Markup: Article I, Section 2: Entry Clause

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    Existing Text:

    1. All nations are free to join and withdraw from the European Union. The Member states of the European Union realise that this freedom of participation is aimed to establish the conditions required to achieve peaceful resolution through all conflicts as well as achieve any targets set by the member states collectively.

    Proposed change to:

    1. All states are free to join the European Union.No approval is necessary.

    The rest is dropped as unnecessary.

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    Good stuff goin' over there. I approve.

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    should we mention a need to follow things set down in the constitution?

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    That is already provided for by the Sovereignty Clause (Article I, Section 8). The Entry Clause allows states to join. If they join, they are now a "Member-state" and now they "retain absolute sovereignty over their own affairs except where provided by this Constitution..." The way it is written does not require another clause to specify that they must abide by the Constitution.

    The proposal is passed, 3-0.

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