A Message From The SC

  • Greetings, fellow members of Parliament.

    I come to you today with an apology from the Security Council. It is understood that we are currently attempting to create legislation concerning the SC Powers but it is taking a long time, and for this we apologise. But it must be understood that whilst it is taking a deal of time, this is not because lack of effort nor input; we feel that, as this is one of the foundations for the future prosperity of our region, the legislation concerned needs to be absolutely flawless and acceptable to all. At this current moment we are attempting to achieve this universality with the legislation and we are realising that it may mean a shake-up of the regional setup. This, my friends, takes a lot of thinking about and we all hope you will not become disenfranchised by the seeming lack of activity the Security Council is going through. There are negotiations happening which will not only help this region to continue in our current vein, but also to help us move forward faster than ever before. We are a continually growing region, prospering both in size and strength and we must all thank ourselves, for without each one of us the European Union would not be what it is today.

    I thank you for your patience and I hope that we will have the legislation coming before Parliament at the soonest moment possible.

    Comrade Phillip

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