Commission Candidate Debate (December 2011)

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    Commission Candidates Debate

    ((I highly advise you all to keep an eye on the debates. These discussions should sway you to whom you should vote for, not necessarily because the Euro Party affiliation. Furthermore, I ask that all the nominees participate in the debates, and if they do not, then I certainly hope that the people see the weakness in them. This debate is both for the Premier and the other Commission candidates.))

    The debates begin now, and will close at 23:59 GMT on 9/12/2011.

    Please ask any questions to the nominees.

  • How do you see the future of the European Union? A federal state, a confederation, ...? More power for Europe or more power for the member states?

    Would you support a European Central Bank?

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    Maleeka Liszckoszi stood up confidently in response to the question

    I see the future of the European Union as being the European Union. A unity of nations in idea but not in sovereignty. Autonomous nations working together to common goals and objectives to advance our citizens. If elected Premier Commissioner I will ask councillors to create committees to tackle specific issues for example a disease and illness committee to allow pulling together and unanimously voted investment in working on cures.

    I want to find out every councillors strength and if someone has specialist knowledge in a specific area they will be on the appropriate committee with the most experienced councillor in that field heading it.

    I want councillors to be much more active and not just be there to vote but to create legislation.

    I want more power for the member states.

    As for a central bank if elected i will call a fiscal committee to discuss such a proposition to evaluate it and to formulate the idea into something to be voted on.

  • Nadia Drissi comes up

    Everyday, we are losing relations with other regions. Everyday we are losing member states to other regions.

    We must make a U-Turn and go the opposite way. We must open more relations with Regions and we must grant more Nations to the EU.

    With this the European Union will become more powerful and one of the top regions.

    To ensure Peace & Stability in the European UnionI believe we must create the European Union Peacekeeeping Force or the EUPF for short which we can send to fellow Nations which is brink of Disorder & Civil War.

    We must also create the European Free Trade Organization or EFTO which may help relaxing the economies of Nations which suffering with problems and also a area which EU Nationals can pass freely without an Passport or Visa.

    If elected we may see these improvements coming to life.

  • ((OOC: you don't talk about the Central Bank?))

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    I am afraid I must disagree with some of my colleague Ms Drissi's ideas.

    A peace keeping force implies a commitment to military intervention and funding by all nations of Europe. That is not fair. Someone would be making a decision for my nation of Os Corelia, renown for its pacifistic approach, to go to war. It should be an individual nations decision. This move would certainly move to making a super-state Europe.

    I do not want my nation's border controls to be dictated to and I certainly do not want to be part of a trade organisation. I want my nation to have the choice.

    Speaking as an Os Correlian I know my nation wouldn't sign up to any of these would yours?

    I do however praise Ms Drissi's move towards encouraging more nations to join our family and to have diplomatic relations with other nations something that has been occurring in this commission under Mr Shaw who has done a splendid job.

    I am very proud to be sharing the stage with Ms Drissi and the fact we are form the same party and have differing opinions is the celebration of diversity within the party. This does not imply disunity in our ranks but mere a celebration of political freedom and choice which we stand for.

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    Cajetan Cherton stood to speak.

    Now, I'm not Enoch Shaw, and I come from a different generation and political camp to him, but I feel I must defend his record here. Before Shaw, we had no functioning embassies, but now we have what, six? And under his tenure, we've hit an all-time high of population, and are currently maintaining a number of 125-130, which is still higher than our last 'peak' in 2005, and certainly higher than during Ismail and Kelly's tenures as Foreign Commissioner. Yes, more can always be done, but we shall be building on the work of Mr. Shaw- next time, I think we should be looking at ten or a dozen embassies, and 150 nations, or possibly more. Also, we should continue Mr. Shaw's policy of maximising the power of our delegates to the World Assembly, which has seen us 'punch above our weight' in that arena.

    As for the notion of a so-called EUPF, we have that force already. It's called the EDF, and it certainly has been neglected by Commission after Commission. I believe we should finish the arming of the EDF planned by Vladimir Putin, and start recruiting a voluntary force independent of the sovereign nation-states of Europe. And the EFTO? We have the EEC, a voluntary organisation, and voluntary it should stay.

