ourselves if we can afford our spending in our welfare state or if our environmental norms are putting a break in our economic development. We must create an economic climate where foreign companies would be glad to invest and open offices and factories here, where the more entrepreneurs among us would be able to create a company in only 24 hours with few restrictions and paperwork.

    And finally, we must change our attitudes towards our position in Europe and the World, boosting our diplomatic relationships, our presence in the European Council and our Armed Forces, in order to defend our values and interests abroad.

    I wish all of you an excellent new year!

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    OOC: NC has a $461.7 billion trade surplus. Use NST stats. NSE is not used because it is glitchy, has sever load issues, and has not been updated for as long as I can remember.

  • Leader of the Opposition Alternative New Year Message

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    Dear Northern Caesareans:

    We are living in one of the better European nations to live according to several standards like GDP per capita, health care, education, climate... But that status is not given. It has cost generations of work, sweat and fight of the working class to reach it. Now, this status and our position in the European Union are threatened by the Government policies.

    First of all, our position in Europe is in jeopardy, due to the aggressive external policy of the Luque administration. She may think that it is a very patriotic and courageous one, but this bully behaviour are making us the clown of the region. I feel shame each time I see mr. Espinosa talking on our behalf in the European Council, and I bet that millions of Northern Caesareans are feeling the same.

    On the other hand, our welfare state is at risk. The Government wants the working classes to pay the bill of its incompetence and of the endless greed of our financial sector, who prefer to speculate than to help, by their loans, to create competitive companies and booming start-ups in Northern Caesarea. The problem is not bureaucracy or red tape, the problem is that the banks are not doing their job and the State must push them to do so, something that Mrs. Luque is not ready to do.

    Northern Caesarea is and has been a model of harmonic growth. Economic has developed with a concern about social rights and conditions and a great level of respect for environment. We are a prosperous country with huge and unspoiled natural spaces, which attracts millions of tourists from all Europe and beyond every year. We still have a wonderful welfare state, which is the envy of much of our neighbours, with free universal health care and education. We agree that we must create a climate for foreign companies coming here and for start-ups to create jobs, but never using the environment and the rights of our workers as a bargain chip.

    Good night and good luck.

    Malak Kayrooz
    Leader of the Opposition
    President of the Social Democratic Party

  • President Arias addresses Senate in Special Session about situation in the Caspian Sea. War declaration likely

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    The quick succession of events in Eastern Europe, with the Duxburian Union nuclear attack against Dromund Kaas and the formation of a "coalition of the willing" against the totalitarian dictatorship has been the cause a special session in the Senate. Drums of war are beeing heard as the President of the Republic will address the chamber, in an unusual move that may mean that she will propose a declaration of war, the first in most that half a century.

    The governing Liberal-Republican coalition has declared that they would vote for the proposal. It is likely that President of the Government, Emma Luque, and Vice-president Irati ben Yusuf will ask their respective caucus in the Senate to support the war declaration.

    The main problem for war supporters is the attitude of the Social Democratic Party. Its president and Leader of the Opposition, Malak Kayrooz, has declared that "although the kidnapping of the Premier Commissioner is a wicked and barbaric act, we are also against the unilateral attack, made with nuclear weapons, by the Duxburian Union. It sets a dangerous precedent on the use of weapons of mass destruction as offensive weapons in Europe". Greens and Socialist Alternative are also likely to vote against, but the Communist Party seems to be debating between "Yes" and abstention.

    According to several sources the forces in Senate may be 290-350 for, 225-285 against.

  • War!

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    The Senate has approved the war declaration against Dromund Kaas by a 293-285 razor thin vote. War was supported by the Government caucus (Liberal Party + Republican Alliance) but the whole opposition, from the far right National Front to the Communists, voted against.

    The session in Senate was rather tense and some party leaders made a rather unusual criticism of the President of the Republic decision. Leader of Opposition, Malak Kayrooz, even accused Irene Arias of being "a Party President and not a President of the Republic", as her acts seems, in her opinion "more aimed to benefit the Liberal Party and its international policies and partners than to benefit general interests". She also criticized the fact of going at war with a strong opposition in public opinion and without consulting the European Council.

    The Communist Party voted surprisingly against the war declaration, as their leader, Yanira Lessard, declared that the attack against Dromund Kaas "will be a catastrophe for the people it is supposed to liberate".

