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    Defence and Peacekeeping Committee:

    Members: Biel Barcel? (Commissioner of Defence and Peacekeeping), Anatoly Keith, Livia Arcturus, Jules Borde, Mikel Espinosa

    Acknowledging the committee's role, it is in my deepest heart that I expect that it will become a forum for newer ideas for the defence and peacekeeping department of the European Commission. Together we're making a better, safer Europe.

    Biel Barcel?
    Commissioner of Defence and Peacekeeping

  • I feel honoured by this nomination for the Defence Committee. I will do my best to make the EDF a solid armed force to defend peace and democracy in all the European Union and to help in rescue tasks in natural disasters.

  • It is a humbling experience to be able to get involved in the work of such a noteworthy organization as the Defence Committee. The past months have proved that its weight and value is without doubt growing fast in the Union. Of course we'd all rather have it not so, but it would seem that the year 2012 is taking its first steps under the long shadow of its predecessor.

    On my behalf, and on the behalf of Pax Aurea, I will do my best to ensure that the European Defence Force takes shape as a peace-keeping and disaster relief organization -- never an army to attack and invade countries to "enforce peace" by the Council's command.

    I'm looking forward to working with you gentlemen!

    Livia Arcturus

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    Defence and Peacekeeping Committee

    The new Defence and Peacekeeping Committee for Commission XI has begun its work. The following Councillors have applied and been appointed to the committee staff:

    • Councillor DeBoyle of Laois-Offaly
    • Councillor Devoy of the Duxburian Union
    • Councillor Lucky of North Europa
    • Councillor Rivas of Northern CaesareaWelcome! I look forward to working with you on these difficult topics that impact the entire European Union and every single one of its member nations. During the next weeks, we shall lay the groundwork for the reformation of the ancient and dormant European Defence Force, among other interesting projects of which you will be informed in due time.

    There will always be fresh Aurean coffee in the conference room!


    Livia Arcturus
    Commissioner for Defence and Peacekeeping

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