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    "The Monarchy" founded!

    H.M. King Casimiro IV Krushj,
    by the grace of God and the will of the nation
    King of Kryuland and Sovereign of the whole territory of Kryuland
    hereby is honored to announce that the first newspaper of the Mighty Nation of Kryuland has been founded with the Crown's sponsorship by Royal decree law. This newspaper, that will be brought out daily, is going to inform the country and the EU of course as well, of what happens in Kryuland for what concerns politics, economy and social affairs. H.M. the King has appointed as director of "The Monarchy" Yurshj Fjodr, ex director of Kryuland's treasury

    Casimiro IV Krushj,
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  • Change of the currency!

    His Majesty Casimiro IV Krushj, King of Kryuland, today at 6.46 P.M., GMT time, decided to change the currency: from boin (?) to euro (?).
    After a usage of approximately 175 years of the boin, Kryuland changed currency on 13.12.2011 consequently to the entrance in the EU; this decision was made because of the crisis that is afflicting the country, seeking in this change a sort of "salvation".
    We can only hope of His Majest's wisdom and his knowledge of economy.

    Yurshj Fjodr

  • People protesting for Kryuland's intervention in the Marrakechian - Polisario-Sahawri Conflict!
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    The Kryuland's police had to fight with some inner-city riots caused by people with extreme right-wing and xenophobe ideas, because of the crisis but pirmarly due to the sanitary aid that Kryuland is providing to the Kingdom of Marrakechia.
    Nobody died but a lot of injured were taken to hospital; 3 people were arrested because of vandalism and destruction, but the government is still looking for the other responsible for this terrible urban warfare.
    The minister of the Interior, Andana Frojia, said in a press conference, which has been held a few hours after the incident "This is a reprehensible action carried out by xenophobic protesters, who should be ashamed to still have these ideas in the twenty-first century. However, the police ist still doing ongoing research to be able to track down those responsible for these actions"

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    The currency's exchange has obtained the desired effect: now Kryuland's economy is no longer at risk of default, indeed has recovered significantly, with a GDP increase of 20% and an exchange rate from 20.5729 Euro = 1 U.S. dollar to 2.6026 Euro = 1 USD. This is one of the miraculous effects of the euro, but there's more: in addition to the increase in GPD and the exchange rate, the unemployment rate decreased by 23.4% and the stocks' exchanges market had an increase of +5.3% for 3 day in a row (except yesterday which saw a loss of -1.1%), reforms in favor of protectionism and the business carried out by the parliament and government have strengthened the country's economy. I would call this just like an economic miracle since no one seen in the country (except the one of the '50 thanks to the governemnt of the conservator Yuri Tyor). We just hope that the situation continues to improve and we hope that the country's economy will stabilize as soon as possible, in order to be all satisfied.

  • Chief of Justice arrested!
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    Larj Krushj was arrested this afternoon at 5 p.m. at his home on the outskirts of Blossomjd. The Supreme Court of Justice has triggered the arrest
    around 4 p.m. today, seeing him appear in the register of suspects for criminal association of mafia.
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    Tomorrow morning at 9 it will be the interrogation, aimed to find out if there are other political or judicial authorities involved in this clique. His Majesty King Casimiro IV Krushj said at a press conference tonight, "I am saddened and dismayed by what happened, I did not think that one of my parents could do
    an act so reprehensible that make me ashamed to have ties of kinship with him. He has done bad things, and he'll be judged for it: I won't intervene in his defence"
    Towards the end of the press conference, King Casimiro IV Krushj appointed as the new chief justice Idla Bcassj, judge belonging
    to the Constitutional Court Judge of the monarchy, which organ is responsible for monitoring the constitutionality of laws passed by parliament.
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    Obviously we will keep you updated on any developments of this situation.

  • Occoron-Kryuland summit in Montevideo
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    The day after tomorrow our PM Zenje Frenc will have a summit in Montevideo (Occoron's capital city) with Fernando Mahanga, President of the Democratic Republic of Occoron.
    Some previsions say that they'll speak about different topics, which are very actual and important for the EU: first they will speak about a cooperation with scientific researches and cultural condivision as well.
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    Zenje Frenc said in a press conference today morning: "I am very pleased to be hosted in Occoron and to have a summit with President Fernando Mahanga, since we have several recent and troubling issues of which to speak.
    First of all we will talk about a possible collaboration between our most prestigious universities, in order to increase the scientific knowledge of both the countries.
    As a second topic we discuss how to best work for the PES and support the new president that will be elected soon, whether it is Larj Mountar or Biel Barcel?.
    Then, last but definitely not least, we will compare and discuss our opinions regarding the nuclear crisis that is happening in Monogolia, something which must immediately take care to avoid unpleasant military or diplomatic incidents."
    Of course we will give you more informations when the meeting will be over.

