P?rnu Vabariik

  • Formal Name: P?rnu Vabariik
    Conventional Names: P?rnu, or the Republic of P?rnu
    Abbreviations: PV
    Noun: P?rnlased (P?rnlander)

    Motto: No Official Motto
    National Anthem: Mu isamaa, mu ?nn ja r??m
    Capital City: Talinn
    3 Largest Cities: Talinn, P?rnu, Tartu
    Oldest City: P?rnu
    Establishment: No Date Known, Estimated to be around 5000 BCE.
    Population: 288,279,360
    Flag: See Avatar (Link)
    Currency: Kroon (kr or EEK)
    National Calendar: Gregorian
    National Measuring Systems: Metric System
    Administrative Divisions -
    There are 15 states spread across the nation, each with 7-10 individual counties

    • Harjumaa
    • Hiiumaa
    • Ida-Virumaa
    • J?gevamaa
    • J?rvamaa
    • L??nemaa
    • L??ne-Virumaa
    • P?lvamaa
    • P?rnumaa
    • Raplamaa
    • Saaermaa
    • Tartumaa
    • Valgamaa
    • Viljandimaa
    • V?rumaa

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