Gun-Toting Animals, The Confederacy of

  • A brief history on the beginnings of the Nation:

    The Confederacy of Gun-Toting Animals consists of 5 states that retain large amounts of power over the federal government. The 5 states are named Serpentos, Birdock, Leopardy, Cheetada, Bisonia. They once were all colonies of the large empire known as Mosquitopia. When the Mosquitopians continued to mistreat the colonials as second class citizens and taxed them more heavily than other parts of their empire, the colonies joined together in common cause to air their grievances. The Mosquitopians ignored their pleas, continued to mistreat the colonials and things came to a head in 1712 when 20 people, 4 from each colony, were executed for political dissidence and high treason. The demonstration did not work out as the Mosquitopians had hoped though. Instead of striking fear into the colonies they sparked a full on rebellion.

    Important figures from each colony were sent to an emergency meeting to officially declare independence from the Mosquitopian Empire and plan war. After sending the declaration out the newly independent colonies made use of the element of surprise and stormed armories all across the land on the night of March 15, 1712. With their newly acquired weaponry they were able to make significant gains in the colonies before Mosquitopia was able to get an army there to protect its lands. However by the summer of 1712 the Mosquitopians had gotten an invasion force to the colonies and full on war ensued. The battles early on were marked by the differences in discipline between the two armies. Mosquitopians were able to reclaim many of the gains the colonials made and by the autumn of 1712 the colonists were beaten back mainly to the northern lands. It was at this point that the bleak outlook of the war tested the resolve of many soldiers.

    Needing a morale boost or destined to fail in its endeavors, the colonials turned to their main general: Robert Dachsund. In the colonial stronghold of Clipton he delivered what historians refer to as the most important speech in the nation?s history. Preaching resilience, pride and his vision of a better future he reinvigorated the troops and with this new found confidence in their cause the tide of the war turned. The troops began to push South through the winter and put the Mosquitopian army on its heels. The colonials continued to make gains throughout the year and things culminated in March of 1714 when they met with the Mosquitopians near Glockport. With both armies encamped outside of the city the colonials sent messengers over to offer surrender but the Mosquitopians refused. Instead battle ensued with the chosen date being March 15th in honor of the colonial independence that was declared just 2 years before. The battle was a rout and on the 16th the Mosquitopians surrendered officially and withdrew back to their homeland.

    With the war over though there was still much to be done. The states had to set up a central government in order to project enough power to discourage further attacks yet it feared the power a central government could wield over them so they decided on joining in a loose confederacy. The focus of the government would be on providing a common defense, a common currency and establishing foreign relations with the rest of the world. Only one thing remained to be decided and that was the name the newly formed nation would take on. In order to further discourage future attacks they wanted a name that could strike fear into the hearts of would be attackers and let them know that they would fight all comers with passion. They chose the name: The Confederacy of Gun-Toting Animals.

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