    The Green leader, Martina Redondo, considered the war as an "unfair and illegal" one. "This conflict bring us back to the middle ages, as the coalition is trying to avenge a personal offence by invading a nation and killing thousands of people who have nothing to do with it. We are also against the use of nuclear weapons, which have already been used by Duxburian Union".

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  • Northern Caesarean fleet en route to the Caspian Sea

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    A fleet of 50 vessels have set sail for the Caspian Sea from various Northern Caesarean ports. The "Independencia" supercarrier, with 90 aircrafts on board (60 figthers, 20 fighter-bombers, 8 antisubmarine helicopters and 2 AWACS radar planes) is escorted by a cruiser, 6 destroyers, 4 frigates and 12 corvettes.

    Another group, headed by the air carrier "Mikel Reyes", with 30 fighters, 10 fighter-bombers, 4 helicopters and 1 AWACS radar plane, comes with the "Ainara Gallego" amphibious assault ship transporting an armour brigade, and a transport ship with a special forces regiment. These boats are escorted by 4 frigates and 8 corvettes.

    Finally, the amphibious assault ship "Alberto Rubio", carrying a mechanized infantry brigade heads a task force with 2 transport ships, with, respectively, a special forces and an artillery regiment, escorted by 4 frigates and 4 corvettes.

    Sources from the Defence Ministry said that there will be also three submarines bound for the Caspian Sea and there will be negotiations with allied countries to send an airborne division and a bomber squadron.

  • Nuclear submarine "Almirante Aimar Ivanov" sinks DKS "Deathstar"

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    Nuclear attack submarine "Almirante Aimar Ivanov" had had her baptism of fire this morning, with a jackpot hit. The Northern Caesarean boat has managed to sink "DKS Deathstar" frigate with one of her "Saeta" cruise anti-ship missiles, according to sources of the Ministry of Defence.

    Admiral Gabriel Mar?n, head of staff of the Marina de Guerra, has declared that: "this event is part of an operation of cleansing of the Drumond Kaas naval power in order to allow the forces of the coalition to land freely and safely in enemy territory".

  • Death of a builder

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    It is with horror, grief and consternation that I have received the message of the assasination of Mr. Alexander Kligenberg, archbishop of North Inquista and former Premier Commissioner of the European Union.

    If I had to define Mr. Kligenberg with a word, it would be, with any doubt, "builder". After the Inquistan civil war, he build the Microstate of North Inquista, which is, nowadays, one of the richest and most prosperous nations of the continent. As Premier Commissioner, his initiative and his will to reach common ground with political rivals has been a key element to the birth of the modern European Union. Even if, sometimes we have clashed because of our different views on the future of the continent and the role of the Union, we cannot forget that Europe is a better continent to live in because of his work.

    In the final stage of his life, he contributed to the Inquistan reunification, using his talent as a negotiator and peacemaker to make the dream of reconciliation come true. Unfortunately, he will never see the fruits of his hard work for peace. The bullets of a criminal terrorist finished with a life with still so much to give to his fellow citizens and the whole of Europe.

    We cannot do anything but sending our most sincere condolences to the Inquistan people and to the family and friends of Mr. Kligenberg and working for the causes of peace, freedom and European unity, to protect his legacy.

    We would have liked to receive him in Northern Caesarea, to thank him for his help on the search and rescue of our aid workers held by the Polisario Front and to reward him with our highest distinction, the Legion of Honour but, sadly, we will have to reward him posthumously.

    We must also work to make the European peoples free from terrorism, making coordination easier between security forces and working together in building a continental database of terrorist organizations and suspects of terrorism. This is the best way I think we have to honour the memory of this great man.

    Emma Luque
    President of the Government

  • Social-Democrats, Greens sign electoral alliance

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    Political circles in Aza?a have been surprised this morning by the announcement made by the leaders of the Socialdemocratic Party, Malak Kayrooz, and The Greens, Noemi Garaikoetxea. Both parties will run together in the upcoming Regional Elections and in the National ones, supporting a single candidate in each uni-nominal constituency and a common national list. Both leaders have underlined that this alliance is open to other "progressive forces".

    Malak Kayrooz said that the intention of this political move is to "pave the way for a progressive government in Northern Caesarea with an strong option which seeks the support of all our countrymen and countrywomen who feel disappointed by the Luque administration and do not feel represented by its neoliberal and conservative measures".

    "Emma Luque and her Government are putting in danger the environment... and the welfare state", declares Noemi Garaikoetxea. "Our intention in joining forces with the Social-Democratic Party is to make Northern Caesarea again a good place for both the nature and all its citizens".

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