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  • Summit with Occorn is at the end

    The President Mahanga and the PM of our nation, Zenje Frenc, had met up at Occoron's capital city, Montevideo, in order to speak about some topics, like that of Monogolian's crisis or about an exhange of students which has been well welcomed from both parts.
    The most interesting topic of our nation was the one of the scientific cooperation: apparently our government will invest in a centre of research in order to have some of the scientist that will work from our motherland.

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    Summit with Angleter! __**

    The PM of Angleter Navdeep R. Khatkar has agreed to have a meeting with our PM Zenje Frenc and our Minister of Foreign Affairs Laura Montanari. Altough the summit isn't started yet (it will start monday the 16th to the 19th), there are some hopes of the PM Zenje Frenc, that thinks "this summit is very important for our country, since they're aimed to seek cooperation and allies".

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    Statement of the office of Zenje Frenc

    The action taken by Dromund Kaas is a reprehensible one, we can not accept it.
    And, as I told before, I'm willing to present a motion at the Parliament that contains measures against Dromund Kaas. We can only hope that this situation can be brought to a pacifical end, and we hope that our measures and also the EU's one (which are going to be taken, we hope) will sort out a positive action by Dromund Kaas.

  • Kryuland's next?
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    _A coalition made by Gun Toting Animals, Rhine Ruhr, Duxburnian Union and GroBdeutsches Reich and our most close ally, The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, has declared war upon Dromund Kaas in order to prevent him doing damages to the countries belonging to the EU.

    Some rumors say that Duxburnian Union has already started using nuclear bombs against Dromund Kaas. This situation has brought up a very lively debate
    about a possible Kryuland's intervention in this war.

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    Kryuland's Parliament during the interventions.

    The leader of the Ultra konservatif Bersatu (League of the ultra-conservators) Poula Rewin said today in the parliament: "Kryuland m'għandha x'taqsam xejn
    ma 'dan mess enormi: aħna ma għandu jkun parti mill-UE jew. Dak li aħna verament bżonn huwa li jħallu l-UE u ħalli dawk in-nies jittrattaw bi problemi tagħhom.
    "Kryuland has nothing to do with this massive mess: we shouldn't be part of the EU either. What we really need is to leave the EU and let those people handle with THEIR problems."

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    Mrs. Rewin during her intervention.

    This declaration has made upset one of the deputy of the ruling party, the PSDN, Enrest Mayr, that said "Id-dikjarazzjoni magħmula mill tiegħi kollega Mrs Poula m'għandha l-ebda post fl-art: aħna huma fl-UE, u jiġri x'jiġri fil hemm tħassib tagħna. I thok wij ma għandha tiddikjara gwerra kontra
    Dromund Kaas, iżda għandna direttament tibgħat, medicins tabib u l-provvista lill-koalizzjoni, peress li din il-gwerra hija wkoll interess tagħna u aħna
    nirrispettaw ftit għajnuna biex protettur prinċipali tagħna, ir-Renju Unit tal-Gran Brittanja u l-Irlanda.
    "The statement made by my collegue Mrs. Poula has no place in earth: we ARE in the EU, and whatever happens in there is our concern. I think
    we should NOT declare war against Dromund Kaas, but we should directly send doctor, medicins and supply to the coalition, since this war is also
    our interest and we owe a little help to our main protector, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland."

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    Mr. Mayr during his statement.

    Mr. Luryk Far, president of the Partit Populari (Popular party, with right-wing extreme ideals), said today in the Parliament after Mr. Mayr's intervention: "
    Jien ma naqbilx ma 'kwalunkwe mill-kollegi tiegħi li tkellmu qabli. Aħna mhux biss għandhom jagħmlu sanzjonijiet ekonomiċi, iżda aħna
    għandu jidħol gwerra kontra dawn il-ħmieġ tad-dinja. Li l-opinjoni tiegħi.
    "I don't agree with any of my collegues that have spoken before me. We should not only make economic sanctions, but we MUST enter war against
    these scum of the earth. That's my opinion."

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    Mr. Far during his speech.

    This statement made by Mr. Far has caused a lot of protests in the parliament from both PSDN and UKB. After that, the president of the Aktar Baxxi Dar (the
    Lower Chamber), Raji Mok, asked for order and said that this protests in the Parliament are not proper to be done.

    The voting for whether entering war against DK or not will be done tomorrow at 5.30 P.M. GMT time: from this voting procedure we'll see which destiny our nation in this war has._

  • War is not approved!

