Marrakechia v Mohammed Abdelaziz

  • Charges: Killing of innocent Civilians, Attempting Coup D'Etait, Crimes Againts Humanity, cooperating with Terriorist Organizations and Terrorist such as Owain Davies, Terrorism Charges.

    New Appointed Justices of the European Court of Justice

    This Man has claimed lives if innocent citizens across the Sahara, He has tried to overthrow the Monarchy, his tyrannic and Undemocrstic Rules in the Sahara has been harsh.

    He has been in contact with several Terrorist Organizations and he has helped out planning bomb attacks in Marrakechia most recientaly Marrakech Bombings this year.

    We would like too see justice in this Man.

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    Thank you for filing a case with the European Court of Justice. The Court shall convene to decide whether it is justiciable and whether it can originate in this body. This process is expected to take up to 72 hours.

    Lisa Hayne
    Secretary, ECoJ Clerk's Office

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    The Court is now voting on whether to grant certiorari.

    Ine Kelander am Daen
    Chief Justice

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    With a 5-0 vote, all justices concurring, the case has been accepted. The defendant is hereby summoned to the Court. Prosecution and defense should prepare their briefs.

    Ine Kelander am Daen
    Chief Justice

  • The United Kingdom would like to send Owain Davies and Sec. Edward Davey, MP, Director of the Secret Intelligence Services (MI6) to disprove the cooperation of Owain Davies and Mr. Abdelaziz.

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    The prosecution and defense may now distribute briefs to the Court.and present their opening arguments. This period shall last for up to 48 hours.

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    The 48 hour opening period has passed with silence all around. Thus, both the Prosecution and Defense forfeit the traditional openings. Now, the 48 hour main argument phase begins. The length of the argument phase may be extended at the Court's discretion, so both sides may utilize it to properly open their arguments as well.

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    The 48 hours main argument phase expires in 2 hours. If the prosecution does not say anything, the case risks being dismissed (the defense never *has* to say anything, but the prosecution *must* present their case). Note that a dismissed case does not have a verdict and therefore cannot be appealed under the Prosecution Procedures Act.

    While the argument period can be extended, the Prosecution is making a mockery of the Court and wasting valuable time, thus it shall not be extended unless upon request of the other justices in conference.

  • The Prosicution:

    This man has claimed the lives of thousands of Marrakechians since his starting operations of 1975.

    In 1982 he ordered 2 Fighter Jets to take on the Boeing 727 which was carrying the king. but the stolen Marrakechian Jets failed to do so. hen the king has got hold of the radio and said ''The tyrant is dead'' this has folled the pilots but not Mr. Abdelaziz.

    After landing he has sent some of his men in Marrakechian Army uniform which opened fire but the Royal Guards & Auxillary Forces has repelled the attack, Mr. Abdelaziz. fled.

    in 2001 Mr. Abdelaziz. ordered the Casablanca bombings which killed upto 60 Marrakechians and Mr. Abdelaziz. also ordered the 2006 bombings which killed 45 people aiming at Government Offices.

    In 2011 Mr. Abdelaziz. had made another bombing attempt in Marrakechia which was aimed at the Tourists which killed over 20 foreigners and 2 Marrakechians trying to ruin our Tourism.

    In years between 1975-2011 several Marrakechians has gone missing including Minister of Health Dr. Hedaoui.

    He has cooperated with many terrorists in Europe which he has sold Drugs and Weapons to.

  • The United Kingdom presents the court with evidence that the claim from the Marrakechian prosecution that Mr. Abdelaziz cooperated with Mr. Davies is entirely false. As a person who believes in the purification of the earth through the Catholic faith, he is completely against cooperation with the Marrakechian peoples and wishes to see them exterminated as well through is manifesto.

    Manifesto is presented to the court

    In it are nearly 300 pages of peoples he will seek to remove from any power prominence, or in some cases, existence. He is clearly a man who would not be cooperative with working with someone like Mr. Abdelaziz, and had the Marrakechian intelligence asked the MI6, we would have told them that was contrary to what the charge of cooperation was trying to convey.

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    North Inquistan Non-Combat Operator and Intelligence Officer, Angela Harrison would like to step forward to the defense. She worked closely within Mohammed Abdelaziz?s inner circle, but she recovered a lot of truth hidden behind the lies of the Marrakechian government.

    She would like to remind the Court that the Western Sahara was previously recognized as an independent state by most nations. Since its independence, the Western Sahara was frequently antagonized by the Marrakechian government and it lead to an ?unofficial war? of sorts, where both sides committed crimes against one another. While the prosecutor claims that Dr. Hedaoui was abducted by the Polisario, there is nothing to prove this. She also points out that many Western Saharan politicians that were once supported by its people and were elected legally, are now imprisoned by the Marrakechians, including Mohammed Abdelaziz. Never mind the fact that Marrakechian invaded the Western Sahara, and took total control from the once free country, killed many innocents and then blamed it all on the Polisario. All of this can be seen, on the news stations and on the recovered telegrams that have been made public by the Marrakechian and North Inquistan Officials. Meanwhile, all of what the prosecution said is not backed up, and is quite frankly, lies.

