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  • Europe's Most Influential Person of 2011

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    This is a competition to determine the most influential person in our region for the last year. Any nation in the region can enter as many persons as they so choose into the competition. Candidates must have had to engage in any regional activity in order to be nominated. This person can be anyone: a politician, musician, celebrity, hero, businessman, or anybody that has influenced the region in 2011. ((OOC Requirement: They must be viewable on the forums. They could have been part of an event, spoken in the council, participated in summits, or even mentioned in an article; the requirement being that they are existent on the forums.)) Make sure to list accomplishments of your candidates, as well as why they should be considered for the competition. You can only nominate people from your own nation!

    The entries then will be examined by the staff at Dusseldorf Times. At this time choices will be eliminated leaving a final group for Europe to vote on. There may be few persons that make it to the vote; there may be many persons that reach it. The only way to ensure that a citizen of your nation will be considered is if you enter them.

    Nominations Shall Be Received Until 23:59 GMT January 12, 2012
    Please Post Entries Below

  • Velupillai Prabhakaran.

  • President Fernando Mahanga

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    He tries to strengthen ties with other European nations, by holding several summits.

    He welcomed several foreign state leaders in Occoron and went several times abroad himself.

    He was and is the 'driving force' behind several Occoronia humanitarian missions, e.g. to Marrakechia.

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    Maleeka Liszckoszi

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    Corelia Today wish to nominate Premier Commissioner and Corelian Maleeka Liszckoszi.

    This former Praetor of the Os Corelian Foreign Affairs Senate rose through the ranks of the ELDL to become its 2nd president before being elected to the internal affairs commission office.

    After her first term in office she had already made an impact on the commission with calls for council and commission reform and healthcare allegiances. This was soon to prove a challenge in an EU council where there was a dramatic lack of attendance.

    After leaving her first term of office she was appointed as a Countessa of the County Hall of Os Corelia for her work in Europe. Some believed that maybe this was the end of Liszckoszi's commission career. Even though Liszckoszi was not on the commission the Viscount sent her as an envoy to council during the period when terrorist attacks and dissident member states sought to bring around instability to a strong institution. Inevitably the dissidents failed and order was restored.

    After a constitutionally enacted absence of a term due to two Os Corelians being in two consecutive commissions she was again elected to the post of Internal Affairs Commissioner. The election for this commission as closely fought with Liszckoszi going to a run off with Kligenberg. Over this period the two electoral nemeses ended up forging a strong friendship which lead to the idea of forming a new europarty as both commissioners were feeling that their respective europarties did not represent the ideologies they sought to aspire to and attain.

    After several meetings in chamber and the council coffee bar the EFP was born.

    Liszckoszi took no time before jumping into working with the council to put through landmark bills including the EUBC bill which established a foundation for an EU wide broadcasting partnership which is now on the verge of becoming private and autonomous. Something Liszckoszi is sure to be proud of.

    Following the success of this bill with its continuation of the Eurovoice contest in a more efficient manner and the establishment of Europe's Got Talent Liszckoszi moved onto a matter more close to her heart, healthcare. She successfully passed through council the landmark EHIC bill removing the upfront medical care costs for EU citizens when travelling. Liszckoszi then arranged for an investigation into the state of LGBT rights in the union which saw an impressive declaration of overwhelming support for the issue which all member states held dear to their sovereign interests.

    This political bridesmaid finally got her wedding day in December last year by becoming the first Premier Commissioner elected under the EFP banner with a comfortable majority. Here campaign success has been around her manifesto of more council involvement with committee politics, more meetings and putting power back into sovereign hands. She also became the first commission candidate to go out an meet her voters visiting several nations prior to the election to secure their support.

    This current session of council couldn't be more livelier with amendments, proposals, debates, discussions and repeals all happening. There is much more to come. Liszckoszi has become known for seeking quick and agreeable resolutions to problems. She has also engaged the trust of many politicians and counts among her friends leaders from N. Inquista, the Tamil Islands, Rhine Ruhr, The UK, The Duxburian Union to name a few!

    It is clear that Maleeka Liszckoszi is influential but instead of exercising it over people she works with others in cooperation to solve problems ansd get things done!

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    Sir Francis DeBoyle
    Permanent Secretary to European Institutions
    European Councillor for Laois-Offaly

    _The ONC have voted overwhelmingly to nominate Sir Francis DeBoyle for the Most Influential of 2011. While the Offalian Government domestically altered shape and changed position Sir Francis DeBoyle remained a stalwart of the nation and a fervent proponent of Offaly's involvement in EU politics but also an advocate of a responsible and open Europe.

