A Christmas Message

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    Dear Europe,

    As the festive season is upon us and as Christmas arrives we have many a theme to reflect upon. We remember at this time of year those less fortunate than us who do not share with us the things we take for granted.

    Charity hits home across our nations, in our states, counties, neighbourhoods, streets, homes. People take kindness to hearth and share goodwill with all men. Sometimes it is easy to just do this for the festive season when in the tinsel frame of mind. We need to be conscious of those in need all year round.

    I want this Christmas message to focus in on acceptance of ourselves and other people and being able to live in an environment where we can truly be ourselves. Across Europe today people are struggling to stand up and demand acceptance for being who they are whether it be someone finding themselves with a sexuality not socially accepted, whether they want to reassign the gender of body they are within, whether they have a learning or mental difficulty or a disability. These people are the strongest and we need to stand with them and show it's ok to be yourself as it is a fundamental human right.

    We are what we are. I know who I am and the choices around that have been supported by my family and I want us to share that. It shouldn't be a case of acceptance as much as an ignorance of social dictations. Being who you are is normal being different is good.

    Europe this Christmas be who you want to be.

    Have a Happy Christmas, a Happy Chanukah, a great Kwanzaa and anyone of another faith or indeed no faith enjoy this time of year!

    Maleeka Liszckoszi
    Premier Commissioner

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