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    The electronic billboard with the results of the vote

    _Present and voters: 609
    Majority: 305
    Yes: 294
    No: 315

    The Parliament has voted AGAINST the proposal of entering war against Dromund Kaas at the coalition's side, altough an amendment has been proposed. Let's see together the explanations of vote:

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    Hr. Rocchi whilst speaking_

    _Hr. Rocchi (PSDN) felt "...posso dirmi soddisfatto dalla votazione avvenuta oggi: abbiamo fatto una scelta saggia a non entrare in quella guerra, dato che anche il nostro esercito non ? uno dei migliori d'europa.
    "... I can say I'm satisfied by this votation held today: we've done a wise choice not entering this war, since our army is not one of the best in europe

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    Hr. Fjs whilst intervening

    On the other hand, Hr. Fjs (PP) affirmed "Nemmen li llum, kollegi qalb, għamilna wieħed mill-iżbalji akbar qatt ġiet allokata mill-gvern: fejn se aħna żgur li meta l-koalizzjoni se jirbaħ din il-gwerra? Xi rwol se-taħditiet ta 'paċi? Minn din id-deċiżjoni tista 'tirriżulta biss riperkussjonijiet negattivi.
    I believe that today, dear colleagues, we did one of the greatest mistakes ever committed by a government: where will we be when the coalition will win this war? What role will we take in the peace talks? From this decision only negative repercussions can come out.

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    Hr. Lawry during his speech

    Hr. Lawry (UKB) spoke today after Mr. Fjs internvention: "Today, dear collegues, we've followed the right path: why, would you ask? Because that's a step forward in our exit from the EU. Today this, tomorrow a vote against the EU and all those people with their problems. Well done collegues!

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    Hr. Rosini during his statement

    But Hr. Rosini (PSDN) was not of the same idea as Hr. Lawry: "Onorevoli colleghi, quello che ha detto il mio collega sig. Lawry ? completamente fuori posto: non ? ammissibile sentire un'affermazione del genere. Per?, vorrei proporre a voi onorevoli colleghi un altro voto da effettuare immediatamente: decidere se almeno mandare degli aiuti umanitari, come medicine, coperte, dottori e ospedali da campo vicino al fronte per portare soccorso ai pi? deboli. Chiamo ora al voto la Risoluzione. Grazie.
    "Honorable collegues, what my collegue mr. Lawry said it's completly out of place: it's not permissible hearing a statement like that. Altough, I'd like to propose you honorable collegues another vote that has to be done immediately: deciding if we could at least send humanitarian help, like medicins, blankets, doctors and field hospitals near the front to bring aid to the most weak. I call now the Risolution to the vote. Thanks"

    The voting procedure has been done and here are the results:

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    Presents: 587
    Voters: 583
    Abstained: 4
    Majority: 292
    Yes: 495
    Nays: 88

    So here we are: the Parliament has decided to send help to the coalition. We'll keep you updated on what could happen, since the Parliament is still in plenary session._

  • National exposition of WWI and WWII artifacts!

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    The national musum of Blossomjd announced today in the morning that it would have guested in the next days one of the most big expositions of artifacts and weapons of WWI and WWII that had never been held in Europe: the national director of the national museum had released an interview today.

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    "I'm honored to announce to all the country and the whole europe that our museum (because it's ours, and not just mine or the king's) will guest one of the most big exposition of WWI and WWII's artifacts: his Majesty King Casimiro IV Krusj has already confirmed his presence at the inauguration. Thank you all!"

  • King Casimiro IV Krushj's life is on danger

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    His Majesty today had been struck by an heart attack today at 9.30 PM GMT Time whilst receiving the secretary to the Ministry of Welfare: His Majesty has been brought to hospital immediately by an ambulance, which had been escorted by 3 reinforced police trucks carrying armored infantry in order to protect His Majesty's life. Yet is not sure what provoked him this heart attack, but he's under continuos control by his personal doctor and a team made by all the primaries of the Sant'Anna hospital of Blossomjd.

    We can only pray for His Majesty's life, and hope that he will get soon better from his actual situation. Thousands of people poured into the square outside the hospital, organizing a candlelight vigil with prayer.

  • King Casimiro IV Krushj has fallen into coma, but he's not in risk of life

    His Majesty, after the heart attack of yesterday, today has fallen into coma, his circumstances are stable and the doctor said in a press release that "His Majesty's Life is not in danger, but he has fallen into coma: we can expect everything".

    We will give you more detailed informations during the day.

  • Another heir to the throne!

    Despite those worrisome news about the King's life's status, Princess Viktoria has given birth to her first daughter, the future heir to the throne after his uncle Prince Andrej. The baby is in fact the second in line of succession to the Royal Household.

    The announcement of the happy event, was made by her husband, Prince Daniel: "This morning at 04:26 has born a lovely little princess of 51 cm and 3 kilos and 280 grams." At noon to mark the occasion, the Royal Palace will fire 21 times shots of cannon with blanks .