    During the EU referendum crisis in Offaly where the Socialist Government called a vote on further European Union membership Offaly's position was diminished and precarious. DeBoyle's efforts stablised the situation and ensured that Offaly emerged a stronger and more open country after the vote. In summit after summit between Mr Valois the current Offalian PM and other European leaders, DeBoyle was behind the scenes working with others to achieve agreements and create European initiatives in the European Council.

    However the ONC feel that not only did DeBoyle's impact at home make him worthy of the award but also his Council record. DeBoyle passionately and confidently put forward Offaly's views and when under fire, he remained resolute, strong and determined. To this day the ideas and suggestions put forward by DeBoyle are being hotly debated and scrutinised and making progress into acts. DeBoyle's crisp and able persona has enabled him to put a new perspective on European politics and forced Europe to look inward in the hope it portrays a stronger and more united vision for the future.

    He remains Offaly's most treasured and most popular politician and the ONC are confident his efforts in Europe have earnt him a place at the table of the most influential._

  • Dominik Frank
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    Rhine Ruhr entered the European Union midway through 2011. The Council Delegate chosen to represent Rhine Ruhr was Dominik Frank. On his first day of office he was already engaging in the debate for the European Broadcasting Union. While not making too many friends in the council, he defended his position to the very end being the only Councillor to vote against the bill. As we all know now, the EUBC was recently repealed.

    Frank then became one of the first members to join the European Freedom Party just after its creation in late July. In August Frank creates the Libertarian Party of Rhine Ruhr which saw its member Fredrick Jeffery become the first elected president of Rhine Ruhr. This of course after Frank negotiated a deal between the Libertarian Party and Conservative party to merge. Frank then became the founder and leader of the Freedom Party of Rhine Ruhr.

    In December Dominik Frank was elected to lead the European Freedom Party at a moment where the party held the most members and influence. Frank has been a loud voice in the halls of Europolis since his first day. He is one of, if not the, largest rising star in European Politics in 2011.

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    Acwellan Lir Devoy am Harrison

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    Speaker of the European Council
    Councillor of the Duxburian Union

    DTV wishes to nominate Acwellan Devoy. While Devoy is the original Duxburian Councillor and has served for most of the Duxburian Union's 5 year membership in the European Union, 2011 has easily been his best.

    At the beginning of the year, the nation was inactive, with virtually no legislative activity, and heading back down an isolationist path. Devoy decided to recommit faith in Europe and helped turn that around. He made an incredible transformation from an inactive councillor who never did anything to the most active person in the European Council.

    Devoy was directly involved in every bill that came to the floor in 2011. Every piece of legislation that passed in 2011 either had amendments by Devoy or was of his own origin. His attempts to accommodate sovereignty concerns helped secure passage of otherwise potentially controversial proposals by a combined 50 votes for, 1 vote against. No bill that Devoy has opposed has ever passed the European Council. He has not wielded this legislative influence maliciously, but has defended his points fairly and eloquently in debate in pursuit of true democracy, making sure the collective will of the region is represented.

    Acwellan Devoy enjoys an unusual amount of multi-partisan support, considering the highly polarized nature of the region. He drew yea votes from every active europarty for his Constitutional amendment and Repeal proposals. He was elected Speaker of the European Council in late December, again with multi-partisan support from every active europarty. Devoy created and chairs the European Constitutional Committee, guiding the creation of a new Constitution for the region.

    He is widely considered a force for stability in governance and a promoter of increased activity in the European Council, helping it function as the most critical of European Institutions. While other councillors have come and gone, some frequently, Acwellan Devoy has retained popular support in the Duxburian Union and remained steadfast in his duties.

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    North Inquista has nominated Alexander Kligenberg.

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    Kligenberg was a minor politician in 2010, largely undermined and seen as the most radical member of the EPP. Back then, the EPP was under ill-management and was never a driving force in the council, nor was it active, except for Kligenberg and Keith. The Commission was made up by 2 ELDL memebrs, a PES Premier, even a PEL Commissioner and only 1 EPP member whom would disappear soon after. However, the PEL Commissioner, Peter Petrenko left first and also left a vacant Commission seat, which was then filled by Kligenberg because no opposition stepped forward (because of the inactivity). Then 2011 came.

