Operation House Guest


    All Imperial amred forces are hereby places on Level 1 alert. Military and Civilian satellites are placed in geosynchronous orbits designed to provide as much early warning and observation capabilities as possible. The imperial Naval reserves are hereby placed on active duty, as well as air force reserves.

    Active duty ground forces are ordered to report to duty, and to gear up for a possible defence of the nation.


    All border crossings, airports and seaports into the Empire are hereby closed. All foreign nationals of the following nationalities are hereby ordered to report to customs and emigration zones for deportation:

    • United Kingdom
    • Marrakechia
    • Duxiburian Union
    • Os Corelia

    Failure to comply will result in your immediate deportation.


    All foreign nationals, regardless of their origination, are included in the deportation lists, aforementioned in the previous decree.


    Air Wings consisting of all active Sith Interceptor Fighters (SIF) are scrambled and ordered to conduct around the clock air superiority and patrol sorties. All civilian aircraft are ordered out of the area if they have not already been grounded or redirected. Airspace above the Empire is now a no fly zone.

    The following capital vessels form a defensive blockade perimeter around the Empire's shoreline:

    Heavy Cruisers

    INV Indomitable
    INV Emperor's Glory
    INV Dominator
    INV Tyranny
    INV Kilran


    INV Imperator
    INV Merry
    INV Diligence
    INV Havoc
    INV Hammerfell
    INV Athiss
    INV Albion
    INV Belaforge
    INV Galacticos
    INV Merit


    INV Sprite
    INV Dreadfist
    INV Adjutant
    INV Whirlwind
    INV Stryker
    INV Respite
    INV Gallant
    INV Arrow
    INV Stalwart
    INV Barrier

    The blockade also consists of a number of smaller missile, anti-aircraft, anti-submersible and anti-shipping vessels and assets. They list as follows:

    10 Gage Class Frigates
    10 Scourge Class Corvettes
    20 Vaiken Class Diesel Attack Submarines
    20 Baras Class Patrol Vessels

    All of these vessels are ordered to interdict or stop all shipping, commercial and pleasure ships in the vicinity of Imperial waters. Further, naval flights of SIF fighters are ordered for coastal recce and patrol off imperial waters for added protection.


    Alert lowered to Level 2. Heavy Cruisers and Cruisers ordered to port, and reserve duty personnel dismissed from duty. Air CAP is canceled and all border crossings remain closed, with anti-aircraft, AWACS and early warning systems still on full alert.

    Patrol, Corvette, Frigate and Destroyer class vessels still maintain blockade perimeter.

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