BAE Systems, PLC.

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    Type ?Public limited company
    Traded as ?LSE: BA.
    Industry ?Aerospace
    Naval shipbuilding
    Information security
    Predecessor ?British Aerospace
    Marconi Electronic Systems
    Founded ?30 November 1999
    Headquarters ?London, United Kingdom
    Area served ?Worldwide
    Key people ?Dick Olver (Chairman)
    Ian King (CEO)
    Products ?Civil and military aerospace
    Defence electronics
    Naval vessels
    Land warfare systems
    Services ?Maintenance, consultancy, training etc.
    Revenue ??22.392 billion (2010)[1]
    Operating income ??1.505 billion (2010)[1]
    Profit ??1.081 billion (2010)[1]
    Employees ?107,000 (2010)[2]
    Divisions ?See below
    Subsidiaries ?BAE Systems Inc.

    Begun in 1999 as a result of the take over of British Aerospace and Marconi Electronic Systems, BAE Systems has been the leading producer of British Aircraft and Defence. We produce only the finest weaponry, ships, submarines, and aerospace technology. Based out of London, it sits very near the Mediterranean and Atlantic Oceans, allowing for convenient access to major shipping lanes to any customer. The following are currently available for contract:


    Eurofighter Typhoon T1
    Eurofighter Typhoon F2
    Eurofighter Typhoon T3
    Eurofighter Typhoon FGR4
    Lockheed F-35C


    AugustaWestland AW101 (Merlin)

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    • Role: ASW & medium-lift transport/Utility helicopter
    • Unit Cost: ?11.6 million (2012)
    • Maintenance Cost: ?3 million
    • Can maintain a hover in a 75 km/h crosswind, can withstand an impact velocity of over 10 m/s
    • Travels up to 275 km/h at cruise speed
    • Range: 633 mi. (1,013 km.)
    • Service Ceiling: 4,575m (15,000 feet)

    AgustaWestland AW159 (Lynx Wildcat)
    Sea King ASaC7


    Type 45 Destroyer
    Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carriers
    Ocean class LPH
    Albion class LPD
    Bay class LSD(A)
    Sandown class minehunter
    Echo class surveyer
    Scimitar class patrol vessel
    Wave class tankers
    Type 26 Global Combat Ship
    Port of Spain class corvettes
    Astute-class submarines


    Bradley M2/M3

  • The Occoronian government is interested to buy three AugustaWestland AW101 (Merlin) helicopters. They will be used for search and rescue operations on sea and land, and not for military operations. Therefore, they don't have to be equipped with weaponry.

    The government is now looking for more information about this type of helicopter, concerning the speed limit, endurance, range and production and maintenance costs of course.

  • The Merlin information has been updated, and the rest of our products will continue to be updated throughout the week.

    We welcome the order of the Government of Occoron, and will take special care in its requests. We do, however, recommend that the aircraft maintain at least a basic set of weaponry in the event that the search and rescue operation ends up a hostile situation.

  • We appreciate your recommendation, and we agree to have a very very basic set of weaponry.

    The government of the Democratic Republic of Occoron hereby formally orders three AugustaWestland AW101 (Merlin) helicopters.

    We would like to hear when these helicopters will be ready?

  • You should hear from BAE in about 3 weeks regarding the Merlin helicopters ordered.

  • We expect to hear more of BAE Systems in about three weeks.

  • BAE is proud to tell the Government of Occoron that its order will be ready on January 31, ahead of scheduled finish date of February 4.

  • We are very happy with that our order will be ready sooner.

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