    Right off the bat of 2011 Kligenberg was in the spot light. Shortly after Felice di Francesco left the EU, the EPP was leaderless. Surprisingly, Keith nominated Kligenberg to fill the position, and since no other member was active, Kligenberg took the seat immediately. But all those who joined the EU still opted to join the PES and ELDL, with the ELDL in particular, who seemed to get new members weekly. When the sluggish Commission was finally dissolved and the next Commission elections rolled in on February, the ELDL could have easily won with over 70% of the votes? but that did not happen. No nominee so far can claim multi-partisan support as Kligenberg did, as he even got Party Leaders themselves to vote for him, even over their own candidates. Strangely enough, Kligenberg seemed to have the PES backing him up as well, which boosted his votes quite high. Kligenberg was elected as Premier Commissioner and the 2nd EPP and was the first EPP member to take the Premier Seat since Michael McDowell, back whom took it way back in 2008, which was 3 years ago.

    However, Kligenberg?s first term would be marred by strange unforeseen chain of events. A terrorist group, whom went by the name of ?Free Hashima?, would frequently attack the EU day and night for 3 months, coming and going constantly. This group also used a lot of propaganda to attack the EU, especially the Commission, whom they called ?undemocratically elected dictators?. While most councillors would deny the attacks, Kligenberg defended every single attack made and made it his mission to keep the EU intact, seeing as many nations withdrew from the EU whilst this unofficial war went on. However, eventually the attackers were wiped out for a solid while and stopped broadcasting their false lies. When the dust settled, elections weren?t too far away and Kligenberg wasn?t expected to be re-elected. However, during this one month Kligenberg regrouped the EU from the waves of confusion that struck from Free Hashima and really began focusing on advancing the EPP, which still had few councillors and surely wasn?t going to retain unto Premiership, especially because the famous Maleeka Liszckoszi was going to entre the Commission race. With little time, Kligenberg became increasingly frustrated with his own party, which would often do little to contribute to anything, except for Keith. However, Keith would soon too fade, as he struck misery in Kligenberg when he objected to run in the Commission elections as Kligenberg originally requested. Keith became increasingly inactive as his great ECR ally, Enoch Shaw, became increasingly more vocal in the ECR. Now, virtually the only active member of the party, Kligenberg managed to persuade many Councillors to switch Europarties and joined the EPP, he managed to convince a lot of newcomer Councillors joined the EPP and he also even got a lot inactive Councillors reappear in election time, particularly Councillor Devoy, whom would then, disappeared again until he became some-what active September. Nonetheless, by election time, the EPP was now barely the biggest party, and had almost completely drained the PES and PEL. Even more surprisingly, Kligenberg was re-elected as Premier Commissioner, even defeating Maleeka Liszckoszi.

    The EU was now divided. Your only option seemed to be able to choose to back-up up the ELDL, or the EPP. However, Kligenberg agreed to compromise for the better of the EU and forged a great friendship with the ELDL and with Maleeka Liszckoszi. He gave input to both the EUBC and EHIC Bills before they were even drafted to the Council and often collaborated with Maleeka and Shaw, the three whom seemed to be the only ones who cared about legislature. In fact, Kligenberg and Maleeka worked so closely that they considered creating a Europarty that would take the best of the EPP and the ELDL ideology with a few new innovative ideas. The ELDL was crippled by internal division and no one but Kligenberg did anything for the EPP anyway, and before you knew it, the biggest impact of 2011 was made. The EFP was made. The EFP quickly surged to become the greatest party, pulling members from the EPP and ELDL, with even one or two PES Councillors.

    By now, the EU had unofficially shifted as being liberal as a whole, to becoming somewhat centre-right in general. Before, when EU integration was the latest craze, it had become a taboo. Kligenberg has got what he wanted. While he was not the leader of all the amendments and bills being proposed by late-2011, he always ranted on about his opinions not always in council, but often abroad. He had by far the biggest influence on all the councillors outside of the Council, as he probably manipulated more Councillors than anyone else, often getting them to switch sides, completely changing their political views in his favour and even influence councillors what to think of other councillors. With manipulation, his large sums of money, a record of breaking EU law, and his reputation of purposely adding offensive material to his speeches to make others cry, he is by far the more devious Councillor in EU history, as tried to reach his goals by all means possible, but he did it for the good of the EU. He's one of, if not, most vocal councilor out there and you know he's doing a good job when there have been 3 assassination attempts on his life.

    He has been North Inquista?s councillor for all of 2011 and you have to give him credit ? he could have been sacked by his position as held both the Councillor and Commissioner job at the same time, which was illegal, so he must be given some law-evading reward. On top of that, Kligenberg spent majority of 2011 as the leader of North Inquista, Councillor for Inquista, Party leader of the EPP, Premier Commissioner and also held a lot of minor committee positions; so he certainly influenced every aspect of the EU and had his hands in every dish. What makes him a truly great candidate is the fact that he was influencing the EU since January 1st, 2011 before most, and was the face of the EU for many, many months.

    ((It's midnight and I'm too tired to edit my work, so excuse my spelling.))

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