    Angela Harrison hands Chief Justice Ine Kelander an envelope with the title ?DID YOU ORDER CODE RED!!!" written across it.

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    Does the prosecution have evidence to present backing its claims and refuting those of the defense? The prosecution also must argue for all charges levied, or forfeit any that haven't been discussed in their arguments.

  • I have proof of evidence.

    This Telegramn sent by an Polisario member to Mr Abdelaziz has figuered out the code which has been figuered out by the head of Marrakechian Intelligence Office which stated that Hedaoui has been captured and is on his way to the Secret Base.

    From then on that was the last time we sar Hedaoui. Intill we have found him dead few years later. The Professors as examined him and cause of death is Torture. Mr Abdelaziz also took part in the torturing with a bit of DNA sample which is this.

    Western Sahara has been in Marrakechian Soverenghty for 100 of Years.
    And the Polisario is Anti-Monarchy Marrakechians who has tried to overthrow the Monarchy to replace with Republic several times from 1975 to Present Day.

    The Polisario is not Democratic at all and have never elected so called ministers legally. And Many former Polisario Politicians including Co-Founder is living in Marrakechia free as all the other Marrakechians and few of the Politicians serve in the government.

    The only Country recognizes the Sahara is the Tamil Islands thats it.

    We have also evidence for Owain Davies and Mr Abdelaziz,

    Owain Davies had secretely met up with Mr Abdelaziz in Monogolia and the Polisario has agreed to send some equipment to Mr Davies.

    Monogolia Foreign Ministry has th report of both men coming in the Country dealing with each other.

    And the Intelligence Office has managed to crack down the phone call and telegram which we have reports here.

    Chief Justice Ine Kelander, as we are Marrakechian its a disgrace to tell lies and we must honurable and tell the truths which we have been telling in the statement of replying to the Defense.

  • The Marrakechian prosecution has failed to disprove the evidence provided by the Solicitor General to the Court in Mr. Davies' manifesto. I will point out a passage in which Davies writes about the people of Marrakechia:

    "The people of Marrakechia are to be exterminated with the rest of the non-believers as theirs is not the true faith. All who do not believe in the Catholic Church and follow the ways of the benevolent Pope shall suffer in Hell. I have been told by God to exterminate all the non-believers to purify the way for our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ."

    We must also bring into evidence the fact that we have written testimony from Mr. Davies from his time spent in military prison that he planned this act alone and purchased basic materials from the local Sainsbury's to make the explosives that killed nearly 1,000 people in the London Underground.

    The Solicitor General hands Chief Justice Kelander the testimony

    May we also remind the Marrakechian prosecution and the Court that the United Kingdom formally recognizes the Sahara as an independent nation, and that the Marrakechian invasion of the Sahara was an unfounded act of aggression.

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    This case is now closed. Be warned that the Court will not be nearly as generous with time extensions in future cases. If a side misses a phase of the case, its right to be heard in that phase is forfeited. The justices will now convene to decide upon a verdict.

    OOC: Ok, a few things need to be clarified about presenting evidence. In order to count, evidence must be RP viewable. If there is testimony that a person said something, show the Court exactly where (national newspapers, office statements, broadcasts, summits, etc).

    To enrich the RP experience of cases, I will allow evidence that does not already "exist" on the forum to be "created". However, you must go through the effort to actually "create" it, like photoshopping the person at the scene of the crime, or typing up an article, etc. The only limit is that the work of evidence must be original, player made or edited. You cannot just pull up random pictures off Google and call them evidence. You may take one of those and edit it, though. If you don't have a good image editing program, GIMP is free, all Windows computers come with Paint, and many programs for viewing and organizing images come with basic tools for editing them. Sometimes it's a straight up copy-paste. They don't have to be "good", just "believable". In the case of a conflict where the sides post totally conflicting player-made evidence, the one posted first is given more weight in how likely it is to be "true". Evidence that already can be found in a post/topic on the forum always has more weight than anything created just for the case.

    Evidence that does not follow these rules must be barred from consideration.

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    European Court of Justice
    2 February 2012

    Murder in the first degree
    Conspiracy to commit high treason
    Crimes against humanity
    Assisting a terrorist organization
    Conspiracy to commit terrorism
    Committing terrorism

    [OOC]: This is the one and ONLY time the Court will be bailing out the prosecution by correcting the listed charges to actual charges. Charges in future cases will be considered exactly as they are presented. Yes, that means they must be spelled correctly. "Crimes againts humanity" would be thrown out because "againts" is not a word. Something like "Terrorism charges" would also be thrown out because it is overly broad. The prosecution must state exactly what the charges are and they must be actionable (somewhat real). I don't particularly care about correct grammar and all, seeing as English is not everyone's native language, but please at least make an attempt to spell common words correctly. After all, you are RPing lawyers.