    The Princess Viktoria, who will be on July 14 34 years old, married on 19 June 2010 his former gym teacher, Daniel Westling, 37 years. The report was immediately regarded with great favor by family and friends, and especially by the king, Casimiro IV Krushj, who was pleased that her daughter had chosen a brave young man not of noble birth.

    Behind an adolescence complicated, even for a problem with being overweight, Viktoria seems to have found its balance and now it's much loved by inhabitants of Kryuland, to the extent that the population in the vast majority would like to see her on the throne instead of her father.

  • King Casimiro IV Krushj's condition are going worse: his heart stopped twice in 30 minutes

    Worrisome news from the Sant'Anna hospital of Blossomjd: His Majesty Casimiro IV Krushj's heart stopped twice in just 30 minutes, between 7 P.M. and 7.30 P.M.

    His doctors and specialists are shocked, they said in a joint press conference today after this happening: "We are a little bit shocked: we didn't expect His Majesty to have those unusual heart-stop, and we must confess, we are a little bit worried about his conditions: we must prepare for the worst that can happen".

    Meanwhile, Prince Andrej released a statement that said: "Whilst my father is in those gravious conditions, my mother will for sure take care of him, and I'll take the role of regeant to the throne of Kryuland", and then some tears had fallen from his eyes.

    We journalist wish to King Casimiro IV Krushj the best for his heart and for his hope of living, but we think his medicins and speaclists are trustworthy, that's why we don't fear for His Majesty's Life.

    Meanwhile, in the national stadium of Proja, during a football match, this banner was shown:

    user posted image

  • Wish from all over Europe

    Some friends and countries all over europe have already expressed their support and wish for the king to recover very soon from his illness.

    The first who expressed himself by a statement was President Mahanga, president of Occoron, one of the most precious Kryuland's allies, that said he "hopes that King Casimiro IV Krushj, [...] will soon recover [...]. We stand with the King?s family and with the people of Kryuland, and together with them, we hope he will get better soon."

    The second and third were President McGovern of the Second Republic of Laois-Offaly, and then President Fredrick Jeffery of Rhine Ruhr, which sent in a related statement their condolences and support. "I express my deepest wishes to the Monarch of Kryuland for his better health [...]. His presence [...] has been invaluable and will be sorely missed. We hope for your return and we look forward to seeing you again when you next visit our shores.", we can read from President McGovern's statement.

    The fourth and last country and President to make wishes for His Majesty to recover soon from his coma, is President of Pax Aurea, Julia Glorius, who said:"The Senate and the people of Pax Aurea wish to offer you our support and sympathies during these testing times. We are all hoping that His Majesty will make a full and speedy recovery from his sudden heart attack. Our prayers are with you."

  • King Casimiro IV Krushj's conditions are stable

    Today morning the doctors of His Majesty said in a press release that "His Majesty's heath condition is now stable, he had no hearth collapses during those last days, so a new hope is rising right now in our hearts."

    "Altough he is not bettering, he's not even going worse, so we think it's a good signal", his doctors added later in the morning

  • King Casimiro IV Krushj has woken up!

    Oustanding news from Sant'Anna hospital! King Casimiro IV Krushj has woken up lately in the morning, asking for water and food.

    He opened his eyes at 9.15 A.M., founding in front of himself his wife Queen Svetlana and his whole family, even Princess Viktoria's new child, whom the King was moved from.

    Altough his condisions are not so much brilliant, H.M. now has woken up, raising hope for his full recovery all over europe.

  • Laois-Offaly makes very serious accusations to Rhine Ruhr

    Yesterday Offalian ground defence shoot down a "Coalition of Willing"'s drone flying over Offalian Airspace, maybe belonging to Rhine Ruhr. Offalian diplomats, who already asked Rhine Ruhr's authorities for some explanations, are a bit concerned.

    Rejecting those accusations, President Jeffery said ""These allegations from Laois-Offaly and the ONC are false. There are several key factors that assure that the "Coalition of the Willing" had nothing to do with a "supposed" missile that was in Offalan air space. [...] We are also appalled by the treatment of our Minister of Foreign Affairs by the Statsmaster and the rest of the Offalan people. Vocally attacking a citizen of Rhine Ruhr then storming out of a friendly summit is not our idea of friendly protocol between allied states [...] and people and I give my deepest thanks to Vice-President Rosalia of Occoron for risking her own safety by escorting Mr. Rowbottom out of Laois-Offaly and taking him to friendlier Occoran lands. The hostilities displayed by the ONC and the L-O government have erased months of progress made between Rhine Ruhr and Laois-Offaly."

    We'll keep you informed about further developments of the situation.

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