    Which brings me on to the idea of a European Central Bank. I disagree with the idea of a Central Bank which would regulate the monetary policy of sovereign states, but I do think that something we can and should do is to create a Regional Reserve Fund drawn from an initial lump sum and from the Commission's budget, to be invested and saved for use in cases of emergency or economic strife, for the best interests of our Union.

    And that is how I view our Union. We are many sovereign nations together to advance our common cause worldwide, and invested in each other's security, sovereignty, and well-being as countries. We don't need to integrate further, and we certainly shouldn't let our Union fall apart.

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    This is just a point of clarity I am requiring, can Mr Cherton please outline his plans for the EDF and how member states can remain autonomous with such an institution in existence.

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    In my vision, the EDF shall be armed through independent contracts with arms companies across the EU, and shall draw its members from volunteers from Europolis and from across the region, independent of national armies and their recruitment programmes. It would be the Defence Commissioner's responsibility, and would be deployed only after approval by the Commission and a supermajority of the Council, and of course only in line with the Constitution.

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    Who would pay for it?

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    From the budget of the European Commission, hazy thing that it is. On that note, I would want a proper budget and a proper means of money-raising established under my Commission before anything else, and I would consult the Council as to how that money should be raised. Personally, of course, I would favour the EDF at least not to come from national contributions.

    Ms. Drissi clearly also favours the EDF, so I'd also like to ask her how she'd intend to fund and operate the EDF, so as to bring new ideas to this discussion.

  • Candidate Biel Barcel? stood to give his opinion

    I think that the way the European Union works right now is just the way it shall be working in the future, but member nations need to have some powers devolved to them. It is necessary for a public international power to act as a mediator in conflicts, and that is the paper the European Union must have. That's the reason behind the existence of the European Defence Force, something candidate Drissi doesn't seem to know that exists as she has been proposing to create a Peace Keeping force for the EU, and that's something that already exists and has been in a long process to create.

    Regarding the European Central Bank issue, I would support it's creation. We can't have several nations using the Euro and several different national banks with different monetary policies. If we have a single currency we must have a single central bank and a single monetary policy upon which all nations in the eurozone agree.

  • If one of the office-bearers doesn't do what he/she's expected to do and as due his/her childish behavior, a European Insitution (Commission or ECoJ) isn't able to fulfill its task, what would you do? How would you solve that problem?

    All candidates may answer this question, particularly Mr. Barcel?.

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    ((In splitting the IC and OOC parts of posts, I've ended up with a disordered IC part, so it shall remain split from the main thread. The answers between Occoron's and the one below this are linked in chronological order below:))



    Question- Inquista:



    Biel Barcelo has, as things stand, withdrawn from the race.

  • I have a question:

    What would the Premier do in fighting terrorism, whether it be from nationals within the Union or from external sources (i.e. out of the region)?

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    Terrorism is something that has hurt most nations in Europe from the actions of Owain Davies and his group to the bombings in Marrakechia which saw the loss of my close-personal friend Telisia Monorak. These acts are senseless and mindless. I am sure my other candidates agree this is deplorable and something which disgusts us.

    I want to get all the councillors who have expertise in security round a table to discuss the best approach. To seek if it is conducive to pull intelligence to identify risks and eliminate them.

    The ECoJ has an important role to play and it is crucial that we arrest the perpetrators alive and put them through a justice process. I always call to mind that solemn concept that one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter. It would be to our advantage if we could get inside their heads and work out why.

    So in short I would call a committee to session.

    A commission under my premiership would be about its own self-sufficiency working in committees so everyone can contribute to change not just the five office owners.

  • Two Commissioner candidates, Mr Cajetan Cherton and Dr Michael Reed, both mentioned the creation of a possible disaster relief fund. Would you elaborate this plan further?

    If the European Defence Force is rejuvenated, or alternatively a European Union Peacekeeping Force created, what kind of authority are we talking about? Is the EDF/EUPF limited to act as a peacekeeper in EU-led operations, or an invader against sovereign EU member states should the Council/Commission so decide? Would member nations be required to take part in financing the EDF, or participating in its military actions?

    With the recent political turmoil and two ongoing wars in the Union, what would the Commissioners do to encourage international reduction of armaments, particularly WMD-related, if any?

  • Dr. Reed:

    I would propose to the Council that we begin a purely donation-only disaster relief fund; these monies would allow the Council to make a group donation to a cause or humanitarian effort that is plaguing member states, from natural disasters to the aftermath of an armed conflict. This money would be able to be donated by the Council through a vote. It's absolutely critical that we maintain a disaster relief fund so that we may help all Europeans as is our social responsibility.

