Dromund Kaas

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    The Imperial Oversector of Dromund Kaas

    **.:: Imperial Codex ::.

    I - Political
    II - Cultural
    III - Economic
    IV - Military
    V - Miscellaneous **

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    Nationalist Party flag of Dromund Kaas. The Nationalist party is the singular authority in Dromund Kaas.

    I. Political

    The political framework of Dromund Kaas is best described as a meritocratic, fascist state wherein the people's ethnic and cultural traditions are held utterly sacrosanct. The state's needs are placed above those of the individual or group. The emphasis on national interests is ingrained in every child as they attend primary and secondary schooling. Youth over the age of 10 are placed in Party Schools to ensure their loyalty and obedience to the state doctrine. Despite the regimented society, much of the population remains content and enjoy a healthy, clean and relaxed lifestyle wherein the people know what they can expect from their government. The only party within the state that is legal, is the Nationalist Party, which maintains it's firm grip over the levers of control within the country.

    There are no elections to speak of, but rather National Reviews in which the Grand Moff, who is the head of state, places new candidates into office based on the successor's performance the previous year. If an official has neglected or abused their position, then they are immediately replaced at this point with someone more effective. The council of moffs serve as the ministerial cabinet and provide counsel and advice to the Grand Moff himself.

    II. Cultural

    The Imperial Oversector of Dromund Kaas uses symbolism spanning from ancient sith symbols to emblems and ideas originating in Imperial antiquity, and even ones hearkening back to the Old Republic. Our ensign is the Imperial Circle, the traditional symbol of the old Sith Empire. To us, it symbolizes our ancient heritage, and a strong, defiant stance against democractic institutions and corruption of society. It also symbolizes unity and strength, two core values that our people hold dear. Our crest is the Kor Slug, the de facto national animal of Dromund Kaas, and a notorious emblem of the state itself. It symbolizes power, unity and terror. The Kor Slug is a predator, at the top of the food hierarchy, and a king in his own territory. The Kor Slug thus represents our dominance of those around us.

    The predominant ethnicity within Dromund Kaas, is Korean however there is a significant minority of Japanese and Chinese. Much of those minorities are either tightly controlled or relegated to "safe zones" throughout the country to prevent their interaction with the rest of society. Recently, an effort to remove their influence entirely in the country has been gaining steam and military operations have already rooted out almost a third of the Japanese population centers entirely.

    III. Economic

    Coming Soon

    IV. Military

    The military of Dromund Kaas is divided into four branches:

    • Imperial Army
    • Imperial Navy
    • Imperial Air Force
    • Imperial Strategic Rocket Force

    The total strength of the military is strictly confidential, though it is rumoured to number over seven million active servicemen and women with scores of vehicles, ships and aircraft at it's command. The defense force serves under the direction of the Grand Moff, who delegates the organizational duties to the Moff of Military Affairs. The ranking military officer, is the Grand Marshal of the Army, and the Grand Admiral of the Air, Naval and Rocket forces.

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