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    Superior Transit Systems, Ltd

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    550 Technology Park
    Verington, VB 3A54K8

    **CEO:**Nolan Reid am Verington
    **Founder:**Robert Remington am Mason

    **Revenue:**K:8.2 billion
    **Profit:**K:1.1 billion
    Cash Reserves: K:16.3 billion
    Stock Value:K:134.79 ↑K:4.97 (Mon) ↑K:16.02 (Q4)
    **Share Volume:**70 million
    **Market Value of Company:**K:9.4 billion
    Dividend: 3.0% per share (quarterly)

    Credit Rating:
    AAA - Dominion Credit Service (DCS)
    AAA - Kendrikson
    AAA - Rael & Noren's



    Ownership/Shares: (Owners of less than 0.5% of shares not individually declared)
    22.3%: Jacob Levy am Averison
    14.7%: K Mutual Fund
    9.1%: DOM Mutual Fund
    5.8%: vBank
    5.0%: Daniel Wellington am Rial
    4.6%: Remington Family
    3.9%: Centrum Construction Company, Ltd
    2.6%: Aleric Jeffery am Desarin
    2.6%: Verington Contractors, Ltd
    2.4%: Union Mutual Fund
    2.1%: Kevin Anderson am Nevik
    1.8%: DVB Fund
    1.5%: Ann Selwyn am Davy
    1.4%: Steven Samuel
    1.3%: Dimitri Khodovsky
    1.2%: Bay Contractors, Ltd
    1.0%: Andrew Darington am Sanderson
    0.8%: Andrew Lamington am Senwick
    0.8%: Mary Emery
    0.6%: Jenson & Janson Mutual Fund
    0.6%: VB Financial Services
    0.5%: Derrick Lee
    0.5%: dInvest
    0.5%: Warren Pennington
    12.4%: Other Investors

    **Overview:**Superior Transit Systems is a private contractor and consulting firm that specializes in designing and modifying mass transit systems such as road networks, tunnels, bridges, and subways. However, it is not a true construction company and typically does not build these things itself. It mainly improves upon transit systems by upgrading and maximizing their functionality. STS is capable of making high tech equipment in-house and designs innovative solutions for high volume routes. STS performs difficult work that is labor-intensive and carries niche expertise. The company has experience with small projects like widening bus entrance aprons to large projects like toll plazas on 18 lane SuperPikes.

    STS was founded by Robert Remington am Mason in 773. His motivation for starting this kind of company was rush hour in his home city of Verington, with its inefficient transit arteries and options that could not handle all the commuters. STS won several small contracts in 776 and became profitable in 779. Since then, it has been the leading firm for mass transit work in Verington and has expanded operations to other cities in the Duxburian Centrum.

    Architects, designers, and contractors are available to work on public and private sector projects in any country in any major language, using local labor and/or materials upon request.

    Active Major Contracts:

    Centremere Parkway: New traffic flow signage
    Centrum SuperPike: Toll maintenance
    Cross-Laatzen Turnpike: Toll maintenance
    Dominion Center: Air Traffic Control System Upgrades, vibrational cell installation
    Linbury Center: Re-routing of A and C Train tunnels to join Linbury Center Station
    Linbury Junction: Traffic flow and entrance/exit ramp re-routing
    Varia Freeway: Test installation of Superior Ice Protection Grid
    Verington Bay SuperPike: Toll maintenance
    Verington Bay Bridge: Toll maintenance
    Verington Financial District: Traffic light upgrades
    Verington Metro: Signal maintenance on Blue and Red Lines
    Verington MetroBus: Routing improvements and new bus stops
    Verington River District: Traffic light upgrades
    Vincent SuperPike: Toll maintenance
    Warren Tunnel: SmarToll installation, vibrational cell installation

    Technology and Services

    SmarToll: This is a toll system for highways that automatically syncs the toll to the demand at 30 minute intervals. Encourages drivers not to clog up major highways and especially superpikes all at once during rush hour. Tolls are set highest during peak rush and lowest during off times. A toll on the Vincent SuperPike could be 3 kaels at 7 AM and 50 thraels at 10 AM. Large, electronic signs broadcast the current toll to drivers. Sets a default toll if sensor failure is detected.

    PayTollsLater: This is a toll system for highways that scans a proprietary sticker from the dashboard of passing cars using sensory equipment mounted at the toll plaza. Instead of deducting the toll at the spot, a monthly bill is sent to the driver. Cars are able to pass under these high tech sensors at full speed.

    SmartLights: This is a system for traffic lights that syncs the patterns to demand. Empty roads will see shorter green lights, while congested roads will see longer greens. Sets a default time pattern if sensor failure is detected.

    QuakePower: Photovoltaic cells specially designed to capture vibrational energy and convert it to electricity. Capable of powering lights and signals in high volume, high vibration places, like a subway station, airport, etc.

    Ice Protection Grids: Experimental technology designed to heat road surfaces, preventing snow and ice from accumulating on them.

    Re-Routing Services: Improves usability of roads, rails, and tunnels. Can change grades, runs, and paths to link up infrastructure, make sharp turns more gradual, raise bridge clearances, merge tunnels, move and re-install safety and navigational instruments, identify more time-efficient routes, etc.

    Signals and Signage: Large, high visibility signs with strategic placement. Electronic warning signs that can feed real time information to drivers. High visibility lights and signals trusted by pilots, controllers, engineers, drivers, and captains at sea, air, or land.

    Terminal Design: From airport terminals to train stations to bus stops, STS designers and architects can identify the most efficient and usable configurations. Sensitive to changes in geographical demand and terrain challenges.

    Daniel Wellington am Rial is looking to sell all of his shares. He currently holds a 5.0% stake in the company, or 3,500,000 shares. Monday's stock price puts the market value of this stake at K:471,765,000. Monday's exchange rate was 1 Kael = $2.0177.

    Andrew Darington am Sanderson is looking to sell all of his shares. He currently holds a 1.0% stake in the company, or 700,000 shares. Monday's stock price puts the market value of this stake at K:94,353,000.

    Jacob Levy am Averisonm, the largest shareholder, is looking to sell 2.3% of his shares, or 1,610,000. Monday's stock price puts the market value of this stake at K:217,011,900.

    Wellington and Levy are not interested in selling to governments or government-controlled entities, unless offered a premium on the current stock price and paid in cash. Wellington's stake is large enough to trigger a stockholder vote. Levy, Reid, and the Remington Family have expressed opposition to governments owning part of their company. Darington will sell to anyone if paid in cash.

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