A Nation A Week

  • I was thinking about how well we are doing in terms of recruitment and bringing in new nations to our region. Indeed, we have achieved the target of 100+ nations by mid-June relatively easily and I hope that we can continue in this vein.

    I was thinking that we could continue this ever further and perhaps at a greater rate by asking nations to bring in 'a nation a week.' Whilst not everyone would do such a thing, it could be a great help in moving towards the next target (120?) and the more active nations I am sure would help in this initiative. We could also give some kind of 'Award' system in which any nation who brings in, say, 3 nations in a week gains some kind of award (like the 'Red Cross' or something along those lines) to commendate their achievement and input towards our region.

    I was also thinking this award system could go on beyond that of recruitment - perhaps those nations who have done a lot for the region, for example creating a lot of legislation, maintaining the forum/HQ, and other such activities that help move the EU forwards. It would give nations an incentive to work to further the strength of the EU and could be a great help in bringing about a competetive, yet united, region.

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