  • Mia Jones, EPP candidate

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    My vision on Europe is quite pragmatic. We must put on the shoes of the average citizen of our nations. ?Would an European Government or a Central Bank make my life easier? The answer is, obviously, no. It would only throw more bureaucracy and absurd norms into our lives and it would be a gigantic administration very difficult to make it accountable of their acts. Europe must remain what it is actually: a union of free and sovereign nations.

    I consider the idea of an European Central Bank as something quite preposterous. It would make affluent nations and efficient governments to pay dearly the mistakes made by socialist and inefficient administrations.

    The European Union must be a club of democratic nations. There shouldn't be a place in its institutions for totalitarian regimes like those in the Tamil Islands or the Soviet Union. If I am elected, I will propose a reform of the Constitution, to withdraw all rights to vote and to participate in the European Council and other institutions to nations which do not allow their people to elect its government and/or violates fundamental human rights. That would also apply to situations like the one we are living in Monogolia.

    Recent facts like the Monogolian military coup and the bravado of the Tamil regime show clearly the need to boost up and implement the EDF. In my opinion, more than a permanent European Army it should be a "coalition of the willing", formed by military units offered voluntarily and permanently by the nations. It would be simpler and cheaper. For example, if a crisis emerges somewhere, the Commission and the European Council, with a super-majority 2/3 or 3/4 vote, can decide to deploy a Northern Caesarean armoured division or a Marrakechian air squadron. Those nations have previously agreed with the EU to put these units at the disposition of the Union and to send them where it would be required before 72 hours. The Defence Commissioner, helped by a military commander (from a different nation than any Commission member), would command these units in the operations theatre.

    The same system can work to create a Relief Corps, to act in disasters and catastrophes.

    The fight against terrorism can only be won by cooperation and coordination. If I am elected, I will try to create an European Security Agency as a forum where law enforcement units can come together and share information. It can help to create a common database of terrorists and dangerous criminals, to be accessed by policemen in all Europe. Secret services can cooperate too, giving information which can avoid terrorist attacks in another nation. I am convinced that, if Monogolian Zersek had given the information hold by its secret agents arrested this summer, attacks like the one we had in a shopping mall in Aza?a could have been aborted.

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    Biel Barcelo is now running again.

    "To the Aurean question, I would set the fund up as like a sovereign wealth fund, which is something many of our member states- including Angleter- has. It would be started by donations from willing member states, and would then be added to each term by the Commission's surplus (and I would not allow the Commission to run a deficit except in extraordinary circumstances) and invested prudently to create a pot of money at the Commission's disposal for use in cases of disaster and also in cases of economic problems in European nations."

    "And let me just say that I think it's a myth that disarmament is universally good, and armament- if that's the word- is universally bad. I wouldn't want to interfere in nations' militaries, but would welcome any independent, multilateral disarmament moves between European nations. I believe the EDF, meanwhile, should not only act as a peacekeeper and in disaster relief, but should also be deployed to fight terrorist insurgencies in our nations provided the Council and Commission approve, and if a sovereign nation falls to the forces of terrorism, then yes, I suppose the EDF may be used against it."

    "And speaking of terrorism, I would favour a meeting with major heads of government in the EU to co-ordinate intelligence and security in the EU."

    "But I would care to disagree with some of Ms. Jones' points. The idea of making the EU a 'club of democratic nations' and punishing nations that don't achieve a certain democratic standard is not only probably incompatible with the idea of the EU as a 'union of free and sovereign nations,' but is also a foolhardy one- who decides which nations are democratic and which aren't? The Council? Because that sounds like an easy way to shut up an unpopular country. And the notion of a 'coalition of the willing' for an EDF- firstly, say Marrakechia and Northern Caesarea formed the bulk of this EDF, then we'd have an unfortunate situation whereby the EDF would be more of those nations than of the others in the Union, and that is wrong. The EDF should be independent, and of all of the EU. Furthermore, there would be the issue of different weaponry and organisation, and of the conflict between national and EDF loyalties. And moreover, what is the difference between this, and the contributing nations du jour getting involved independent of the EU organs? A lot of hassle, that's what. I don't think this idea for the EDF is very well thought out at all."

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