    The original list was:

    Killing of innocent Civilians
    Attempting Coup D'Etait
    Crimes Againts Humanity
    cooperating with Terriorist Organizations and Terrorist such as Owain Davies
    Terrorism Charges.


    Not Guilty on All Counts

    5-0 in favor of MOHAMMED ABDELAZIZ.

    Chief Justice KELANDER, Not Guilty (all counts)
    Justice GARBER, Not Guilty (all counts)
    Justice CHAVEZ, Not Guilty (all counts)
    Justice NANTHEYEWYAN, Not Guilty (all counts)
    Justice SPRENGEL, Not Guilty (all counts)


    On the charge of first degree murder, the Prosecution must establish willful, malicious motive, present the actual means, and show that the act was premeditated. Clearly, none of this information was provided to the Court. The given motive, "trying to ruin our Tourism" is not strong enough to stand without testimony to back it. Adverse effects to tourism tend to occur with any high profile disturbance of a deadly nature. It is hard to believe that such an effect could be the primary motive of an alleged terrorist without substantial evidence. Any reasonably intelligent individual could find endless ways to accomplish that without needing to kill. The weapons presented where bombs and planes. No evidence of premeditation was presented. Most importantly, no direct evidence was presented revealing Mr. Abdelaziz himself as the shot caller. The Prosecution made many assertions, but provided nothing tangible that the Court could examine.

    On the charge of conspiracy to commit high treason, this may only occur when the intended target is one's own sovereign. If the Western Sahara has been Marrakechian territory for "hundreds of years", then why did the King of Marrakechia state in a bi-national letter that "Marrakechia took soverign over the Sahara in 1975 from ----Spain---- "? This constitutes a count of perjury, unless the Prosecution is willing to contradict the King of its own country.

    Marrakechia withdrew from the territory in 1991 and the Polisrio "controlled" it from then until 2011. If the Polisario has continuously controlled the Western Sahara for some 20 years, with the knowledge of the Marrakechian government, and against its will, but without being ousted by Marrakechia during that time, then the legal concept of Adverse Possession would grant sovereignty to the Polisario. However, this Court does not have the Constitutional power to declare a territory as a sovereign state. Also, the state of Inquista currently possesses the territory. Thus, we must consider the sovereign status of the Western Sahara as disputed, and therefore cannot convict the defendant of high treason. Additionally, no tangible evidence was presented directly linking the defendant to schemes of a treasonous nature. The Prosecution presented evidence that said acts existed, but not that Mr Abdelaziz himself planned them.

    The court would also like to point out that the Tamil Islands and United Kingdom publicly recognize the Western Sahara as a nation-state. But, the Prosecution stated, under oath, that "The only Country recognizes the Sahara is the Tamil Islands thats it." Thus, the Prosecution has committed a second count of perjury related to its presentation of this charge.

    On the charge of crimes against humanity, the only time the Prosecution supported the charge concerned the alleged torture of Hedaoui. A telegram and DNA sample were mentioned, but not physically presented to the Court for examination. Thus, we have no evidence to support conviction on this charge. Nothing else argued for by the Prosecution constituted a crime against humanity.

    On the terrorism charges of assisting a terrorist organization, conspiracy to commit terrorism, and committing terrorism, the Court also found a general lack of evidence. Mr. Davies' manifesto makes it difficult to establish a motive to work with Mr Abdelaziz. This was the only piece of hard evidence presented by either side on these charges. Reports, telegrams, and call reports asserted to exist were not presented to the Court for examination. While substantial evidence may exist, the Court must be able to see it, or said evidence is de facto disallowed. "He has cooperated with many terrorists in Europe which he has sold Drugs and Weapons to." No evidence of this was presented, either.

    Additional, unfiled charges must also be disallowed.

    "In years between 1975-2011 several Marrakechians has gone missing including Minister of Health Dr. Hedaoui." Kidnapping was not levied at the start of the case by the Prosecution and thus cannot be charged.

    "He has cooperated with many terrorists in Europe which he has sold Drugs and Weapons to." Laundering Drugs/Weapons was not levied at the start of the case by the Prosecution and thus cannot be charged.

    For the above reasons, the Court finds the defendant Not Guilty on all counts.

    The Prosecution has the constitutional right to appeal this decision. Regardless of the outcome of an appeal, it still faces potential perjury charges. Perjury is a serious offense in the European Court of Justice, the highest Court in the European Union. If convicted, Prosecution lawyers could face significant fines and/or jail sentences. "Chief Justice Ine Kelander, as we are Marrakechian its a disgrace to tell lies and we must honurable and tell the truths which we have been telling in the statement of replying to the Defense." This is why we have courts, to determine the truth, for evidently no one can be given a blank check.

    Opinion by KELANDER.

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